Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 136: The charming woman's return

"Don't fuck with me! We have so many players here, let's gang up on her!"

The guild master bellowed. Ice Butterfly stared at him, and, for a second, he saw death looking at him. No way, that couldn't be, she can't defeat all the players here, right?

"Hehehe, that won't do. I don't like being coerced like that. Tell me, why shouldn't someone kill you?"

Ice Butterfly slowly faded from view. The next time she appeared, she's already by the guild master's side. She placed her dagger on the guild master's neck.

"That's enough!"

Feng Yu Chen frowned. He's not going to let Ice Butterfly mess around on his turf. It's going to hurt his reputation if he let her kill more players. Feng Yu Chen hated the Dragons' guild master, however, the guy still had usage as the leader of a large guild. His untimely death would be an inconvenience for Feng Yu Chen.

"Heh, you think I am going to stop just because you said so? Laughable, you're not my dad, I don't have to listen o you. I do what I want, you mind your own business."

Ice Butterfly sneered, she's not intimidated by Feng Yu Chen's tough act.

"Let me do it, Yu Chen."

Saeko came forward. She stayed behind the sidelines since their arrival in this world. She also trusted her man to handle his own job.

But, Saeko recognizes this is her cue. Maybe Ice Butterfly's killing streak caught her attention, perhaps she saw a dark reflection of herself in Ice Butterfly.


Feng Yu Chen turned towards Saeko. She chose to take a reserved approach while supporting Feng Yu Chen from behind. Maybe it's because she didn't want to hog the spotlight. Feng Yu Chen felt like he had forgotten about her, was he really struck with lolicon sickness? Is he immune to thicc girls now?

Feng Yu Chen got into a relationship with Saeko in the <<Highschool of the Dead>>. Since then, she slowly closed herself off. He liked the girl he met in Highschool of the Dead. What changed? Or maybe, he really did overlook her?

"You... It might be dense for me to say it now, since Inori entered our ring, it's like I forgot about you. It's my fault, I want to say..."

Feng Yu Chen hugged Saeko, he did her wrong by failing to pay attention to her.

Saeko interrupted Feng Yu Chen.

"Don't say sorry. I chose this path myself, I never felt any regret following you. Maybe I share a part of the fault too, I was too preoccupied with playing the nice sister, never the one to hog your attention, I guess my distant attitude chilled our relationship. This is not on you, it's on me, if I got out of line, would you..."

"Never, the pursuit of happiness is always right. You needn't stay far, how can you donate love? Fight for your own feelings, that's the right way. The more you do that, the more I love you. Return to your normal self, I won't forget you, I will always want you..."

Feng Yu Chen gave Saeko a tight hug.

Inori watched as the two hugged. She smiled because she knew Saeko let her get close to Feng Yu Chen, even if she wanted that spot herself. She wanted to be the ideal woman, she didn't want to fight her sister, however, she went overboard. Inori wanted to tell Saeko but she never found the courage to confront her until...

Asuna got used to this. Inori and Feng Yu Chen behaved like lovers, that much was obvious to her. Feng Yu Chen treated Inori like how he treated her. With Saeko entering the picture, she couldn't help but notice Feng Yu Chen's passionate gaze, the same gaze that once belonged to Asuna.

Asuna wasn't sure what she should do. Is she going to share her love with Inori and Saeko? Normally, couples are, well, a couple. A polygamous relationship is synonymous to being played by a playboy.

But, she can see Feng Yu Chen's very earnest in his feelings for her. He would do anything for her. He's also a good man, warm, caring, cheerful, can cook, and he made sure to keep her happy...

However, she decided to have a talk with Feng Yu Chen in the future. She can deal with him being in a relationship with other girls in SAO. However, who is he going to marry in the real world? If it's not her, can she really continue this relationship?

No matter what, Asuna's sure it won't be easy for her to escape the sticky tendrils of this love. Feng Yu Chen's always on her mind. After falling deep into the pits of love, she found herself bound to Feng Yu Chen. What would a world without Feng Yu Chen be like? Surely, it would be a lonely world. She's just too used to his warmth, his loving care, his smell, his everything. He became an integral part of her life. Without him, would she be alive? She continued wrestling with her own thoughts. Without an answer, she knows she can't leave Feng Yu Chen, but, she has to get the answer from Feng Yu Chen...

"Okay, I will return to my original self. Let your little fox display her charm, how dare that bastard use that disdainful tone on my man. I am not going to let her get away with this."

Saeko, freed from Feng Yu Chen's hug, took on a more frosty air, the old Saeko's coming back!

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