Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 111: The midnight shriek

"Ugh, this is too bitter, I don't think it's suitable as a condiment..."

"Yeap, this one isn't it either..."

"Yes, this is the one. It has a unique fragrance to it, and it tastes good, kinda like coriander..."


Asuna showed Feng Yu Chen a weird-looking herb.

"Let me see, ah, yes, this will go perfectly if stirred into a soup. No, I am sure of that."

Feng Yu Chen placed the herb into his mouth, he gave his thought on the herb after tasting it. The taste is still lingering within his mouth.

"Well? How about it?"

Asuna asked with an excited look.

Feng Yu Chen nodded and he gave her the v-sign.

"OK, mission accomplished, let's go home for dinner..."


Asuna nodded her head energetically.

After a month, Asuna is now officially a member of the Wings of Freedom. She also got hooked on cooking. She would spend her spare time after fighting monsters with Feng Yu Chen, looking for herbs and condiments that can expand the range of food she can cook. Pepper, Sichuan pepper, dried ginger, curry powder, tangerine peel, peppermint, and others. With coriander added to their selection, the soup they make are going to taste out of this world.

Feng Yu Chen and the others also got used to living in this room. They already planned all sort of stuff like where they should stay, what dishes they should make, clothes, benefits, and various other sundry matters.

Asuna also smiled more often than before she joined. She's not that desperate to clear this world or avoid reality.

"Uu, I am so tired. Look at you two, chilling over in your own little corner..."

"Yeah, what's up with making us go into the labyrinth while you two flirt up a storm over here, I am so envious..."

"Nn, see, you got Inori-chan grumbling..."

"What's the phrase for this again?"

"Ditching the old for the new..."


Inori and the others returned. They were tasked by Feng Yu Chen to scout out the Boss room of the 5th-floor.

"You girls are overreacting. We are just looking for food materials. Haruna, you better put a sock in it, you're the last person I want to hear it from. You tagged along with me before but you complained incessantly about how boring and tiring it is, didn't you?"

Feng Yu Chen felt speechless when he saw Haruna's wronged look. She's talking like he's a playboy.

Inori's eyes flashed with the color of jealousy.

Feng Yu Chen felt a bit helpless. He's just looking for food materials, what's with all the hate he's getting?

"Okay, next time, we can go foraging together..."

Feng Yu Chen said. Looking for materials is a tough job. For one, these herbs didn't grow everywhere. Information was also lacking, considering it's still early-game at this point in time. This means they have to search a huge area, often times, combing through an area to the next.

"Not it. That sounds absolutely tiring..."

Zi Yue Ling waved her hand. She's not interested although she can cook. She preferred cooking over looking everywhere for food materials. That's not her style.

"I am not brave enough to say I am interested, I just want my food tasting good and that's it..."

Zi Yue Ling said.

"Yeah, I am opting out too..."

Haruna said. This girl is lazy, eating is her only talent.


Inori nodded to express her intent to join.

Finally, they came to an agreement with Asuna and Inori following Feng Yu Chen to look for food materials.

"Alright, now that we have got that settled. Asuna, Inori, and I will be in charge of procuring food materials and condiments. Alright, what about the Boss room, did you guys find it in the labyrinth?"

Feng Yu Chen said.

"We located it. It is situated behind the minotaur area,  we can raid it tomorrow. We should be able to clear it and climb to the 6th-floor..."

Zi Yue Ling reported and she plotted the boss room out on Feng Yu Chen's map.

"Good, we rest tonight. Get the raid members ready for the raid. If they aren't up to it, we can do it. They are just there to smoothen the process."

Feng Yu Chen gave his order.


The others nodded and they returned to town with their teleport crystals.

After the dinner, Feng Yu Chen and the others who were about to rest their heads stirred back into consciousness when a shriek greeted them.



"Don't kill me..."

Crack Boom


The sound came from the area next to their residence. Feng Yu Chen and the others were now fully awake.

"What's going on?"

"It's so late in the night..."

"Uuuu, I want to sleep..."


Zi Yue Ling and the others came out of their rooms in a hurry. They looked disheveled. Heck, Haruna looked so messy her negligee was dropping down on one side, revealing one of her cute jugs. It's not too full in volume but it looked like it would feel like heaven to give them a good rub. Feng Yu Chen's eyes immediately stayed fix on it.

"You, seriously, look after your appearance will ya? There should be a limit to how ditzy you can get."

Zi Yue Ling helped Haruna with her sleepwear. She also rolled her eyes at Feng Yu Chen. That pervert definitely had a field day sneaking glances.

"I want to sleep, uwu. What's going on? We are safe inside towns, right? Who is screaming?"

Feng Yu Chen made his brain go over the possibilities. It's still early into this game, red players were, by and large, operating on the down-low for now. This smells like the work of red players.

There is only one way to kill someone inside towns, through selecting the deathmatch PK where the Zone will be lifted. But, anyone conscious would be able to click reject if they don't want to die. Sleep PK is another way to do this. By manipulating a sleeping player's hand, a malicious player can click accept for the sleeping player, then, they can kill the player off in their sleep, accomplishing the task of killing inside a safezone.

The original work talked about this. Infinity players who watched the show must have utilized this loophole in the game's design to start killing people.

Besides Sleep PK, Infinity players can kill players inside the safezone. They were the ultimate bugs. The Infinite System probably made it this way so the red players can have an easier time killing people. Feng Yu Chen wasn't aware at first. When Haruna jabbed him with a knife out of a small mishap, he observed this feature. Infinity players can hurt other players inside this game. To see if it works on the natives here, Feng Yu Chen "accidentally" cut Asuna's finger when they were making dinner together. Asuna's HP decreased ever so slightly. Infinity players can kill other Infinity players and the native players. In other words, the Zone cannot stop Infinity players.

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