Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 138: Sealing one's own vision


Saeko showed the world what she can do the moment the fight started.

The speed, power, and precision of that slash, the players here never saw her displaying that kind of prowess in previous raids. She reserved her secret techniques for strong adversaries. She didn't use it on normal mobs. Not even Feng Yu Chen could make her use this skill, it's the crystallization of her belief and freedom.

Feng Yu Chen gasped. He activated his Sharingan in order to study Ice Butterfly's sly dagger throws. That's to prepare himself for future encounters, but, he saw something out of his expectation.

In that split second, Feng Yu Chen saw her slash. Even with the enhanced visual powers Sharingan granted him, he still couldn't quite grasp the sword slash, he only saw a really quick slash. What about the others? He reckoned they are even more baffled than he is.

Saeko's stance after finishing her sword draw remained the same, she trained herself to such a degree that it looked like she hadn't moved the slightest. This is already beyond mortal limits.

With this speed, he reckons Saeko can cut down bullets coming her way.

She sure hid her true powers deep.

Everyone thought as they recalled the entry requirements of the Wings. Any prospective member must be able to handle three slashes from Saeko. Did they mean this Saeko? She was always very modest so nobody took this requirement seriously.

They didn't think someone so low-profile had such powers. The challengers never made it past the first slash, everyone stopped trying after that.

It's probably because everyone stopped dueling her that they forgot about her capabilities. Now, they got a refresher course.

All the members in the Wings of Freedom are not to be trifled with.

Tons of players immediately became Saeko's fans. Players including Klein started revering her as a goddess.

She's got the looks and the body. Now, everyone got a front-row seat to her mastery of the sword, she's definitely one of the strongest female players in SAO.

A cool Onee-san with incredible sword skills, it's not hard to see why her fans just increased.

After Feng Yu Chen's Big Dipper sword formation and Ice Butterfly's Swallow returning to Spring, Saeko took the spotlight with her Battozan, outshining even Ice Butterfly. She became the most radiant fighter on this battlefield.

Feng Yu Chen realized how little he knew about Saeko's true depths. He never saw the real her, the shining blade she hid in order to maintain her daintiness in front of him. He understood his great error when she showed her brilliance.

Feng Yu Chen thought the version Saeko showed him was the real her. He's wrong, she's even more enchanting than he had imagined.

Ice Butterfly frowned, this big-breasted female swordswoman is a very strong fighter. She didn't catch the sword in action. She worked as an assassin in the real world, through her line of work, she got to know the techniques used by assassins in Japan, she knows about Battojutsu and Iaido. An Iai slash, that's something even grandmasters couldn't do, hitting that minimum requirement of a 0.1 slash speed...

It's definitely a very advanced form of Battojutsu, Ice Butterfly determined that from her stance and the slash she used.

"You're strong, but, it won't be as easy this time, let's see if you can keep it up..."

Ice Butterfly slowly disappeared from view. She's going to use her trademark assassination skills on her.

Saeko isn't afraid, she closed her eyes and she sealed her vision.

Inside her mind's eye, everything's dark, only the ground she's stepping on had ripples of light. Then, a phantom appeared at her right flank, that's Ice Butterfly coming in for a hit.

If sight is out of the equation, she can use her hearing, tactile, and auditory perceptions. She can determine the sound's source through her ears, a person's movement through the fluctuations in airflow around her. As for the smell, she can pick up something out of the ordinary.

In that instant, Saeko struck.

She unleashed a silver sword beam to her right.

Ice Butterfly was astonished by this feat. It wasn't a random guess, Saeko detected her location although her accuracy is a bit off. If she improved her accuracy then Ice Butterfly would be...

She immediately created a distance between Saeko and herself. This hasty move exposed her position, if she continued attacking, it wouldn't have ended well for her. She failed her first attack...

It looked like Saeko's not moving to Feng Yu Chen & co. However, with Ice Butterfly around, they knew she's keeping her guard up against Ice Butterfly's sneak attacks. They couldn't help but sweat in anxiety when they saw this display of sheer focus and trickery.

Ice Butterfly started moving again, she steadied herself and reduced her footing to an almost untraceable manner. She slowly inched closer to Saeko...

Then, when she's some distance away, she stopped. Ice Butterfly took out a few daggers and she hurled them at Saeko...

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