Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 119: Red Guild

Feng Yu Chen assured the players.

“Don’t worry, if that killer NPC comes again, I will kill it again. Be at ease, I will discuss with the clearers how to proceed from this point. Rest up, you’re gonna need the energy.”

“Really? Okay, we are counting on you, Captain Feng…”

“Yeah, you’re the strongest player, if you can’t handle it then we don’t stand a chance at all…”

“Yeah, only you can defeat her…”


The players started praising Feng Yu Chen in the hopes that he will continue to cover for them.

Protect them, he has no time to waste on that.

“Raise your levels, that’s the only way to increase your survival chance in an encounter with her. If you are all sufficiently leveled, you guys can band together to defeat her. That’s why, work harder, grind harder, that’s what you guys can do for now.”

Feng Yu Chen could care less if the SAO players die. His motivation to kill the red players lies in his own desire to help himself. From the moment this game started, it was always the blue players against the red players.


Some SAO players chose to fight. Indeed, if they had higher levels, the killer NPC would have a harder time killing them. Yet, a few of the players chose to rely on others to do the job for them. They wanted Feng Yu Chen to bring them peace of mind.

Feng Yu Chen shook his head when he saw their hopeful looks.

Get real, he had no spare time nor energy to look after them. Of course, Feng Yu Chen didn’t voice his thoughts. The Wings of Freedom is held in high regard by the players. Plus, it would hurt Asuna’s feeling if he ditched the players so he has to act the part.

“What do we do?”

Asuna asked Feng Yu Chen.

“She’s good. Her invisibility is also a very troubling skill. By the way, you never told me you can use invisibility too, and from the looks of it, you’re even better than that killer. Why didn’t you use it before?”

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“I admit she’s capable but I am not going to lick my own wound. Next time, we will take her down for good. Let us go, we need to talk with the clearers. We need to put more eyes on the other floors, at this rate, more killer NPCs will pop up, we don’t want that to happen.”


Asuna agreed with him. For now, patrols are definitely going to be a thing. They need to put players on guard in all the major towns, clean compromised towns, and prevent the entry of anymore killer NPCs.

“I want to eat the fruit salad…”

Haruna immediately harassed Feng Yu Chen when she saw the assassin’s departure.

“Okay, but we have to finish our meeting first. The meal can wait…”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“Oh~ Yeah~”

Haruna jumped in joy, she rubbed her belly with drool coming down the sides of her mouth. She went into her own imaginary world filled with delicious food.

Half a year later, although the killer NPC is still a thing. News of it slowly died down. Quite a few red players got slain after being exposed. Not all of them had skills on par with the cloaked loli, after all.

When news hit that an SAO player killed a red player, the other native players started feeling gutsier. They found out that the killer NPCs had different strengths. Although some native players got killed in the ensuing manhunts, they weren’t afraid, they treated this as just par of the course in this world of death. Dying to monsters in the field is just the same as dying to killer NPCs, the location differed but the result is the same.

Some native players bragged about how they survived hostile encounters with red players.

For now, it seems as though the killer NPCs are more or less at the end of the line.

In the dark, the players with warped personalities started talking about establishing a red guild, a guild composed of Player killers (PKers).

In SAO, a player can be differentiated by the color of their indicators. Green denotes a player with normal behavior. Orange indicates a player who stole, robbed, harmed, or killed a player. A guild composed of such individuals would be termed an Orange Guild.

There are also players who get pleasure by killing players. They are still orange in color but the players dubbed them red players due to their propensity for killing. A red guild is also a guild composed of serial killers.

This wasn’t playing according to the original storyline. The appearance of Killer NPCs must have flipped a switch in the minds of disturbed players.

Worse yet, the Red players started banding together to establish the guild known as the Grim Reaper’s Guild. They make the red guilds look soft with the atrocities they committed. They seemed to be focused only on killing as many players as possible. Some lower floor cities and villages were attacked with all the players in it killed. They were truly the scum of the earth.

Feng Yu Chen led his guild and the Clearers to defeat quite a few Grim Reaper Guild outposts and red guilds. After that, they lowered their profiles, feigning inactiveness. They started operating on a more low-key level, lest they draw the attention of green players. Like an emissary of lethal vengeance, Feng Yu Chen combed major cities for any and all hostile players, putting them to eternal rest when he found them. Orange and red players alike were afraid of entering the town, they stayed in dungeon areas for dozens of days at a time.

After 6 months, Feng Yu Chen and his cohorts broke past the 35th Floor. Feng Yu Chen recalls that in the original work, Kirito got a Divine Stone of Returning Soul. But, the item had to be used within 10 seconds of a player’s death to revive a player. Alas, it was useless as his friend had met her demise long before the 10 seconds rule.

The Christmas event is fast approaching, Feng Yu Chen wanted to take the event boss on.

Today, Feng Yu Chen & co found the labyrinth of the 35th floor. They started conducting investigative expeditions into the dungeon. However, they found other players in the labyrinth aside from them.

“In front, a few of my comrades are waiting for you. We can’t confirm for sure so it’s better if Captain Feng verifies it.”

A male player who found the labyrinth said with deference.

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“If so, the Wings of Freedom will reward you with Cors and equipment.”

“No, that wouldn’t be right. You’re leading the clearers towards a goal greater than yourself, you’re the hope of this world. One day, I am sure you will beat this game and bring everyone out. Forget money and equipment, we can earn those ourselves…”

The male player smiled, his thoughts wandering to other topics...

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