Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 115: The embrace of Salad Sauce

After buying fruits from the fruit stall, Feng Yu Chen, Inori, Asuna, and Haruna returned to their cramped room. They borrowed the hotel's kitchen and they started making fruit salad.

"Come, teach me how to make the salad..."

Asuna said with energetic eyes. After Feng Yu Chen invited her into the guild, she ate Feng Yu Chen's hot and numbing curry. That sparked her intense interest in raising her culinary skills. It's because she delved deep into the art of good food that she forgot what being lonely was like. She also forgot about the tension of fighting on the frontlines. Making good food became central to her life in this game.

"I want to learn too..."

Haruna raised her arm with excitement while Inori nodded.

Feng Yu Chen took out four big bowls.

"Okay, first, you all need to learn how to make proper salad dressing. You can't make good fruit salad without nailing the salad sauce right. Make the proper dressing and you can't go too wrong with a fruit salad."


The three girls nodded.

Feng Yu Chen passed the bowls around and he took out a mixer, giving them a demonstration.

First, you break some eggs. After breaking over a dozen eggs, Feng Yu Chen used a spoon to separate the egg yolks from the albumen. He poured the yolks into one of the bowls. Then, he mixed soy sauce and vegetable oil into the bowl, blending them with his mixer.

"The dressing is made with yolks and oil, when you mix them, be sure to sprinkle salt and sugar into the mixture. The amount of sugar you put in should be more than the salt portion. If you use too much sugar, you're going to snuff out the flavor of the fruit, at that point, you're not making fruit salad anymore. Finally, you put your preferred combination of spices into the mix and voilà, you have made the dressing..."

Feng Yu Chen explained while he cooked up a storm.

Asuna listened intently. Inori also paid close attention to Feng Yu Chen. In the end, Inori decided Feng Yu Chen could cook better so it's better if she lets him do his thing. Meanwhile, Haruna had no comments, she was preoccupied with stealing a taste from the newly made dressing.

Like a thief, she got her hands on some salad dressing and she placed the ill-gotten gain in her mouth for a quick taste. Then, her eyes brightened up with stars inside her eyes. She looked at the salad dressing while drooling like a slob. Yeah, she's a slobbering slob.

"Nope. You can't have any. Also, did you forget you're here to study how to make the dressing yourself?..."

Feng Yu Chen slapped Haruna's hand away. Seriously, he should have known this girl just wanted to dip her fingers in some salad dressing. If he didn't stop her, she would probably finish the salad dressing by herself.

"You can make one more bowl, just give me this bowl, it's tasty..."

Haruna pleaded with him, inching her fingers ever closer to the salad dressing bowl...


Feng Yu Chen gave her a hard knock on the head.

"No means no, make it yourself. Look at Asuna, she's already starting..."

Asuna is an obedient girl, she already started making her own dressing.

"Uuu, you're bullying me again, I am going to hog Inori-nee to myself again, you can forget about sleeping with her..."

Haruna threatened him.

This girl...

Feng Yu Chen and Inori blushed at the same time. The two of them already consummated their marriage back in Guilty Crown. They momentarily became one when Guilty Crown got freed. They are technically husband and wives since their souls merged for a while in Guilty Crown. Although they didn't get to the hanky panky in this world, they managed to cuddle while sleeping and they held hands when they went on dates. But, they never got to the fourth base.

Haruna and the others never stopped teasing Feng Yu Chen for this. The number of times he got to cuddle with Inori decreased steadily at the hands of the villain known as Haruna. She complained about sleeping with Inori, prying her away from Feng Yu Chen. Dang, what did he do to deserve this?...

Asuna also didn't understand the relationship between Feng Yu Chen and Inori. Lovers should have no problem hugging each other, right? She didn't see them hugging often. As for Inori, Asuna admits she couldn't get a reading on her because Inori is a taciturn person. Unlike Haruna who was easier to get along with, however, Asuna did hear Inori singing a few times and she's got to say Inori can sing like an angel.

"Erm, Feng Yu, can you teach me how to use this mixer, I can't get a proper grip on it."

Asuna asked Feng Yu Chen for help. She was a beginner so she needed some help with this.

"Look, you gotta do it like this..."

Feng Yu Chen lowered the mixer in his hand. He guided her by placing his hand on hers. It looked like Feng Yu Chen was hugging Asuna. He taught Asuna with a serious look on his face.

Asuna felt a bit flustered. She wasn't brave enough to look at Feng Yu Chen with her blushing face. She listened to his warm and soothing voice. She felt happy for some reason, this is probably her happiest day since getting sealed in this game.

An unknown feeling rose up within her. The person herself failed to notice this abnormal fluctuation in her emotions. This feeling slowly started to take root inside her heart.

Inori saw Feng Yu Chen hugging Asuna and she felt a bit hurt that the two had their warm moment. She wanted Feng Yu Chen to hug her, although they weren't any binding agreement between Feng Yu Chen and her. Saeko's relationship with Feng Yu Chen is also up in the air. She didn't care about his relationship with the other girls, she just wanted Feng Yu Chen to protect her more. She had no loved ones she can call family other than Feng Yu Chen.

"Yu Chen, I need help with the blending part too..."

Inori chose to compete with Asuna. She wanted to be No.1. She instinctively knew some things had to be fought for. It wasn't too much for Asuna to ask Feng Yu Chen how to make fruit salad dressing. The two of them aren't even doing anything sneaky. Plus, Inori isn't a girl who cared about small things like this. Thus, she only needed to compete on level ground with Asuna, she can ask for Feng Yu Chen's help too...

Feng Yu Chen started teaching Inori like what he did with Asuna.

Inori can feel Feng Yu Chen's firm chest pressing up against her back. She felt very safe inside his arms. She went as red as a tomato. The feeling of being hugged by the other half, that is truly a sweet feeling that gave her all the happiness in the world.

Asuna felt a bit sad all of a sudden. Her warmth disappeared, leaving a void in her heart. She felt a bit envious when she saw Inori's happy look. She didn't understand why she felt like this. She also didn't know how this seed got into her heart. She only knew about this when the feeling popped up.

At the start, she didn't have any intention of competing with Inori. She only felt goodwill towards Feng Yu Chen, she wasn't in love, yet.

While Inori, Asuna, and Feng Yu Chen were busy with their own thoughts and actions. Haruna is the winner who got away with the salad dressing Feng Yu Chen made. She quickly drowned herself in that sweet delicious loot. For her, eating is the most important thing in the world!

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