Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 125: The dance steps of death, Soru

Gently landing on snow, Feng Yu Chen placed Asuna behind him. With Mercury Sword and Xuan Yuan sword akimbo, he looked at Danseiro. It's time to teach this guy a lesson. Although being driven into a corner by this guy led to him obtaining Rokushiki powers, this guy actually harmed his girl, he's not letting him get away with this.

"It's normal for deaths to occur in fights. But, I cannot forgive one thing. You tried to kill someone who is not involved in the duel. More so, you tried to sneak attack a girl, that just rubs me the wrong way..."

With his Icy Aura, his eyes that were deep red reinforced his frosty words. He can't endure his urge anymore, these people needed a lesson, and a board because he's about to lop off their butts.

"Tsk, you're quite the preacher, aren't ya? In this game, there's no honor, no law, living is winning. Don't use your high and mighty moral here, anyone who loses has no right to complain. If I can finish my job, I don't care about the means. What? You never used dirty tricks? Please, since you survived so long, your hands must be stained with the blood of your victims. Don't waste your words preaching to me, the good guys will die. Are you gonna talk? Or are we fighting?"

Danseirou snorted. He's nervous, however, he's confident he canr un away if the situation worsens.

"Then fight it is..."

Feng Yu Chen rapidly tapped his feet and then he disappeared from his spot. Appearing behind Danseirou with far superior speed. If Danseirou is as fast as lightning then Feng Yu Chen is faster than lightning itself. In less than one-third of a second, he already stepped more than 10 times.

Soru can't be obtained through training alone. A certain amount of talent is required. An average human can never hope to perfect this technique. This superhuman footwork is, in the eyes of the enemies, the dance steps of death itself.


Danseirou started sweating bullets, he couldn't see Feng Yu Chen's movement at all. He only felt a gale and Feng Yu Chen was already behind him.

How did the guy cover more than a dozen meters in the blink of an eye.

Stunned, Feng Yu Chen's Mercury sword already lopped off one of Danseirou's ears. His Xuan Yuan sword pierced through his chest.

Stab pwsh...

Red effect sprouted, Danseirou resisted his urge to curse as he swung his serpentine blade at Feng Yu Chen.


Came a disdainful snort from Feng Yu Chen. He disappeared again, he danced literal circles around Danseirou. Killing this guy like this would be too easy, no, a quick death is too good for a guy like him.

Danseirou saw Feng Yu Chen blinking around him and he got the message, Feng Yu Chen was playing with him. With each flash of Feng Yu Chen's figure, his heart raced faster. He's afraid that Feng Yu Chen might stab him if he's not careful.

Danseirou wanted to know where Feng Yu Chen obtained such explosive speed and power. His footsteps, his speed, it's simply abnormal. He couldn't discern anything even if he tried. Against a foe like this, he felt truly powerless...

"Now, your other ear..."

Danseirou felt pain assaulting him before he could do anything.

Feng Yu Chen destroyed his ears.

"Your left arm..."

"Your leg..."

"An eye..."


Infinity Players can feel 100% pain.

With mortal wounds, Danseirou was knocking on death's door. Feng Yu Chen sliced and stabbed him at least 30 times. Danseirou finally succumbed to his wounds.


Feng Yu Chen's last attack pierced Danseirou's heart.

Danseirou's body shattered into data polygons. Dying in SAO yields the same result as a monster's death. They exploded into data crystals. Destruction of equipment also made data polygon explosions.

Danseirou's body materialized once more. Red Infinity Players are given three lives. When they revive, they revive on the spot.


He's paralyzed with fear. All the lives in the world won't save him from being continuously killed b Feng Yu Chen. After losing his two remaining lives, he will surely die!

Ask for help? The red players with him already scampered off. With Feng Yu Chen's power and his current performance, if they stayed, they would just die with Danseirou.

"No? You think I am going to let you off the hook? Two lives, huh? Alright, let me cleanse your soul with pleasure, then I will send you off to the great beyond. Come, let's continue..."

Feng Yu Chen laughed as he went to town on that poor fellow.


After more than 10 minutes, Danseirou is no more. Feng Yu Chen obtained Danseirou's points.

Had Danseirou hightailed the moment Feng Yu Chen fell into the crevice, he would have likely survived this encounter. Instead, he chose to wait for Feng Yu Chen's death.

Anyone would have been convinced of Feng Yu Chen's death. But, the Fortune Commercial Complex and its offering bailed Feng Yu Chen out from a cold death. He made his way out of the trap. Danseirou certainly didn't see this coming, who could predict the future reliably anyway?


Asuna watched Feng Yu Chen's fight. Although he went overboard, she felt like Feng Yu Chen was angry for a good reason. Plus, it's a killer NPC, there's no need to consider mercy in this case.

He stored away his Mercury Sword and Xuan Yuan Sword. Feng Yu Chen's eyes returned to his normal state. However, the fatigue from using Soru finally caught up with him. Soru consumed his stamina, not energy.

"What's wrong?"

Asuna supported Feng Yu Chen by offering him an arm to lean on. She caressed his chest with her hands.

Feng Yu Chen forced a smile and he grabbed her hands.

"It's alright, Asuna. Remember the promise we made down there? You're my girlfriend now, right?"

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