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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 122: Sharingan, potential unlocked

Feng Yu Chen can see that Hoshirou specialized in speedy attacks. He opened Sharingan to predict his attacks, making up for his inferior speed. He needed to fight on the same tempo as Hoshirou.

Fortunately, Sharingan made up for this and he can track Hoshirou easily.

Sasuke used his Sharingan in <<Naruto>> to track Minazuki [sic, Haku]'s Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals.

Feng Yu Chen used the same tracking ability to see Hoshirou's footwork.

Hoshirou raised his guard when Feng Yu Chen came for him. His experience working as a mercenary told him that if an enemy charges like this, it's usually because they figured out a way to curb his trump cards.

Hoshirou thought up various tactics to fight Feng Yu Chen. The last thing he wants to do is use the same attack on Feng Yu Chen. He needs to use the technique he's still experimenting with, it should be feasible now!

Feng Yu Chen's Merucry sword danced in the air as a green dragon image formed, it flew at Hoshirou while roaring.

Then, Hoshirou's figure split into two after he side-stepped a few times.


Feng Yu Chen was stunned.

Shadow clones? No.

His Sharingan Magatama spun as he analyzed the technique, his current mastery isn't enough to see through this skill.

The two Hoshirous attacked Feng Yu Chen. Two serpentine blades came for Feng Yu Chen's chest, flanking him from both sides.

Feng Yu Chen backed away but...

Hoshirou flawlessly caught up to Feng Yu Chen, stabbing their serpentine swords into Feng Yu Chen.


Feng Yu Chen quickly used his ice attribute to cauterize the wounds.

The swords were millimeters away from hitting his heart. His bloody eyes brimmed with hostility and primal rage.

Kill, kill, kill him!

Feng Yu Chen's pain drove him into a berserk state. His Sharingan was in overdrive mode, tears of blood came rolling down his cheeks.

Then, the magatama split into two, indicating his ascension to a higher level.

Potential unlocked by external stimuli, Sharingan forcibly evolved: Sharingan Level 2 (Proficiency 0/1000): No cast time, cost 20 energy to activate, consumes 2 energy per minute, 1 magatama in the left eye, 2 magatamas in the right eye.Sharingan subskills: Eye of Insight Level 2, Eye of Hypnotism Level 2, Eye of Mimicry Level 2

"Ahhh! Die!"

Feng Yu Chen slashed his Mercury Sword enhanced with Ice energy into Hoshirou's chest.Splurt"Argh..."A freezing sensation permeated his body, the pain also staggered him. His body started slowing down as the Ice Attribute had slowing properties that can freeze and hamper movement. It can cause a general decrease in response time and speed.

Hoshirou split one of his clones into two and attacked Asuna. He wanted to use her as a diversion for a retreat.

Hoshirou did his research, he knows about Feng Yu Chen's skills. There are plenty of survivors from <<Highschool of the Dead>> and <<Guilty Crown>>, they sold information of Feng Yu Chen's skill to other Red Players.

To become the champion of both worlds, the Red Players knew Feng Yu Chen had skills to back his achievements. They didn't doubt his ability to kill when needed. Although he was a student, he had grown into a vicious man capable of killing his enemies without hesitation.

Hoshirou was confident he can take Feng Yu Chen on if he trained hard enough. Train hard enough he did, he killed monsters after monsters to gather experience and level up his stats. The System does not reward Red players with points for killing monsters, but, Cardinal System leveled them up because they are players in SAO too.

Because Red Players will be attacked when they go into towns, they were basically stuck in dangerous labyrinths where fighting monster is just part of the course. This allowed red players to grow faster than other types of players. The red players also found out that the more dangerous an area, the easier it is to learn new skills. Any red players that can survive hostile labyrinths are all seasoned killers and fighters.

It's not a question of balance or fairness. The red players were required by their hostile environments to learn and get better or die. That's why most of them had developed their own skills from multiple perilous encounters.

Given enough time, the red players made up for the early-game weakness by steadily becoming stronger as the game drags on. They had more refine skills, higher fighting capabilities, and the resolve to kill. Like creatures of war, they weeded out the weak and solidified the position of the strong.

Hoshirou isn't the strongest red player in this game. However, he did easily rank in the top 5. There are 4 other players as strong if not stronger than him. The cloaked loli from before is the current no.1. She has since improved greatly, snuffing out the lives of those unfortunate enough to encounter this small package of death. Her victims died without knowing how they expired.

The cloaked loli is also very famous among the red players. According to rumors, she has since slain at least 500 players. She also killed more than 20 blue players. She achieved all of that with only one loss suffered at Feng Yu Chen's hand.

The red players treaded between life and death in their daily battles. Meanwhile, Feng Yu Chen enjoyed his carefree life. If he continued at this rate, death would come knocking again, this time he would be caught with his pants down. Just like the creator of SAO said, "This may be a game, but don't take it lightly because there's no second chance!"Things had to change.

When Asuna got attacked, Feng Yu Chen was distracted.

Asuna didn't notice the incoming assailants, she noticed them too late as she hastily drew her rapier to block one attack. The other one...They came here by themselves, Saeko and Inori aren't with them. Cornered by multiple assailants, this was a natural outcome.

"Ugh..."The Mercury Sword flew by her ear as it pierced the chest of the red player.

"Argh..."The red player downed a potion and he backed away.

Hoshirou took the chance to run. He is not in fighting condition due to the cold energy assaulting him from within. But, that's just as well, he prepared another trap that will be the end for these two.


He snapped his finger and two red players came out of hiding. Asuna kicked one of them away while evading the attack of the other red player. Losing her balance, she fell when...CollapseThe snow near her gave way as she fell.

Feng Yu Chen grabbed the Mercury Sword and he shoved the players away, he chased after Asuna and the two fell into the hole.

"Hahaha, captain Feng, die together with your beloved princess. That cellar is a special area where you can't use teleport crystals, an environmental trap I discovered a while back. I hope you're prepared to die a slow death in there. Heck, you two can flirt since you're all gonna die from slowly having your HP sapped by the area effect inside there. Death might be slow inside, but it's certain!"

Hoshirou cackled loudly.

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