Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 133: Two rage modes

Heathcliff can't attack in a flashy manner like Feng Yu Chen, however, his defense more than made up for his lackluster attack. He might just be the strongest tanker in the game.

"Haha, you guys don't know the half of it. During the 40th floor boss raid, we stumbled on the boss room while labyrinth exploring, a bunch of reckless players including me were dragged into a fight. We didn't know enough about the boss' attack pattern and the heroes among us rose up to the challenge. Our guild master took the vanguard, tanking the floor boss' attack while the rest of us retreated..."

"Yeap, he's definitely the strongest tank in this game..."

"The guild master is also know sword skills like the back of his hand, he didn't create or display any outstanding sword skills but he's so deft with normal sword skills, under his tutelage, all of us became very proficient in using sword skills..."


The Knights rained praise down upon their captain. Heathcliff is the GM of this game, naturally, he can tweak his own stats to make himself invulnerable if he so chooses. As long as he's on the defensive, nobody can get past his defense, only when he's not defending can he be defeated.

Heathcliff is also the creator of the all the sword skills in SAO, his advanced understanding and teachings sped up the Knights of Blood Oath's growth. He's like a walking cheat code, speeding up the growth of his guild members.

While defending, he unsheathed the sword within his cross-shaped shield, he started counter-attacking the boss with flawless lashes. This fellow attacked the boss with the might of a master of sword arts.

Kirito watched as Heathcliff caught all the chances to attack and he was stunned. He didn't miss a single beat, his expression also appeared unfazed by the boss' lethal attacks. It also feels like Heathcliff isn't going all out yet. Impressive, so this is the power of the Knight's captain?

Kirito is curious, who is stronger between Heathcliff and Feng Yu Chen?

Kirito was planning on dueling Feng Yu Chen someday. He's very intrigued by Feng Yu Chen's special sword skills. Kirito is also good at Skill Connect although he still couldn't do Feng Yu Chen's 0 instant skill connect. At his optimal condition, Kirito reckons he can do something close to that effect by leveraging his speed. He also had high attack speed, he was banking on his agility and attack speed to duel Feng Yu Chen.

Kirito made a mental note to have a friendly duel with Feng Yu Chen one day.

After 3 seconds, Nicholas still isn't dead yet.

Heathcliff backed down as it was the Dragon's turn.

The boss is currently hovering around 20% health.

Everyone assumed it would be this lucky captain's luck to get the last hit in. Even the person himself thought it's his lucky day as he drew his blade with a wide grin on his face.

As a captain, he's quite competent.

The moment he took the stage, he immediately unfurled a high-level sword skill.

The attack connected with Nicholas and...


Nicholas punched back while shrieking.


The captain dodged and he unleashed a four-hit combo on the boss...

Horizontal Square!

The captain finished his blue-colored attack tracing the shape of a square that spread out horizontally. This is a mid-level 4 hit sword skill.

Feng Yu Chen used it before, Kirito and Asuna also learned this sword skill already. Asuna was taught by Feng Yu Chen while Kirito gained it on his own. It's relatively high-level at the current stage of the game. However, it wasn't special, anyone who reached a certain proficiency can learn this sword skill.

However, while the captain wanted to continue attacking...

"Back away!"

Kirito can see Nicholas' eyes flashing with a malicious shade of red. It looked like the boss already recovered from its staggered state.

But, the captain didn't listen to him. Is that guy out of his mind? The boss' about to die and the revival item will become his, he could sell it for an astronomical sum or just keep it to bail himself out when he dies, either way, it's a huge win for him.

Blinded by the prospect of victory, not just the Dragon's captain, everyone else would have been lured into a false sense of control, with victory so close at hand, who would back down now?


The boss flashed a sinister red, it started lighting up with an insidious light.

Nicholas the Renegade sped up, its huge fist rained down on the captain, sending him flying...


The boss smashed down one last time on the captain.


Pounded into a giant tree, the captain's health immediately fell to 5%.

The captain was still attacking, however, the boss' rage mode had invincibility frames that allowed the boss to breakthrough.

The captain screwed up. Nicholas had two rage modes, one happened when the boss hit 30% health, Heathcliff swiftly defended against the boss when that happened. Nicholas' last rage attack was at 10% health, the same attack that decommissioned the Dragon's captain.

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