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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 128: Kirito joins the guild

Kirito hesitated when Feng Yu Chen extended an invitation. At the start of this game, he would have told others he preferred to do things solo. But, the Wings of Freedom isn't an average guild.

The members are all top notch and from the captain to the normal members, the guild was filled with players who knew a distinctive skill or two. Kirito felt like he could trust these capable allies. As they were all abberants, he thought he would fit in nicely.

Feng Yu Chen also said the Wings don't operate on a strict hierarchy.  The members are free to move around as they liked. Kirito observed Feng Yu Chen's personality and behavior. This guild master didn't look or act like the captain of the strongest guild in this game. He knew how to joke and take it easy when others bust his nut. The other guild members also looked like they got along very well. Being around them, the depressing and stressful life of a clearer constantly dancing with death was gone, they took each battle with fresh and positive vibes.

"Yo, Kirito, you should totally join a guild. Being lonely must have been tough, right? Plus, Captain Feng is a great guy. This is the first time I saw him personally inviting another player. Given the time we spent together, you should also know the Wings are a solid bunch of players. As for me, well, I reckon captain Feng won't take me into the guild because my appearance differs with... hmm... that weird requirement..."

Agil fixed up Feng Yu Chen's weapon and he returned it to Feng Yu Chen. Then, he slapped Kirito on the back and he advised him to take the offer.


Feng Yu Chen heard Agil's grumble and he replied.

"Fine, you can join too..."

Agil shook his head.

"That won't do. If I joined, I bet you're going to ask me to fix the guild's equipment for free. No way, I subscribe to the idea of capitalism, I am a businessman through and through, not joining the Wings would net me more wealth than if I joined. I am afraid I am going to have to turn you down hahaha..."

"You prick..."

Feng Yu Chen knew he was going to say that, he rolled his eyes at Agil.

"Fine... I guess I can join and test the waters..."

Kirito nodded after everyone looked at him with hopeful eyes. It might be amusing to try cooperative play with other guild members, at least, things would be more interesting that way...

"Good, how about we host a celebration to commemorate Kirito's entry?"

Feng Yu Chen suggested

"Oooohhh~~ I want meat... meat... meat..."

Haruna immediately raised her hand.

"Fruit salad... Fried rice with eggs..."

Inori gave her suggestions.

"Fish-head soup, I heard it's good for maintaining beauty..."

Zi Yue Ling said.

"We getting Mapo tofu?"

Xiao Han Yue asked.

"I guess I can help..."

Saeko and Asuna said at the same time.

Feng Yu Chen nodded and he wrapped his arm around Kirito's shoulder.

"Alright, the men are in charge of procuring the materials. Asuna and Saeko will be on kitchen duty. Oh, also, someone go prepare a room for Kirito in our base on the first floor..."

Kirito couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the Wings of Freedom's vitality and hospitality. It's rare to see a group so energetic after witnessing deaths of other players and fighting with their lives on the line in the hostile labyrinths. Honestly, it felt correct to join the Wings, it's his first guild after all.

Feng Yu Chen pulled Kirito over to the 22nd floor in order to fish for materials to make fish-head soup. In the original work, Kirito and Asuna shared a comfy cabin here. The 22nd floor is also relatively wide, its diameter is over 8 kilometers. Evergreen trees filled the floor along with lakes that took up most of the map. There's a very big lake at the center of this floor, this is where they fished.

Fishing is a form of mental cultivation in addition to a very laidback activity.

"Hey, Kirito, did you log onto this game by yourself?"

Feng Yu Chen asked.

"Yeah, I came here on my own..."

Kirito nodded.

"How about siblings? Do you have anyone at home?"

Feng Yu Chen "nonchalantly" asked.

"Oh, I have a younger sister..."

"She must be cute, if your looks are any indication. When we get out of this game, you have to introduce me to her..."


Kirito felt like Feng Yu Chen had ulterior motives. He heard rumors about how he digs Loli, that can't be true, right? Should he even introduce his sister to a guy like him?

"Oops, I got something here, heave-ho..."

Feng Yu Chen pulled his fishing rod in excitement.

Kirito felt like this guy is messing with him. He's seriously doubting if he should introduce his sister to someone who's rumored to be in relationships with the lolis in his guild. He decided to proceed with caution...

After spending an entire afternoon busting their backs and hustling, they finally prepared a feast for dinner.

Feng Yu Chen & co all grabbed a pair of chopsticks each as they expressed their gratitude.

"Thanks for the food..."

What followed was a war for food. Haruna immediately cast away her chopsticks, she grabbed at the food in the plate closest to her. Inori might be a kuudere but she's not going to let her nemesis, the foodie Haruna get all the good stuff.

Asuna was wiser in that she stashed away the ones she wanted to eat. However, Haruna and her inhuman nose sniffed out the food and she stole it from Asuna, making her feel very helpless.

Thus, the dining table devolved into a scene of carnage.

Kirito was astounded by the "quirky" Wings. They had too much energy and they didn't even cared that Kirito's new, food is food and the strongest shall prevail...

He tried a bite and a delicious sensation suffused his oral cavity. Instantly, this dining experience became his best one yet. Slowly, Kirito cast caution to the wind as he dived into the fray, there can be no mercy or he's going to starve tonight, nobody's going to pity him and leave some food for him...

"Mmm, I am so full..."

Haruna, Inori, and Asuna caressed their stomach on the sofa while sighing in satisfaction.

"Alright, newbie, you're doing the dishes!"

Feng Yu Chen told Kirito as he slapped his shoulder.

"Wait, newbies do the dishes?!"

Kirito felt like he just signed up for duty on a pirate ship. Did he rope Kirito into his guild so he can get someone to do the dishes?

"Yeah, no, you will be permanently on dish duty. Look at me, I broke my back making food for everyone, as the only other male member in this guild, surely, you're not going to make the girls do the dishes for you, right?"

Feng Yu Chen said like a total delinquent. He got himself a good kitchen helper.


Kirito is the Wing of Freedom's dish washer from now on...

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