Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 126: You don't understand my innocence

"I guess..."

Asuna meekly replied.

"It's settled, you're my girlfriend now..."

Asuna chuckled while holding hands with Asuna.


Feng Yu Chen kissed her in the trap, then he confessed to her without giving her any room to rethink her decision. It wasn't romantic but she felt like this guy can give her a sense of safety.

Asuna thought her world would end and Feng Yu Chen came charging in and pulled her out of a bind. He also fulfilled his promise and he got her out of that world of despair. She felt like he's her guardian angel who looked out for her, she liked spending her time with him.

"Alright, let's return. Otherwise, they are all gonna get worried..."

Feng Yu Chen led Asuna away.

Blushing as sweet as honeydew, she couldn't hide the bliss from showing on her face. They walked shoulder to shoulder while holding hands. She gently leaned her head against his shoulder.

Feng Yu Chen felt Asuna's warmth and he slowed down so they can enjoy their time together.

When they exited the labyrinth, a middle-aged man walked out from his hiding spot. It's the same red player who attacked Feng Yu Chen together with Danseirou. However, the male player morphed into a petite looking girl. Her blue eyes and her black hair, she's...

"Looks like you grew stronger, that footwork was quite the show. I thought Danseirou would be able to finish the job. Didn't think he would get killed instead. This guy always has a trump card up his sleeves, he struggled against Danseirou. Then, he came back swinging stronger than ever. What a strange and intriguing fellow, maybe I should..."

The loli mumbled to herself. She shook her head and she went for the Boss area instead. She wanted to take the Floor boss down. This way, she can slow Feng Yu Chen's progress down. Blue players like Feng Yu Chen upgrade their titles by killing bosses.

The loli wanted to slow Feng Yu Chen's title attainment progress down.

Although the Bosses can revive, the loli couldn't completely stop Feng Yu Chen from obtaining higher titles, however, she can get the boss killing bonus, depriving Feng Yu Chen of the loot.

If she killed the boss, the players will also suspect the Wings of Freedom for taking the boss down without sharing loot with the other clearers. It might also lead to players suspecting a group stronger than the Wings that can kill floor bosses.

Either way, she wanted to throw wench in Feng Yu Chen's plans.

The former scenario would lead to players berating the Wings for hogging the Floor boss. They think they are hot stuff so they ditched the other clearers to hog all the rewards. This way, the players will slowly isolate the Wings of Freedom.

In the latter scenario, if normal players can clear the boss on their own. Why do they have to rely on the Wings? They can take down Floor bosses without them. Slowly, the players will move away from the Wings of Freedom.

With the Wings isolated, the players will realize too late when they are met with peril...


The loli smirked as she continued walking.

After Feng Yu Chen and Asuna finished their material gathering session, they returned to their home on the first floor. They bought a comfy little cottage for the members to rest in. The first floor is also rather wide so there is a lot more room to move around in.

"Yo, aren't you two too sweet with each other?"

Zi Yue Ling commented on Feng Yu Chen and Asuna's close contact. They are close but they were never this close. Interlocking fingers, leaning against each other, giving each other the flirty eyes, they are basically the envy of single people.

Wait, did they get together while we weren't looking?

"I am not telling. Hehe, I am off to make dinner..."

Asuna stuck her tongue out at Zi Yue Ling. Then, she dashed to another room.

Zi Yue Ling gasped in shock. No way, did they really do it?

"Hey, stud, did you complete Asuna's route too? Dang, it didn't take you long to lay your hands on her..."

Zi Yue Ling looked at Feng Yu Chen


Feng Yu Chen rolled his eyes at her.

"Her route? Lay my hands on her? When you say it, the meaning changes. The relationship between us is pure..."

"Pure? Fine, if you're innocent then I would even bow down to you."

Zi Yue Ling quipped. Saeko, Inori, and now, Asuna, is Feng Yu Chen determined to make all the female lead fall for him?

"Fine, I don't want to waste words with you. You don't understand my innocence. I am gonna make dinner too... Asuna might not be able to handle the work load since there's so many residents here..."

Feng Yu Chen shrugged her off.

"I don't understand your innocence?"

Zi Yue Ling rolled her eyes at him. She recalled how he kissed her back in <<Highschool of the Dead>>, in order to paralyze the Hunter in the first game, she got kissed, that was so embarrassing.

Feng Yu Chen donned his apron and he got ready to make food. As an absolute specimen of a home-making husband, he started fighting in the kitchen with Asuna assisting him. He didn't feel tired because she's here with him. When they were idle, they would hold hands and hug each other, whispering sweet-nothings to each other. In this kitchen, as long as they kept their volumes down, they were fine...

"I want meat..."

Haruna raised her arms lazily.

"I want fried rice with eggs..."

Inori turned into someone with an unhealthy obsession with fried rice that had eggs in it. He was fond of this girl's petite frame, not only is she soft and easy to push down, she's also not picky with food...

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