Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 102

Feng Yu Chen sighed as he exited the campus. Infinity Game is a fresh breath of air and all but school is still a major shank to the butt. He promised his parents he would get first-class honors, this is against a backdrop where he is not sure if he can even reach that high standard.


After obtaining Sharingan, his confidence level shot through the roof. For one, the Sharingan allowed him to memorize and recall study materials with immense ease. Yes, he’s training his Sharingan by studying.


He used up his Sharingan quota of 190 minutes a day every day. He also took precautions so other people wouldn’t find out about his superhuman ability. There are Sharingan Contact lenses, sure, but, his Sharingan rotates in a very abnormal way so…


For now, Feng Yu Chen needs to wait one week before another round of Infinite Game begins. Now, how is he going to get through this week?


Somehow or the other, he made it to Sunday, the third year of high school gave him only half a day to rest up, he needs to spend the remaining half of his rest day, writing up 3 papers to submit as assignments. He can feel his tears welling up.


Feng Yu Chen has real-world obligations to fulfill. Just because he got his hands on super-human abilities, he shouldn’t go on a rampage like beating down the Japanese Prime Minister, stomping on the American President. That is stuff only a cheap superhuman would do.


He said as he is serviced by Saeko’s delicate massage, juicy fruit fed to him by Inori. He is currently trying to complete his assignments in the villa which served as the operating base for his team in clearing Infinite Games.


Ah, this is life…


“I didn’t peg you for a model-student type person, why are you so intent on finishing your homework?”


Saeko slightly gasped. One wouldn’t peg him for a homicidal battle-maniac seen in Infinite Games if they saw this nerd trying to win his race against time and homework.


Feng Yu Chen spotted a helpless expression.


“I am aiming to get into good schools, plus, I promised my parents I would take my study seriously, I can’t just renege because I feel like it, right?…”


“Yu Chen, go for it, you have my support…”


Inori fed Feng Yu Chen another slice of apple.


“Yeah! My motivation is shooting the roof!”


Feng Yu Chen said with an ecstatic attitude. How can he not be? He’s got two beautiful ladies at his beck and call. Even tedious homework can be fun if you’re hanging out with charming ladies like these two.


Time slowly ebbed on and soon, night fell. They ate together like a family. Feng Yu Chen, Inori, Saeko, Haruna, and Zi Yue Ling were eating the food cooked by Feng Yu Chen and Saeko. Inori wanted some of Feng Yu Chen’s fried rice with eggs so he obliged.


“Hey, hey, how about we play League of Legends after dinner. Zi Yue Ling already bought my rig and it’s all ready to fire up. League is very hot so it’s going to be real fun, yeah?”


Haruna said with her hands up in the air.


Feng Yu Chen pursed his lips. It’s a fun game if you can ignore the toxic and n00b teammates you somehow get almost every time you dive into elo hell.


” I am confident with my skills, I am currently at the cusp of Gold II, probably gonna hit Gold I soon…”


Zi Yue Ling said while munching on rice.


“I played a few rounds with Inori. We were bored so we played the game to kill time, I’d like to think we are quite good already, by the way, I like using Fiora the Duelist (Peerless Sword Princess)…”


Given Fiora’s lore, there was a striking resemblance between the two classy ladies, it’s no wonder that Fiora grew on Saeko.


“I main Ashe…”


Inori said.


“I will support you with support Garen, call me to support god…”


Feng Yu Chen offered his support to protect Inori, yes, even in-game.


“Can I play as Fizz?”


Haruna said.


“Okay, I will go with Jungle Jarvan, I am good at CC and rolling with the flow of the team fight.”


Zi Yue Ling said.


The roster: Top Fiora (Saeko), Support Garen (Feng Yu Chen), Attack Damage Carry (Inori), Mid Fizz (Haruna), Jungle (Zi Yue Ling).




Zi Yue Ling asked.


Feng Yu Chen shook his head.


“No, Inori, Saeko, and Haruna are just starting out. They aren’t sufficiently leveled for that. We should probably do casual matches…”


“Can we name our Squad the Guilty Crown?…”


Inori suggested with the name of her origin world.


“Nn, we probably won’t need to name our team until we qualify for competitions. I guess we can go with Guilty Crown until then, it’s a cool name too.”


Feng Yu Chen finished up his food and he got ready for a pawning session. He couldn’t wait because he wanted to play games with Inori and Saeko, he is living the dream.


Zi Yue Ling modified the piano room into a mini cyber-gaming center. Alienware laptop rigs were more elegant than bulky desktop versions so they went with that.


“Hell, we might even enter the Championship, first, we need to get our skill sharpened first. I am gonna say this first, whoever feeds and drags the team down will get their perky butts spanked by yours truly…”


Feng Yu Chen grinned.


“Please don’t slap my butt…”


Haruna covered her butt with an intimidating look.


“No way, you’re the designated feeder?”


Feng Yu Chen looked at Haruna with disbelief. She confidently stated that she wanted to play Mid Fizz.


Don’t tell me her mid-game is shit-tier?


Zi Yue Ling hugged Haruna as she chuckled.


“Don’t look down on Haruna, I can vouch for her Mid-game. But, she slips up easily after the 20-minutes mark. If we want to win, we should aim to end the game in 20 minutes…”


“20 minutes, huh? Fine, let’s go with that…”


Feng Yu Chen rolled his eyes at Haruna. Her ditzy-level should have a level cap, right?


“Play safe and gank often, just don’t troll…”


Inori told Feng Yu Chen as she booted her rig up. She’s actually more excited at the prospect of playing together with Feng Yu Chen. They can also have fun with each other as they communicate throughout the game.


Feng Yu Chen drummed his chest.


“Leave it to me, if I drag the team down, you have my permission to slap my ass… Ahaha…”


“Please be serious, you weren’t this smooth back in Guilty Crown, you’re embarrassing me in front of the others, jeez…”


Inori blushed although she enjoyed being doted on by Feng Yu Chen. Saeko is the main culprit who teased her so she had to watch out.


“Alright, I heard that. Hehe, if you mess up I am going to get everybody to take turns beating your butt. Maybe that will teach you for bullying other people!”

Haruna said with arms akimbo. She declared in a very energetic and loud manner. From Feng Yu Chen’s perspective, she looked like a hamster trying to be tough, cute…


“You shut your yap or I am going to ban you from the toilet tonight…”


Feng Yu Chen knocked her on the head. He forcefully sat her down in her seat.


Sheesh, this girl really needs to learn when to shut up.


“Hmph, if I pee my bed, you’re gonna have to clean it up!”


Haruna declared like it’s a glorious thing to do.


This girl…


“Put a sock in it, Zi Yue Ling, enroll her in a school so she can learn some commonsense…”


Feng Yu Chen was rendered speechless by her outrageous nerve. Sending her to school is probably a good idea.


Saeko continued in an insecure tone.


“I think she’s going to cause more trouble in school. Plus, I am 100% sure she’s going to sleep in classes just like in guilty Crown, we probably should put a hold on this plan…”


“You’re right…”


Feng Yu Chen agreed. Haruna has 0 commonsense. Wait, is she (Suzumiya Haruna) somehow related to Haruhi from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya?


She’s a moeblob who really need to read a book on commonsense. Gaming at home is probably better than letting her go on a rampage in the real world. He didn’t want to be in charge of cleaning up after the mess she creates in school.


“It’s starting, quick, pick your heroes…”


Zi Yue Ling said as they entered the hero pick phase.



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