Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 121: Ice attribute

Feng Yu Chen tagged the Red player, He chased him along a wide corridor. This place was far from the Boss Room.

The male player stopped and he took out a serpentine-looking blade. A purple glow came from the cold weapon. This is a weapon forged from special materials, it's a magic sword with the ability to poison people. It can be described as the red player's trump card. He's up against Feng Yu Chen, the leader of the strongest guild known in SAO. He's confident in his ability but he's not so prideful as to let it blind his judgement.

Feng Yu Chen took out his Mercury Sword. He got into a stance, in a world where players can catch up his stat by mercilessly hunting monsters, he's not dumb enough to rely on his prior gains to look down on his opponents.

"Let me tell you my name, it's a name I am sure you will carry into the afterlife."

The Red Player raised the sword horizontally against eye-level.

"My name is Ichidan Hoshirou, I am rather famous in the circle of assassins, they call me the Snake King. By the way, Orochimaru from Naruto is my favourite idol."

Snake King, Ichidan Hoshirou?

Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips when the guy told him about how he adored Orochimaru...

"I am a mercenary in real life, although not as famous as her, I am quite confident in my abilities. I haven't fought you before, but..."

Ichidan Hoshirou disappeared. With weird footwork, the guy zipped around with an unpredictable trajectory. He swung the serpentine sword at Feng Yu Chen's neck.

Sunny day after Sword draw.

Feng Yu Chen blocked the sword with his Mercury sword but...


The serpentine sword slid down Mercury sword, stabbing Feng Yu Chen's shoulder, creating a gnarly wound.


Feng Yu Chen sucked in a cold bretah of air. Infinity Players can feel 100% pain in this world, there is no mitigation unlike for the native players. The pain almost disarmed him. Hoshirou's weird attack patterns relied on unpredictability to wound Feng Yu Chen.

"Hehehe, die, I have to say you're turning out to be a disappointment."

Like a viper, the serpentine blade came for Feng Yu Chen's eyes.

Opening Sharingan, he fought back with Mercury blade, parrying the sword away and he struck two blows, one of it connected to Hoshirou's chest while the other got dodged.


Hoshirou didn't think the guy can move so nimbly, almost out of nowhere, the guy exhibited enhanced responsiveness and agility. Not only did Feng Yu Chen evaded him, he even struck back. Was he hiding his power before?


Feng Yu Chen panted, that was precarious. This red player had immense speed and weird attack patterns that allowed Feng Yu Chen to taste Death creeping up on him. Without turning on Sharingan and using his visual powers to predict strikes, he would have been lucky if he escaped with his life just now.

Feng Yu Chen can feel a numbing sensation coming from his wounded shoulder. He reckons he won't be able to move the affected arm as freely as before. Counter-attacks will be harder from now on.

Hoshirou recognizes Feng Yu Chen's frown. He coldly jeered.

"My attacks are poisonous, once struck, you can say goodbye to that hand, I don't know how you responded so quickly just now. But, losing an arm means it will be easier for me to finish you off, even without her help!"

Feng Yu Chen said nothing. Fighting with a poisoned state is tantamount to suicide.

The player base this time turned out to be more skillful than the last batch. Did the System intervene because he had an easy time with previous world? The cloaked loli, this Snake King Hoshirou ugy, they are all dangerous individuals with real-life training. In a way, they leveraged their strengths by choosing to become Red Players.

In any case, he needs to figure out how to beat Hoshirou. Asuna is not strong enough to fight Hoshirou. If he played his cards wrong, they will both die here...

Feng Yu Chen recalled his other ability. An ability he got indirectly after obtaining Mercury Sword. He attained the title of [Boss Ruler] from killing 30 floor bosses.

[Boss Ruler]: Strength +20, +50% damage against elite and boss-type monsters.

The +20 strength granted him Lower Silver tier because he hit 127 points in Strength. This came with a tier perk.

Tier perk: Attribute energy, choose an element from Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Light, and Darkness. Grants ability to use that attribute.

Feng Yu Chen chose Ice and so he can use Ice attribute attacks.

He haven't tested it out. At this point, it's now or never, plus, he doesn't have a lot of choices at the moment.

Feng Yu Chen closed his eyes, he willed his body to use Healing on itself. The wound slowly recovered from the tier perk of the Mid Bronze tier, an active skill that can heal the user's body by consuming energy. Then, he unleashed his Attribute energy, a cold flow of air surged outwards from him.

Feng Yu Chen's change could be visibly seen. For one, his wound recovered without him drinking any potion. Ichidan Hoshirou had not reached middle-bronze tier yet. Hence, he doesn't know about tier perks such as Healing and Attribute Energy.

Hoshirou isn't too shocked though. He hypothesized that Feng Yu Chen can't keep this up for long. There has to be a limit, for now, he raised his guard.

Then, the air turned cold, making Hoshirou wonder if his senses are fooling him.

Due to this anomalous scene, Hoshirou was briefly confused.

With Hoshirou temporarily dazed, Feng Yu Chen started attacking. He's burning through his energy healing himself and using Ice Attribute. Sharingan also actively consumed energy on activation.  It won't be long before he runs out of energy...

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