Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 109: Asuna's battle

Another day was spent on grinding, Feng Yu Chen & co dragged their tired bodies back from the wilderness as they travelled back to the town. After arriving at the plains, they stopped.


A lithe figure dodged the attacks from the Plain Wolves in a very agile manner. It can be discerned from the player's hectic breathing that she has been engaged in this fight for quite some time. Despite almost depleting her stamina, the nimble player continued dishing out attacks while keeping out of harm's way. Taking a gap in the monsters' defenses, the player glowed with the System skill light effect and she stabbed the wolf in the head. The next second...


The monster exploded into data polygons. With one wolf down...

The remaining four are still around to leer at her!

Cornered by four wolves, the female player didn't panic. Because she covered her visage with a hood, they couldn't get a good look at her face.

"Should we help her?"

Saeko asked.

Feng Yu Chen waved at her, gesturing for her to stand down.

"I think she's got this under control. However, I reckon more wolves are going to swarm here if she doesn't wrap this up soon. That's the thing about the wolves here, they can call for more allies. Let's wait and see..."

This girl can handle herself in a fight. Her accuracy and her ability to strike an opponent's weakness helped greatly in this fight. She's also very proficient with her sword skills. Looks like she has been training hard.

Howl howl howl

The wolves growled and they attacked the female player at the same time. Two wolves attacked her from the front while the other two flanked her sides. This attack was enough to completely seal off the girl's escape routes.

Without waiting for the wolves to surround her, the girl got into another stance as an emerald-green sheen covered her sword. She shot forward like a green meteor.

The two wolves had grim grins on their faces. It's like they were expecting this as they dodged to the side. The pincer attack was a ruse to lure the girl into attacking.

The female player panicked under her hood. Driven by her skill, she couldn't stop even if she wanted to.


A wolf swiped at her and shredded her hood.

Clothes have durability in this game, when the durability is depleted, the equipment will destroy.

When her hood got shredded, her chestnut-colored hair fluttered in the wind. Her exquisite countenance was also revealed along with her tunic.

Isn't that Asuna?

Feng Yu Chen was surprised. It's the main female lead of the Sword Art Online. Who else would dive into a dangerous area to solo grind?

Feng Yu Chen took out his Xuan Yuan Sword and he flew out with a quick skill release.


The sword danced with a blue glow before it swiftly buried itself inside the Plain Wolf's heart. Red strips of crystals flew out. The wolf howled in anguish.

The wolf collapsed, although it's not dead, it's in a weakened state.

The moment Feng Yu Chen entered, he attracted all three wolves' aggro. They turned towards him because he was the biggest threat. They also pegged him as someone held back by Post-Motion, like Asuna.

Feng Yu Chen didn't stop, he used a multiple-hit sword skill and so...

Swinging his Xuan Yuan Sword from left to right, he tore open another wolf's thoraic cavity. Then, he spun around to give the cheeky wolf behind him a huge wound along its flank.

Howl howl whimper...

The wolves were sent flying away with pained howls. One of the wolves shattered into data polygons.

The final wolf pounced on Feng Yu Chen thinking it has got Feng Yu Chen on the ropes when...

Feng Yu Chen's sword sped up, driven by a mysterious force that pierced the final wolf in its heart, a critical hit spot.

Vertical square!

A square shaped ripple of sword beams were emitted with Feng Yu Chen as the center. It's one of the sword skills he learned from the game's system. It's a rather high-level sword skill for the current stage of the game. Give credit where credit is due, the Cardinal System also has some pretty good sword skills.

He took down four wolves with four simple yet elegant attacks...


Dozens of wolves were on their way.


Feng Yu Chen grabbed Asuna and he ran with her.

"As long as we run out of their turf, we should be okay. It won't be as easy during the night so we have to do it while we still can..."


She gasped when Feng Yu Chen grabbed her hand. She wanted to thank him for saving her from a pinch but the guy grabbed her hand out of nowhere and they started running before she knew what was happening. She had to save her thanks for later.

Feng Yu Chen brought Asuna out of the wolves' territory. Soon, they were drawing closer to the village with Saeko and the others following closely behind.

"Do you want to rest here? I remember there's a pastry here that, when combined with the secret sauce I made out of wild materials tasted divine. At least, I am sure Inori-chan liked it when I gave it to her last time..."

Feng Yu Chen stopped. He started talking to Asuna like they were already friends.

"Oh, yeah, sure..."

Asuna slowly calmed her shocked mind. Feng Yu Chen's warm smile melted her cold atittude. Her tired self also dissipated along with the friendly gesture from Feng Yu Chen. However, she couldn't hold herself back from asking a question.

"Erm, wh-why did you help me just now?"

Asuna asked after perking herself up.

Feng Yu Chen pressed down on her head as he chortled.

"Hey, you participated actively in the first floor boss raid, of course, I remember you. Plus, I can't just sit idly by when a damsel's in distress, right? Don't sweat the small stuff, come, I am sure there's a small village near ehre..."

"Nn, okay..."

Asuna was taken aback. he didn't think Feng Yu Chen would remember her. They didn't exchange a lot of words the last time they fought the floor boss together. Or is it because Feng Yu Chen is the type of person who remembered people rather easily.

"Phew, you two sure can run, a wolf almost chomped my meaty bits..."

Haruna complained while wheezing with her hands on her knees. She's rather ditzy so she lagged behind the gang when they were running. If Saeko didn't help her when a pack of wolves caught up with her, well...

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