Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 129: Heathcliff

One the second day, Feng Yu Chen received concerning news.

When the 35th floor got cleared by an unknown player, the players started discussing it. If it wasn't the Wings, and it wasn't the clearers, then who? Is this the start of another guild like the Wings?

Soon, the answer appeared in the form of a rather tall man with the name Heathcliff. He had a cross-shaped kite shield and he wielded a one-handed sword.

Heathcliff told everyone that it was him who cleared the 35th floor. And, he did it by himself.

With another expert player appearing, the players rejoiced because with more elite players running around, the time they would spend being imprisoned in this world would be cut shorter.

Heathcliff announced that he wanted to establish the strongest guild with his new-found guild, the Knights of the Blood Oath. He was recruiting and he also opened his doors to the clearers, luring them with the promise of teaching them advanced sword skills.

Thus, the world welcomed the new faction and its leader, Knights of the Blood Oath and Heathcliff.

Feng Yu Chen's guild had annoying and stringent entry requirements. So, the expert players stayed clear of his guild, it wouldn't look good to be rejected after all. Also, it looked like the Wings weren't actively recruiting too.

Heathliff saw a gap in the market and he filled it. Soon, veteran and skilled players who are still independent chose to join Heathcliff's guild.

Although the guild is still in its infancy, the players had high hopes for the guild. Since Heathcliff took down a boss on his own, the other players started giving him the title of the strongest player.

The Wings' misunderstanding with the clearers got resolved with Heathcliff's appearance. Similarly, the players started worshipping two guilds instead of just the Wings.

Feng Yu Chen felt like things just got more interesting with Heathcliff joining the fray. Heathcliff is actually Kayaba Akihiko, the GM who locked everyone in this game. To compete against the GM himself, he found amusement in that aspect.

Kayaba Akihiko is a genius in his own league. He laid the foundations for a full-immersion VR realm. If Feng Yu Chen can get his hands on The Seed then he can make his own VR world.

With that thing, Feng Yu Chen can become a world famous person. Fame isn't the only thing he can leverage the seed for, he can use that seed and start a VR revolution in his original world, thereby becoming the richest person in the world. Plus, the political and social power he will get from having sole access to the Seed, that would be awesome to say the least...

Feng Yu Chen added another objective to his priorities. He wanted to get his hands on Kayaba Akihiko's World Seed. After that, he's going to build his VR game in the real world. He chuckled when he thought about the possibilities.

Heathcliff's arrival also disrupted the plans of the cloaked loli. She wanted the Wings to be isolated by the players. However, Heathcliff cleared the misunderstanding up for the Wings and they got out of the scandal relatively unharmed.

More like, the cloaked loli gave Heathcliff the podium he needed to get his words out. The Game Master just had to choose this time to appear.

The Red Players weren't sure how they should deal with Heathcliff's existence. He's currently disguising himself as a player. If they got out of hand and incur the players' wrath. Heathcliff might butcher them. Even if the Infinity System backed the red players, against an undying god like the GM, they would lost for sure if they tried to usurp him.

Hence, the red players decided to rein in their activities. They decided to play it safe or risk getting wiped out. Nobody had the guts to go up against the GM of this game.

Feng Yu Chen  & co came exploring the 36th floor, they passed through the 35th's floor main city when they bumped into Heathcliff.

"Ah, guild master of the Wings of Freedom, greetings. Firstly, I am sorry I cleared the 35th floor without notifying anyone, I didn't mean for everyone to doubt your guild, my bad..."

Heathcliff apologized to Feng Yu Chen.

Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

"Nah, Captain Heathcliff, we are all players working towards the same goal. Why does it matter who clears the floor, more importantly, we should frame it as one step closer to our ultimate goal. I am just glad to see another skilled player rise up within this world. I hope we can work together to speed up the game clearing progress."

(Author's note: Feng Yu Chen is still unaware that it was actually the cloaked loli who cleared the 35th floor, he assumed it was Heathcliff)

Heathcliff looked at Feng Yu Chen's nonchalant attitude and laughed deep inside. He expects to duel with Feng Yu Chen at the end of this game. He made this world with the intention of fighting the best and strongest players at the final floor. Feng Yu Chen looks like he might be the strongest player in this game. He looks forward to his growth, will the Wings of Freedom be able to fly out of the cage he made?

"I wanted to join the Wings at first, but, the entry requirements are... how should it put it? Peculiar.. So, I decided not to join..."

Heathcliff joked with Feng Yu Chen, he wanted to see his reaction.

Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips, the entry requirements came to bite his butt again, this time, it cost him Heathcliff's entry.

Feng Yu Chen's reputation as a lolicon further solidified in the minds of the players. The male players regarded his entry requirements as a way to weed out all the male players. It was heavily implied by the entry requirements that he's not going give entry to male players with the intent of bagging his girls.

"It's not that hard, that last line was added by a cheeky guild member of mine. Also, look , we recruited a new member, Kirito, we aren't actually that stringent... You're overthinking it..."

Feng Yu Chen explained himself.

Nobody believed Feng Yu Chen's explanation, however, his title is there to stay. Any male who joined his guild would be classified as a lolicon too. Plus, the players assumed Kirito's life in the guild ain't exactly rosy either.

And, they would be correct. Feng Yu Chen handled all the heavy and rough tasks before Kirito joined. With Kirito in the guild, he abused the Bro Code to get Kirito to do half of Feng Yu Chen's tasks.

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