Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 118: The resurrection of the red player


The cloaked assassin's mistake brought a cold smile to Feng Yu Chen's face.

5 seconds, huh?

The assassin is woefully inadequate when compared to his invisibility duration of 1 minute.

Feng Yu Chen slipped behind the assassin and he placed his blade against her throat.

The cloaked assassin unleashed a stab towards her back only to hit the air.


With her assassin instincts, she sensed danger approaching behind her so she reacted in kind. But, she didn't hit anything, where is Feng Yu Chen? She trusted her instincts so how does she explain how her attack missed?

"Have you figured it out, yet? even if you can sense me, my ability is one such that I am intangible until I attack. I can hit you but you cannot do the same, is that clear?"

Feng Yu Chen spoke with indifference.

The assassin started getting anxious. Her invisibility only hid her from view, she can still be attacked when invisible. Meanwhile, Feng Yu Chen's invisibility is more like a phasing cloak, he can't be attacked even if he can be tracked.

"What's the matter? Are you afraid?"

Feng Yu Chen laughed, mocking her.

The assassin is terrified. However, her training reminded her to keep calm. There is always a way out, she just needs to find the chink in his armor.

Even so, she has to start from Feng Yu Chen's weakness, without a further understanding of his ability, she couldn't start her counter-attack.

The assassin isn't defeated yet, she can still retreat if she senses an attack coming. However, this comes at a great expenditure of mental energy. If she used her instincts too much, her senses would dull and it would hard to dodge the incoming attacks.

Feng Yu Chen hacked at the cloaked assassin. To his surprise, the assassin managed to dodge at the last second, like an agile cat, she got out of harm's way...

Feng Yu Chen noticed the assassin is getting out of breath. Her agility also dropped as the fight dragged on. Looks like she’s running out of gas.

Indeed, the next time he attacked, he managed to stab his sword into the assassin…


With a moan and a scattering of dark-red crystals, the cloaked assassin’s HP fell to 0. Feng Yu Chen pierced her heart with his sword.


Feng Yu Chen pulled out his sword. With this attack, he came out of his invisibility.


The assassin fell lifelessly to the floor. Her appearance can now be seen under broad daylight. She was a young girl with black hair and blue eyes. She looked rather cute as all her facial features were exquisite. Her ears are a bit pointy, reminiscent of an elf’s.

Argh, why did it have to a cute loli?

Feng Yu Chen felt a bit bad for cutting down a loli…

“I see, if your attack connects, your invisibility will be dispelled, huh? I remember you, just you wait, I am coming back to kill you!”

The little kitty growled at him, however, Feng Yu Chen isn’t even mad, he thought he looked cute when she’s angry.

“Yeah! The PK NPC is dead…”

“Captain Feng Yu Chen is so awesome!”

“As expected of the guild master of the strongest guild!”

“With Captain Feng Yu Chen here, it won’t be long before we kill all the killer NPCs…”


The players here were relieved that one of the killer NPCs got killed. This should take some weight off their backs, what a great thing.

At least, they were relieved until…

A white light covered the dead loli, reviving her to full health!


The players were gasping in befuddlement.

Revival? In this game? This is just too unfair, right?

Feng Yu Chen was baffled for a second. While blue players have only 1 life, red players are afforded 3 lives, if they die, they can revive. Presumably, the loli in a cloak had two more lives to spare.

The cloaked loli slapped the ground and she flipped in the air, landing on her feet. Then, she dashed towards the teleportation gate. She understands that she isn’t Feng Yu Chen’s opponent for now. She needs to train her invisibility to a higher level and come back for a rematch. She’s sure she can come up with a way to counter Feng Yu Chen with the information he got from Feng Yu Chen. For example, she knows that Feng Yu Chen’s attack will reveal him, his invisibility will be dispelled if his attack connects…

Swish Swish

Two daggers were fired at the cloaked loli by Inori.

“Hmph, petty tricks, you need to improve your throwing skills…”

She deflected the daggers easily while running.

“Where are you looking at?...”

Asuna unleashed sword skills on the retreating girl.

“I already noticed you…”

Asuna charged past the assassin because the assassin jumped at the last moment. A second too late and the assassin would have been struck in the chest.


Asuna gasped. She’s confident in her activation speed, how did the loli dodge her attack?

After years of doing wetwork in the underworld, she’s very adept and she knows how to move her body. Plus, she’s tiny so it isn’t easy to hit her in the first place. Her reaction time also made the task of hitting her incredibly arduous.

The loli approached the teleport gate. The next instant, she disappeared in a flash of light, she had teleported away.


The players around them realized that if she got away, she can come back at a later time. Wouldn’t that just put them in this whole mess once more? What do they do?

Inori and Asuna pouted apologetically as they returned to Feng Yu Chen’s side. Clearly, they were blaming themselves for letting the enemy escape.

“Don’t be too hard on yourselves. The enemy this time is just a bit stronger than you two, that’s all. Go back home, we have more research to do. For one, we need to find out where she teleported to. Man, I screwed up for not accounting for the red players’ multiple lives…”

Feng Yu Chen patted Asuna and Inori on the shoulder. This event isn’t over yet, the loli also swore to get her vengeance, he’s definitely on her hit list now.

Without a doubt, she’s a capable foe. Although she died once, she had intel on Feng Yu Chen’s invisibility. That will be factored into her plans the next time she comes for Feng Yu Chen.

She’s like a captured tiger who escaped back into the mountains, I can’t imagine the headache she will bring in the future…

Feng Yu Chen renewed his resolve to become stronger. He has to grow so strong that the killer loli won’t be able to harm him. It wouldn’t be funny if he got sent to Hades by a kid.

“Captain Feng, will that killer NPC return?”

“Captain Feng, what’s your next move?”

“Captain Feng, tell us you’re going to chase that killer NPC down…”


The SAO players started shooting him with questions. They wanted to leverage Feng Yu Chen’s power to finish the killer loli for good. If not, their survival would be hanging on a loose thread...

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