Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 131: Skill connect

Feng Yu Chen's 3 second-rotational boss raid got the consensus agreement of all the clearers here. Letting their power talk seems to be a fairer approach. Everyone gets 3 second to do their best to bring the boss down. Whoever gets it in the end is the winner.

Heathcliff nodded.

"That is feasible. However, the boss dropping the Stone of Returning soul is a mighty enemy, anyone who isn't strong enough would be in trouble since it would mean we can't intervene when it's the challenger's time..."

"They are free to bow out at anytime, if they choose to throw in the towel, we will save them. This counts as an informal duel, the precious item should only go to the one who can handle their own in a fight."

Feng Yu Chen said.

"Okay, then let's start..."

Heathcliff said.

Everyone nodded, the leaders of the major guild were sent to represent their guilds. The other members tagged along as they wanted to see who is the strongest guild master of them all.

After passing through a light barrier, Feng Yu Chen & co arrived at the place where Nicholas the Renegade will spawn. They waited for the boss as it was still minutes away from 12 O'clock.

Feng Yu Chen patted Kirito on the shoulder.

"Hey, Kirito, wanna join in? I can designate you as the vice-captain, vice-captains are allowed to participate too, how about it?"

Kirito felt a bit helpless.

"Guild master, why are you dragging me into everything? You guys should be more than enough, right?"

"Trust me, if he's going after lolis, he's not going to invite you..."

Zi Yue Ling hcimed in.


Feng Yu Chen was frustrated with Zi Yue Ling.

" Would it kill you to shut that yap for two seconds? It's because of you that I am known as a lolicon among the other clearers. It's very annoying..."


The Wings and other guilds started laughing out loud when they saw Feng Yu Chen's bitter looks. To them, lolicon is a joke title for him, unlike a pervert, Feng Yu Chen's should just accept the joke title, no?

"Here it comes..."

In front of a huge tree, a giant dressed in Santa outfit landed heavily, the monster created a strong gust when it landed. The others blocked the winds with their arms while shielding their eyes.


The monster bellowed out loud when the players entered its field of vision.

"I will go first..."

He took out Mercury Sword, he used a stance where the blade was horizontal against his chest, a green sheen covered the sword. Feng Yu Chen disappeared from his spot in an instant. It didn't take him long to stab into Nicholas with his sword.


The giant roared as Feng Yu Chen followed up with another skill. His body tilted and he navigated to the giant's back like a phantom, he dodged the giant's roar attack.

That attack was meant to stun players in front of the monster. That stun would be followed up with a punch from the monster for anyone who is unfortunately stunned in place.


Nicholas hit nothing, its auto-attack failed it miserably. Its 2-part attack missed entirely.

"He's got quick reflex..."

"As expected of the captain of the Wings, he's very good..."

"Wait, how did he surpass post-motion freeze? How's that possible? You can't move after firing a skill, right?"

"It's not just surpassing the post-motion, he chained his unique skills together in a chain-attack, you must be new. You clearly don't know much about his capabilities. He's the only known player who has the ability to freely chain skills without being subjected to post-motion!"

"That's too scary! You mean he can also avoid the skill initiation period? Not just the Post-motion? I thought you had to get into a stance for skills to activate..."

"Tsk, are you a newbie? His skill connect is different from the skill connect you know, rare as skill connect users might be.

When people talk about skill connect. They are usually referring to getting into a stance, unleashing a skill after the end of the previous skill before the Post-motion can kick in. Successfully done, this will lead to another skill activation, the user will look like Post-motion got nulled. With training, one can reduce the activation time of the connected skills further, to the point where it takes almost no time to chain skills together, unleashing a stream of sword skills without apparent limits.

Feng Yu Chen is the one who pioneered this technique and trained it to the extremes. There is a nigh 0 second delay between the end of his first skill and the subsequent one, as for how he paused a technique while not affected by post-motion, that's Feng Yu Chen's trade secret. Only he can train in this special ability.

Otherwise, the other Wings of Freedom members would have learned it by now. Instead of thinking about how to pause or use another sword skill while one is already in effect, it would be better to think about how to minimize activation time to 0. Doing so would allow a player to theoretically fire sword skills without stopping, chipping away an otherwise impossible boss until the boss dies."


Feng Yu Chen's first attack drew the interest of the players gathered here. They were all top players, respected by other players.

Heathcliff watched Feng Yu Chen's performance with a frown. Some of the skills Feng Yu Chen used weren't coded or designed by him, did Feng Yu Chen create them on his own? What's going on here? He felt like there's something strange affecting his perceptions, clouding his thoughts on this matter.

Heathcliff (actually, Kayaba Akihiko) understands his work of art very deeply, he just couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something is affecting his judgment when it comes to weird phenomena like these. Maybe he's overthinking it, after all, he's like the creator god of SAO...

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