Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 139: Battodankuzan Part 1

Ice Butterfly finally understood Saeko's intention, she wants to detect her through her aura. Saeko sealed her own vision to boost her auditory, olfactory, and tactile senses. She is effectively trading her vision for heightened senses.

Ice Butterfly changed her tactic and she used ranged attacks. She took out two throwing knives and she threw them at Saeko. She followed up with a speedy attack. Knowing Saeko, she's going to counter after she sniffs out her location. She also threw more daggers to keep Saeko busy.

Swish swish swish

Saeko wasn't fazed by these attacks, with an expression as calm as a lake's surface, she got into a sword draw stance once more, releasing multiple Battozan.

Clang clang clang

The knives were shattered swiftly, she emerged unharmed despite the constant barrage.

The other players were sweating on her behalf. It's so hard to deal with attacks you can't see.

The players reckoned that if it were them, they would have died some time ago.

Saeko continued blocking knives after knives like a champ.

Saeko isn't just on the defensive, with every knife blocked, her dark world brightened up. She used the coordinates and the angle of the knife throws to triangulate Ice Butterfly's position. Soon, Ice Butterfly's cloaking skill no longer worked on her.

Saeko's defenses were impeccable. Ice Butterfly felt a bit helpless. She knows her time's running out. Her cloaking skill apparently didn't work on Saeko. Her sword draws are also very fast, no matter where she attacked from, Saeko blocked and parried her attacks.

The players can already guess who is going to come out on top. The killer NPC is strong but not as strong as Saeko. When Saeko completely adjusts herself to Ice Butterfly's attacks, she will be defeated without a doubt.

Ice Butterfly isn't amused. She lost against Feng Yu Chen, is she going to lose to this woman this time? What a joke, this wasn't the outcome she wanted.

Ice Butterfly cast her malicious gaze on Feng Yu Chen & co. If they got attacked, maybe Saeko will lose her focus? Losing her focus in a fight like this would create a chink in her armor. With that, she can win although the method isn't exactly honorable. To complete the mission, any methods at her disposal should have no qualifications based on honor. Plus, she's never deluded herself into thinking she's a great girl.

Ice Butterfly attacked, this time, she chose not Saeko nor Feng Yu Chen, she picked Inori. If she's attacked, Feng Yu Chen will cover her and if he's hurt, Saeko will be distracted...

Swish swish swish

Nine throwing knives were hurled in Inori's direction. The knives sliced through the air.

Inori felt a sense of danger, she used her short swords to block.

Tang tang tang tang

Inori blocked four knives in succession, however, there were still 5 knives coming for her.

Feng Yu Chen quickly interrupted, if she got hit, she would probably die.

No! I will not let that happen!

Feng Yu Chen got angry. She wanted Inori dead, that's unforgivable. He busted his back trying to give Inori a happy life. He still has so much to show Inori, he's not going to let her die like this. He just brought Inori out from that world. If Inori died, her blood would be on his hands.

Since he brought her out from that world, he must do his part and keep her safe. Feng Yu Chen must save Inori, she has already been hurt enough. Why must she suffer again?


Feng Yu Chen activated his Sharingan, changing his eye color to a glaring shade of red. The Magatamas within his eyes spun as tears of blood rolled down his cheeks. Feng Yu Chen arrived in front of Inori at a breakneck speed, then, he hugged her.

Stab stab stab stab stab

Blood splattered as his back was pierced by knives.

"Yu Chen-nii..."

"Yu Chen..."

"Captain Feng..."

The others gasped when they saw Feng Yu Chen on the ground, Inori was perfectly fine as Feng Yu Chen held her in a protective hug.

Saeko's emotions fluctuated. She knew Feng Yu Chen got hurt, she opened her eyes and in the next instant, she got attacked with knives

Stab stab stab

Saeko suffered damage in an instant.

"That's so despicable!"

"What a bastard! How could you?!"

"Duel her properly, that's just hateful tactic..."


The raid group members were incensed. She attacked innocent spectators, that's just too low.

Cough cough

Feng Yu Chen drank a few bottles of healing potion. He took out the knives on his back. He's not going to die so easily. He also miscalculated, this Ice Butterfly does not abide by a code, she would do anything to get what she wants. Typical mercenaries, they will resort to any moves as long as it meant they can finish their job. She attacked Inori to drop his guard in a bid to disrupt Saeko's focus. A deplorable but effective move...

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