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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 124: Rokushiki from One Piece

Asuna felt her heart racing when Feng Yu Chen suddenly kissed her. They shared close contacts before but never this close. The fact that neither of them ever confessed also meant she didn't see this coming.

Maybe because before now, they were never able to cross that emotional bridge, they never got to that base. But, at this point, it's safe to say they already got past that point.

She felt like Feng Yu Chen truly had a place in his heart for her.

If he's this adamant, she should have some faith in him too!

She finally got together with Feng Yu Chen, with love within her grasp, she wanted to carve a bright future with Feng Yu Chen by her side. No way is she going to let it end like this.

Feng Yu Chen also felt reinvigorated when he kissed Asuna. He's the only one she can count on. With a beautiful and blissful life ahead of him, Asuna, Inori, Saeko and the others were waiting for him, is he going to let a little trap like this stop him here?

Feng Yu Chen resorted to the Infinity Shop's Fortune Commercial Complex, after the events of <<Guilty Crown>> he never used it once. With lots of YBB (currency used there), he should be able to use some of the facilities available in Fortune Commercial Complex.

Accessing the Fortune Commercial Complex, he found out that the Golden Door is already unlocked. Meanwhile, a Dark Gold Door got added before he knew it.

Golden Door: Silver Tier power required: Each flip costs 1000 YBB.
Choose a card from a randomly generated set of 36 cards. Set refreshed after each card pick, card types can be chosen by mental will.

Feng Yu Chen saw hope in this.

Before this, the iron, bronze, and silver door randomly gave cards without regard of the user's need. The Golden Door gave the user the ability to choose a type of card set. If Feng Yu Chen willed for an ability to get out of this pitfall, the card sets generated will be a set of cards containing either items or abilities that will get him out of this hole.

Good, this is terrific!

Feng Yu Chen immediately chose the Golden door. Although 1,000 YBB is a fortune, it's a small price to pay to save his life.

"1,000 YBB paid, opening Golden Door, think of a card type and choose a card..."

Feng Yu Chen closed his eyes as he set his mind on an ability that can get him out of this icy hole dozens of meters deep. He opened his eyes and there were 36 cards in his Infinity Phone. He chose the 15th card because Asuna's fifteen so he hoped that some of her luck would rub off on this card pull.

And... A golden sheen shone forth...

"Congratulations, you've obtained skill card Geppo of the Rokushiki from One piece [Passive].

Geppo: Allows user to perform air jumps, stepping on air and walking on air like one would ascend a stair, there's a limit to air time, however."

"As a reward for spending lavishly on the Golden door, and, to further incentivize your desire to consume, an extra skill: Soru of Rokushiki has been granted to you. Spend more, win more, the Golden door is the door to your dreams.

Soru : A superhuman martial art from One piece, it's an ability that is performed through quickly kicking the ground 10 times in less than 0.36 second, user can move at extremely high speed."

Feng Yu Chen thought it would be magic or spells. He didn't think he would get superhuman martial arts like the Rokushiki from One Piece. The Infinity System appears to be hellbent on keeping him from  growing too strong. It could also be luck wasn't on his side this time so he didn't get magic associated with flight.

The Rokushiki is cool and full of utilities. With Soru and Geppo, getting out of this hole would be a walk in the park.

"Hmm? Did you come up with an idea?"

Asuna saw Feng Yu Chen's elated look so she asked him.

Feng Yu Chen nodded and he said with a confident tone.

"As the heavy mountains and current hinder one's path, the flower blooms in the shade of the willow tree, look, we found the light at the end of the tunnel. Moreover, I have got a score to settle with that bastard. How dare he use an underhanded method to throw a woman down a pitfall. That's not how a duelist should go about their fights. It's time to show them where the red color in flowers come from!"

Asuna felt a bit speechless with Feng Yu Chen's positive vibe. He appeared to be telling the truth so she placed her faith in him.

"Come, we are getting out of this place..."

Feng Yu Chen gave her a princess carry and he used Soru to rapidly kick the ground, generating a vertical thrust that propelled Feng Yu Chen into the air.

Bam bam bam

Feng Yu Chen repeatedly kicked the air as he sent shockwaves that propelled him further...

Asuna was shocked. What is this? A special ability that allowed a player to walk and jump in the air? Did SAO have this ability? This is simply inhuman.

Asuna thought this was a miracle. Noah actually fulfilled his promise to her. He did the impossible as he danced through the air. This ability is already superhuman, even in the standards of this game!

Near the edge of this trap, Feng Yu Chen felt his lift weakening. He didn't mind this as he stabbed his sword into the wall near him.


Feng Yu Chen used the blade as his stepping stone, he leaped into the air and they flew out of the hole easily.

Feng Yu Chen is still not used to Rokushiki so he couldn't jump as often as he would have liked. With further training, he reckons he can increase his air time.

"Boss... they escaped!"


"I-is he walking in the air?!"

The goons stationed near the trap were gasping in shock. What in the world is this ability?

Danseirou noticed Feng Yu Chen and Asuna. He wanted to wait until Feng Yu Chen met his demise. He didn't think the guy would be able to somehow escape and fly out of the trap.

It was at this moment that they felt fear rising up within them. They could see Feng Yu Chen looking at them with a bloodthirsty grin.

Feng Yu Chen is going to make chrysanthemum out of their butts.

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