Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 116: Black cloak

After teaching Asuna and Inori, he looked at his own salad sauce only turn speechless when he saw a bowl that was licked clean by Haruna who isn't hiding the fact that she did this atrocious act, rubbing her belly like a satisfied crocodile after a meal.


Feng Yu Chen wasn't sure what to say. Bringing this girl into the kitchen was a big mistake, discounting the fact that she ate his salad sauce, now, he has to make another bowl. Also, he would look rather petty if he went rough on her just because she ate all his salad sauce. What about the salad sauce he painstakingly made...


Asuna laughed while Inori giggled. The scene looked wholesome and it felt like they were family members who got along well.

Chirp chirp...

A few birds came flying in from the window. They landed on Haruna's shoulder while chirping.

Suzumiya Haruna nodded after listening to the birds.

"Found the killer, the perpetrator is making his way towards the teleport gate on this floor, it looks like he killed more players..."

"The teleport gate!"

Feng Yu Chen realized they made a big mistake by overlooking the teleport gate. They can lock the city down but the killer can make his escape by teleporting to the other floors. They would need to rally more factions if they wanted to catch the killer.

More importantly, the strongest players are mostly operating on the fifth floor. If a red player went towards the lower floors with weaker players...

"Let's go, we can make salad sauce another day, time to work..."

Feng Yu Chen took off his apron and he changed into his battle cloak.


Asuna and Inori nodded. They also knew how important it was to catch the killer. A moment wasted here might result in the deaths of more players. The killer is apparently on a killing spree.

Haruna felt a bit saddened that her sampling session got ended. However, after seeing Feng Yu Chen's serious look, she reckoned it's best to hold her grievances for now. When he's so serious, he won't allow anyone to stop him from doing what he wants to do. He's scarily serious when he's in work mode, this is in stark contrast to his homely domestic husband feel when he's with the girls.

When Feng Yu Chen & co arrived at the teleport gate, the killer hadn't escaped yet. Faced with multiple SAO players who looked scared, the other blue Infinity players also kept a safe distance between themselves and the killer. It's like they were spooked by something they saw a while ago.

"Captain Feng..."

"Captian Feng is here..."

"Guildmaster of the Wings of Freedom!"

"Captain Feng, that murderer killed a bunch of players..."

"Captain Feng, please avenge the fallen players..."


Feng Yu Chen felt a bit elated with the response. It's clear the players all recognized the Wings of Freedom as the strongest guild in game. He's also taken as someone who is strong if not the strongest in this game. If it's him, he should be able to handle the murderer.

The players in town already heard about a player-killing NPC. They found the killer NPC but they weren't capable enough to take it down.

"Please stand back, I will take it from here..."

Feng Yu Chen nodded with a esrious look. Then, he pounced on the murderer near the teleport gate.

Asuna and Inori also started running, they secured the teleport gate to cut off the enemy's escape route.

The player in black cloak wasn't fazed by Asuna and Inori's actions. The killer wasn't bothered that the players surrounded him.

"The Captain from the Wings of Freedom?"

A soft voice came from the figure in black cloak. The voice was feminine, she sounded calm, she didn't sound angry or disturbed.

Feng Yu Chen can feel malicious vibes coming from the woman. Feng Yu Chen realized this was the same energy he released when he's about to start crossing out his to-kill list. Normally, he hid this aura so the others around him wouldn't pick it up.

The figure in black cloak released this aura constantly.

Furthermore, the killer stood there but her presence was faint, it's like she's a phantom in broad daylight, without focusing, it's hard to notice her.

Feng Yu Chen naturally assumed that this killer had the skills to back her composed attitude. She stood here because she wanted to tell the other players that they couldn't stop her killing spree.

"Yes, I am the guild master of the Wings of Freedom, what about it?"

Feng Yu Chen materialized the Xuan Yuan sword and he got into a stance. He instinctively knew this fight is going to be an intense one.

"Wings of Freedom, huh? Good name, but, too idealistic. Why do you have to stick your nose in other people's business? Allow me to rip off your wings of freedom, I hope you have resolved yourself. Only one of us will come out of this alive, try not to lose too soon."

The figure in black cloak said with a nonchalant tone, yet, her killing intention made the other stay on their guards.

The figure in black disappeared and she immediately appeared behind Feng Yu Chen. She whipped out two daggers that went for Feng Yu Chen's heart and neck.

She's quick...

Feng Yu Chen activated Sharingan the moment the killer in black cloak disappeared. He caught her trail and he predicted her moves, he dodged while he jabbing the figure in black cloak.


The murderer sounds like she's surprised. Everyone she used this move on died, only Feng Yu Chen reacted quickly enough to avoid getting hit.

This skill was a self-made skill independent from the SAO system, she made this with the permission of the Infinity System. She devoted herself to making skills that were specialized for assassination.

She came from a real world mercenary company with background in the Special Operations, wet works are her bread and butter. Underneath the bright world lies a cold and dark counterpart that normal humans usually don't see or don't live to tell the tale. She's the type of person you call to delete someone from the real world. Her original skills weren't as adept as now. She's just good with her speed and techniques. Limited by physics, there were ideas she can only imagine but never use. Now, with the help of the System, she managed to bring some of her ideas to life in this virtual world...

Using one month, the killer came up with skills she synthesized from her past experience working as a cleaner, she came up with insane assassination skills in a virtual world where the rules were bent in her favor.

The figure in black cloak is just as disturbed as her skills suggested. She relished in the feeling of ending someone's life. The more she killed, the better she felt. But, in reality, she couldn't go around on killing sprees. She had to rein in herself or risk having the authorities bearing down on her. This world was different, she's free to kill as many people as she pleased.

After getting used to her assassination skills, she started killing. To add to the thrill, she feigned weakness to slip into an adventurer group.  Then, she made the girl watch as she started killing the players in that squad. Her acting skills were so good that despite the allegations the witness female player laid against her, nobody believed her. She also used her cute appearance to gain people's trust. At last, that look on the girl's face when she's the last one alive, the bliss she got from that...

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