Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 123: A reason to live and a kiss

After Feng Yu Chen and Asuna fell into the trap, Hoshirou laughed like a villain. However, his compatriots aren't exactly pleased.

"Boss, we just killed that girl's prey (referring to the cloaked loli), isn't she going to kill us for this? She only asked us to pass the Insignia of death over to Feng Yu Chen, that was our order..."

A red player asked.

"Yeah, knowing her tyrannical nature, she's definitely going to kill us for stealing her prey, maybe..."

Another red player said, it's obvious they were all terrified of the cloaked loli.

Hoshirou snorted.

"Don't worry, if we say nothing, nobody will know anything. I want to see her reaction she hears of this. No.1 Assassin my ass, just watch, one of these days, we will all take her down. Now, we still have much to prepare..."

"Really? Are the others also planning on moving together? I don't like how she bossed us around but it's better than death after defying her..."

"Yeah, she hogged all the good food. She grew while we are all still..."

"Hmm, that girl is close to attaining the third title. She stole our kills and got herself the good titles, seriously..."

"The stat difference between [Starlight Slaughterer] and [Sunlit Slaughterer] is too great..."

Having fallen into this trap, Feng Yu Chen felt nothing out of place other than the biting cold. He used his Ice Attribute to adapt while Asuna...

"Fuuu, Yu Chen, it's so cold..."

Asuna curled up as she tried to resist the seeping frostiness of this trap. Her HP bar also slowly declined. But...


He smashed his fist again the icy wall near them. He lowered his head and he apologized.

"I am sorry, I got you into this mess. If I was stronger, things wouldn't have ended this way..."

Asuna shook her head. She gave him a light pat on the shoulder.

"You're not entirely at fault, I was dragging you down during the fight too. You jumped in to save me. You could have stayed behind and cleaned up those killers and then coming for me..."

Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

"No way, I will never abandon you. Loneliness is a very unbearable emotion, I wouldn't have been able to fight while thinking about you..."


Asuna sighed. She wanted to tell Feng Yu Chen he chose the wrong option by jumping in here to accompany her in death. If he was by himself, he should have been able to escape. Yet, he chose to jump into this trap with her. She's glad he chose her over his own freedom, but, the reality is that they might die in here...

Feng Yu Chen took out a potion and he gave it to Asuna. He started running through various ideas to escape. This world is still at the beginning stages, he's not going to sit tight here while the world passes him. There has to be a way out.

This pitfall is over a dozen meter deep, the walls are also too slippery to grab, climbing out doesn't look like a viable option.

"Maybe... we can't escape..."

Asuna said with despair.

"No, don't give up just yet. I know there is a way out, believe me!"

Feng Yu Chen grabbed Asuna's shoulder.

"I will definitely break you out of this place, Asuna, just you wait and see. I will show you a beautiful future!"


Moved by Feng Yu Chen's firm words, she blushed because it felt like Feng Yu Chen was confessing to her.

He took out Mercury Blade and Xuan Yuan Sword. Asuna is in no condition to move, the cold is getting to her. Busting both of them out is now Feng Yu Chen's job.

"Come, get on my back, I will try climbing out with my swords as the anchor. It's better than sitting here and waiting for help..."

Feng Yu Chen squatted down, gesturing for Asuna to get on.

Asuna nodded, she wrapped her arms around his neck, with her body pressed up against a man's body like this, she couldn't help but feel her heart racing. It's n emergency but she couldn't stop her thoughts from going to that place.

Feng Yu Chen stabbed Mercury sword into the wall followed by Xuan Yuan sword. Slowly, he made his way up. This looks like it could work

One meter... Two meters... Three meters... Four meters...

Feng Yu Chen climbed up using his ridiculous strength while carrying the weight of two people. It's only because he's a superhuman that he pulled this off.

Asuna got excited when she saw the exit slowly getting closer. She couldn't help but feel excited, will they be able to get out?

Crack crumble

Feng Yu Chen felt his right hand slipping, no, the wall of ice crumbled.


The two of them fell back down.

"One more time, we are going to make it this time!"

Feng Yu Chen said to Asuna, convincing himself that this would work.





By the third time, Feng Yu Chen more or less got the message, the walls 4 meters and above are very fragile, it can't withstand the weight of two people. Maybe, if it's just Wu Yan, he can get out. But, no way is he going to ditch Asuna like this.

"Hey, you know, although it's only been half a year, I did enjoy my time with you and the others. We made tons of delicious dishes, toured around this beautiful world. All in all, it was fun..."

Asuna stopped Feng Yu Chen from attempting another climb. She wanted to tell Feng Yu Chen to go without her.

Feng Yu Chen knew where this is going so he covered her mouth. He pressed her against the wall and he gave her a kiss, sealing her lips.

"There, that's your reason to stay alive. We are lovers now, I am not going to abandon my girlfriend in a hole. Trust me, Asuna, I will get us out of this!"


She stared at Feng Yu Chen with a dazed look. The warmth he left on her lips still echoed within her heart. Feng Yu Chen's forceful kiss pushed back all the pessimistic words she was going to say...

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