Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 132: The big dipper sword formation

When Feng Yu Chen circled around to the back of Nicholas, he fired the sword skill he designed himself, Feng Yu Chen started flashing with seven points of light lighting him up, his Mercury sword also took on a golden flash.

Next, he turned into a bright meteor-like object that smashed into the giant's back.


Nicholas started spraying red polygons after being heavily damaged by Feng Yu Chen.


Nicholas turned around to attack, however...

Feng Yu Chen used a mysterious technique to quickly move away, jumping into the air and staying in the air for just a split-second before descending upon the monster with Mercury sword.


Another rain of red polygons as Feng Yu Chen drew a huge gash across the monster.


Enraged, Nicholas moved to attack, but...

Splash splash splash splash splash

5 more attacks landed without Nicholas being the wiser, the monster couldn't land a hit on the elusive player.

"Big dipper sword formation!"

Using Geppo from One Piece, he integrated it with Limbo Sword skill to synthesize this technique. After successfully using it, the user can stay in the air for about 2 seconds and the user can move or return to another location after each attack. Each of his attacks correspond to the seven points in the big dipper formation, he added a twist of Limbo Sword skill in.

When he activated all the points, another special attack can be used...


7 spots lit up as starlight gathered at Feng Yu Chen's sword, he swung his sword while still at a distance from Nicholas.

Fwish fwish fwish

The lasers turned into seven swords of light that pierced Nicholas the Renegade in 7 sonic booms.

Nicholas' HP bar fell 66%, Feng Yu Chen took away two-thirds of the boss' hp with a single turn of attacks.

Feng Yu Chen stepped on thin air once and he landed steadily.

3 seconds were over just like that. Feng Yu Chen's flurry of attacks dazzled Heathcliff and the other players. His sword skills were radiant and powerful, is that something a human cna create?

Feng Yu Chen's sword skills are superior to the unique skills Heathcliff made for SAO.

(Author's note: In the original work, Kirito's Dual Blades and Heathcliff's Holy Sword were unique skills that can only be learned by a single player.)

"Oh my god, that was awesome. Is that the strength of the Wings' leader. I think he's the only one who knows that skill..."

"Captain Feng grew again, it's certainly more powerful than the skills he used before. Granted, the skills he used were already strong in the first place, this is something different."

"Yeah, he grew strong alright, if he used that skill again, the boss would be dead. It's too op..."

"So that's what the strongest player looks like, huh? When will we ever be that strong?"

"Tsk, forget about it. That's impossible for mortals like us, let's focus on something more realistic..."

"Captain Feng is a genius, he already displayed great prowess at the start of the game. He's not a beater (beta tester) nor is he a game geek, he's just that good..."

"I mean, if he isn't known for his lolicon trait, I reckon he would be drowning in the adoration of other players..."

"What are you talking about? He's already very popular. All the chicks look up to him as an idol. Gallant and capable with the sword, I heard he's also super good at cooking, his culinary skill level is apparently maxed out. Essentially, yeah, he's very eligible in the date market..."

"Let's just pretend we don't know anything about his loli-gathering habits..."


The players started chattering among themselves once again. They were very pleased with Feng Yu Chen's performance.

Heathcliff roamed his gaze over the other representatives.

"Next is me, but, let this be a warning, the bosses of this game are designed with special and explosive skills when they hit low HP levels, if any of you wants to quit, now's the time. If not..."

"Yeah, I am calling quits now. With Captain Feng's power, we don't stand any chance. Even if I get lucky and score the last hit, I don't think I deserve the item."

Klein raised his hand and he bowed out.

"I am quiting too, that item won't be useful to me..."

Thinker, the guild master of the Army bowed out too.

Only the leader of Divine Dragon Alliance remained in competition.

Heathcliff started his turn, he wanted to showcase his Holy Sword. But, Feng Yu Chen's Big Dipper sword formation took away the spotlight. Even if he used it now, it would still pale in comparison to Feng Yu Chen's sword skill. It won't garner much PR if he used it now, he decided to do it at a later time when Feng Yu Chen's not around...

Heathcliff didn't display his unique skill but he exhibited immense crowd control capabilities.


Nicholas the Renegade is still enraged, with HP at 33%, the boss' attack got faster...


Clang clang clang

Nicholas' attack failed without harming Heathcliff at all. With his cross-shaped shield, he nimbly defended against Nicholas' frantic attacks.

The players were amazed by Heathcliff's ridiculous defense. No matter how hard the boss attacked him, his HP bar didn't move an inch.

How's that possible? The players continued watching with slack jaws. He's tanking the boss' attack while it's enraged. His HP bar remained in the green zone, it never fell to the yellow zone no matter how hard the boss pounded him.

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