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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 106: Limbo Sword Skill Part 2

After evading an attack from one of the wolves, Feng Yu Chen got into a stance with his Xuan Yuan sword. A green sheen covered his sword and he fired off an attack with the cold hard blade in his hands.

Growl awoo...

Feng Yu Chen moved with the eyes of a vain hunter. His Xuan Yuan sword danced through the air like a dainty butterfly, leaving sword images wherever he went. His slow-moving body formed a contrast with his agile swordplay. He blended his physical movement and sword brandish into a fantastic series of moveset.

It felt disharmonious but he made it look natural.

Dance of the flowing cloud

Feng Yu Chen carved a beautiful crescent sword beam as he swung his swords at the incoming wolves.


The two wolves disintegrated into data crystals when they were met with the fatal attack.

Simple, short, and clean. Deaths in this world left no corpses. It's a poignant void.


The remaining three wolves felt threatened by Feng Yu Chen. It wasn't immediately clear whether the wolves were howling in anger or terror. The next second, they charged at Feng Yu Chen with glowing lights on their fur.

Triple star jabs

Feng Yu Chen focused as he pointed his hilt at his heart, like a dragon god who burst out of the calm sea, he jabbed three times in an instant. His expression remained calm throughout this attack, he relaxed his breathing as...


The three wolves burst into a rain of data fragments.

The wolves didn't even get close enough to deal any real harm to him.

In just a little bit over 10 seconds, he settled the five wolves without getting a scratch. His stamina is also not depleted by an iota.

The spectators were shocked as their jaws dropped to the floor.

What is up with that power?

He took down the wolves, a herd of monsters that posed serious danger to even players traveling in a group, with the ease of someone walking in the park.

That exotic movement and sword skill. Players are familiar with Post-motion, a brief period of time where a player is locked in place after executing a skill. Only after post-motion can the player release another skill. But, Feng Yu Chen clearly didn't stop for the wolves. He unleashed two skills almost in sync with each other with no interruptions in between. Does that mean Feng Yu Chen can pull off sword skills after sword skills without being restricted by the system?

Even if someone can max their sword skills, it's still not possible to by-pass the post-motion. Feng Yu Chen also looked like he was holding back. He looked like he grew stronger the longer the fight dragged on.

His display told everyone that there are geniuses in this world. Some leverage their talents to display great power while others are fated to be nobodies.

"Alright, let's continue..."

Feng Yu Chen told everyone as he led them into another pack of wolves. This time, Feng Yu Chen dispatched the wolves in a speedier fashion.

"So strong..."

The players started admiring Feng Yu Chen. Is this his limit? Evidently not. He still had more trump cards up his sleeve.

Feng Yu Chen's strength assured everyone that they can defeat the floor boss.

Kirito observed Feng Yu Chen's fight. He came to the conclusion that elite isn't an accurate description for him. No elite can pull-off a non-stop series of sword skills.

Maybe it's a unique skill that can by-pass the Post-motion?

He posted this theory because there is no way someone can exceed the Cardinal System. The only other explanation must therefore be the scenario where Feng Yu Chen is in possession of a Unique Skill, a skill that only a single player can hold in this entire game.

Getting a unique skill this early into the game also surprised Kirito. He classified Feng Yu Chen as the first unique skill holder.

In reality, Feng Yu Chen's sword skills were a result of the Infinity System's blessing. Infinity Players had the ability to design their own unique sword skills. These sword skills were above the restriction of SAO's Cardinal System. In a sense, they were aberrant individuals who were governed by the Infinity System.

Asuna stared at the mysterious man's back (Feng Yu Chen).

Is that the eyes of someone who wants to burst out of this world? Is he someone who thought like her? Was the Wings of Freedom named so because of the creator's desire to break loose of the bonds of this world?

Perhaps, he shared the same thoughts as her.

Gradually, the players continued forward. The players tried to mingle with Feng Yu Chen & co. Suzumiya Haruna is the one who enjoyed this quest the most. She is a bubbly girl who beamed at anyone who approached her. Naturally, she was a hit with the players. Meanwhile, Inori is the one who talked the least. The most anyone can get out of her is a nod with a brief verbal reply. If anyone asked too many questions, she would quickly retreat back to Feng Yu Chen's side. She stayed by Feng Yu Chen while holding his arm.

Finally, Feng Yu Chen & co arrived at the labyrinth that housed the floor boss. They stopped in front of a giant castle door.

"Okay, the first-floor boss is an entity named Illfang the Kobold Lord. He will spawn with three Ruin Kobold Sentinels. I already assigned you all to your respective parties. The members of the Wing will assist me in taking down the floor boss. I expect you guys to take down the sentinels. If we want to tap out, I expect you guys to take the heat before we switch back in. I don't think that will happen so you guys should focus on the minions first."

Feng Yu Chen pushed the castle door open as everyone entered. An ancient temple appeared in front of everyone. When they were inside, the temple slowly lit up.

They explored the labyrinth until they were faced with a huge fight chamber that had glowing rocks around them. Suddenly, a giant dog fell from the ceiling. It smashed the ground with a huge force. Roaring in anger, the monster had flaming-red skin, a giant battleax in its right hand, and a small round shield in its left hand.

It also had a nodachi strapped to its back.

As if responding to the boss' bellow, three kobolds with helms appeared with crude iron clubs ready to clubber some fools.

Awoo awoo...

The sentinels rushed towards Feng Yu Chen & co. The boss followed swiftly behind.

"Stick to the plan, you guys hold off the sentinels. My team and I will handle the boss. Let's win this fight guys!"

Feng Yu Chen got into battle mode. His eyes zoned in on the boss and he sprinted forward. Using a sentinel as his foothold, he jumped into the fray with Xuan Yuan sword drawn and ready for hacking. A ripple of power came from him when his body lit up with a green light. The next instant, he was already on the offense.

Jade Dragon's ascent from the Sea!!

Feng Yu Chen became one with his sword as he flew straight for the boss. The huge boss wasn't as slow as it looked. It got into a defensive state with its shield. It successfully blocked Feng Yu Chen's attack at the cost of being staggered two steps back.


The boss emitted a livid roar. It sounded like it wasn't happy being knocked back by Feng Yu Chen. It swiped at Feng Yu Chen with its battleax that glowed with a menacing red sheen.

Feng Yu Chen couldn't stay long in the air because of the collision. He kicked the shield as he somersaulted backward, landing safely on the ground.

Saeko seized this moment to fire her attack...

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