Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 135: The butterfly of Death

After the loli assassin stole the boss kill, the players were shocked at first, then, they were filled with outrage. How dare that NPC do this to them!

There is close to 100 elite players here. With the strongest players here, it's the dream raid group with all the top guilds gathered from all over SAO.

The Wings of Freedom, the Knights of the Blood Oath, the Army, the Divine Dragon Alliance, and the Fuurinkazan. The top 5 strongest guilds were here and they still got the boss stolen from them.

Feng Yu Chen is astonished by the assassin's incredible growth since the last time they fought. Her attacks are also developing in an anomalous manner. He didn't notice her hiding in the darkness, did she plan this from the start?

Heathcliff is more shocked than Feng Yu Chen. He's the GM of this game and he didn't detect the loli until it was too late. As he had suspected, these 100 players have abnormal abilities and they are all out of his control.

"What do you want? If it's just the Divine Stone of Returning Soul, you didn't have to appear in front of everyone. Also, what's your name? You know mine and I still don't know yours, that's unfair, wouldn't you say so?..."

Feng Yu Chen wasn't angered, he calmly addressed her.

The item is precious but not a must-have for Feng Yu Chen. He believes a weak human will always be weak no matter if they have a strong item to back them up or not. Death will still come to the weak in due time.

"Heh, you want my name? Too bad for you, I am not telling. I can, however, give you the nickname I go by in the world of the wetworks, they call me Ice Butterfly. Someone gave me that name, yeah, you can call me that."

The loli assassin finally stated her identity, even if it's just a nickname.

"Fine, what do you want?... Forget your name..."

Feng Yu Chen asked Ice Butterfly.

Ice Butterfly rubbed the top of her hood.

"I want a duel. I want to finish our fight from last time. I've been looking forward to this so long, you have no idea. If you win, I will return the item to you. If I win, you're mine to command. How about it? I still remember how you killed me, I can't get it out of my head. Heh, it's settled, when I win, I am going to make you my private property, a man servant sounds nice..."


Feng Yu Chen couldn't help but cringe.

Screw your manservant!

"Hmph, don't get ahead of yourself. We still don't know who will come out on top. You lost last time, do you think you're going to get away this time? Don't joke with me, come, set a time and place, I will teach you the difference between us!"

Feng Yu Chen snorted.

"Hehe, I am not gloating. The 50th floor, when you make it there, I will be waiting  in the fields the next day. We will see who's stronger then..."

The loli assassin started turning invisible, then, she disappeared from the area.

The 50th floor, huh?

They are still on the 40th floor, that means there are about 10 more floors to go until their duel. When Feng Yu Chen gets there, he will most likely achieve the [Ender of Bosses] title. The title's only effective against monsters, at most, he's going to get a bit of stat boost from the title but that's it.


"Somebody's attacking..."

"It's the Killer NPC..."

"Save me..."

A few players got attacked, their hearts were pierced and multiple blue players fell prey to Ice Butterfly. She's killing the other players.

Against this invisible threat, the others started panicking.

Her attack power is also very high, she one-hit-killed her targets.

"Hehehe, scream, oh, your anguished voices, they are the most beautiful voices on earth. Come, scream more, I am already wet down there. Yes, this is the best type of moaning in the entire universe. It's just too bad bleeding isn't a thing here. This game's not good enough, where's the blood?!"

Ice Butterfly appeared beside the wounded Dragons' guild master. She was fondling herself all over with a knife near her mouth, she licked the dagger like it's a thick meat stick.

"You, what do you think you're..."

The Dragons' guild master almost had a heart attack.

"Hehehe, good question. I want your life, I just can't help it. When there are people nearby, I just want to snuff them out of existence. I am a good girl but you guys are making it hard to stay obedient. Let me murder you, look, my body is already trembling in ecstasy. Keep me going, please... Now, who's next?..."

She sounded like a seductive minx but her words chilled the players around her.

The players took out their weapons and they raised their guards.

Heathcliff started sweating hard. The world he created became Ice Butterfly's playground. This is a world where murderers can get away with homicide. For a demonic killer like Ice Butterfly, this was practically heaven. Even Heathcliff wished he can use his administrator privileges to delete Ice Butterfly from this game. She's too evil, like a witch, she's not supposed to be in this game.

Ice Butterfly, no, it would be more accurate to call her the Butterfly of Death.

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