Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 137: Battozan

Against Ice Butterfly who is on a rampage, Saeko decided to duel her. Feng Yu Chen didn't stop her, he trusted her, she's a capable woman, powerful in her own manner. She's not someone who needed Feng Yu Chen's constant protection.

A bond built on trust, that's a solid foundation upon which mutually beneficial decisions can be made. Everyone is free to make their own choices, everyone has the same claim to the wide-open sky.

If Inori or Asuna asked to participate, Feng Yu Chen will not stop them. He trusts them, he's not going to pull out the bigger man card on them, that's not love, that's selfish possession.

Adversity breeds character, there are many more worlds ahead, Feng Yu Chen didn't want girls who relied on his constant protection. He does not like girls like that. They should all bring something to the table, their own unique traits or what would life be like if it's dull and without spice.

Inori, Asuna, and Saeko are birds that fly freely in the sky. If he caged them up, even beautiful birds would be reduced to birds dying in a cage. Only when they spread their wings do they truly show the world what they can do.

Now, Saeko's about to take flight. Feng Yu Chen made sure she knew he's behind her.

"Go, dazzle me with your beauty. I believe in you. Now, go, show them your power. You're the light that lit up my world, Saeko!"

Feng Yu Chen tightened his hold on her hand before he released her. He gave her the courage she needed.

Grow and shine bright, my love, Saeko!


Saeko unsheathed the katana she always carried with her. She turned her steely cold gaze towards Ice Butterfly. Who is going to come out on top later? Her? Or, Ice Butterfly? She has no doubts it would be her, with Feng Yu Chen here, there's nothing she can't do. He placed his hopes on her, she can't let him down now!

Ice Butterfly felt Saeko's burning warrior aura, she released the others and she faced Saeko properly. The dark aura Saeko is releasing caught her attention. In a battle between experts, sizing up the enemy is half the battle.

There's more to her than meets the eye. This woman isn't as simple as she appeared. Like a very sharp blade, her presence pierced her soul like a giant sword.

"Ah, I see, so have you made preparations for your funeral? You're that guy's lover, I presume?"

Ice Butterfly asked Saeko.

Saeko nodded.

"As his woman, I must protect his honor, you talked too much crap about my man and now you're going to pay for it with your life. He's not someone you can diss whenever you feel like it, I will make sure your cocky attitude ends here..."

"Oh? Big words, but, can you back it up by defeating me? Hehe, it appears I have to inculcate in you the difference between us, otherwise, you might keep running your mouth..."

Ice Butterfly got into a stance with three throwing daggers at the ready. Then, she started the duel just like how she interrupted the Nicholas boss raid. It's a sign that she took Saeko seriously, she acknowledges her as a worthy foe.

Swish swish swish

Ice Butterfly chucked flying daggers at Saeko. The daggers collided in midair before changing course. The daggers came from multiple angles with even higher velocity than before.



Saeko got into a stance, she placed her right foot forward, and with her left hand on the sheath, she sheathed her sword slowly.

Then, a silver flashed burst open as the daggers all got cut in half.


It's the true Batto-jutsu in combat. Saeko never used her sword skills against zombies, those walking dead weren't worth the effort. Now, someone strong enough has appeared so she started using her sword skills.


In the eyes of the spectators, it looked like Saeko never drew her blade, the daggers just got split in half by an invisible flash.

Saeko trained herself to achieve an inhuman speed in sword slash: Drawing and sheathing the blade in less than 0.1 seconds. It means she can only use 0.05 seconds on drawing and the other half on sheathing, this kind of speed would escape a human's perception. It's just scary how she pulled it off.

Batto-zan is designed to kill instantaneously. Instantaneously means roughly 0.36 seconds for others. Half of that is 0.018 seconds while the blink of a human eye takes about 0.1 second. This is why this technique's minimum requirement is 0.1 seconds execution. It's to strike down a foe faster than the foe can blink, it's the sword skill to kill in less than a blink of an eye.

When she achieved this level of mastery, her batto-jutsu has gone into the domain of Iaido. If batto-zan is just a slash, Iaido is a path of extreme mastery, the cusp between a mere slash and a whole new world of sword skills. All batto-jutsu user strove for this Iai domain.

Heathcliff gasped. When he designed this world, he read up on multiple sword-technique related materials. Naturally, he is familiar with batto-zan. This girl achieved that feat, which means her physique is out of this world. The batto-zan techniques are all secretive techniques passed down all the way back from Japan's Sengoku Era. She must be a successor to an ancient and noble family. There's a katana skill tree in this game but nothing as potent as the skill she just used. That skill must be a bug in the system, only Saeko knows how to activate a skill like that in this game.

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