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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 100: The Rain of Salvation



When he finished off the Envoy, a frightening sound came. An evil aura permeated the area.


So the end is here, huh?


Feng Yu Chen charged towards the source of that disturbance.


He didn’t notice the Envoy reviving himself behind by re-attaching his severed head. This time, the envoy didn’t pursue Feng Yu Chen.


“Looks like I failed. But, the true king already existed. Ouma Shu, no, the Stranger, go and create a new chapter for this world, you have the ability to do that now.”


The envoy grinned before he disappeared into the portal he conjured up.


Feng Yu Chen continued running as he drew closer and closer to his objective. Gai was waiting for him at the source of the disturbance.


“So you have arrived. But, you’re too late, I am the main character of this world, Shu, you failed!”


Gai said with a dark void sword in his hand.


Feng Yu Chen gave him a cold sneer. A puppet of Da’ath acting so tough in front of him when he easily killed the envoy who put Gai in charge. If he killed Gai here, the contract between Gai and Mana will become null and Mana will fail after losing her Adam. This is the intricate relationship between Adam and Eve.




Feng Yu Chen heard Inori calling for him. he looked at the flower blooming gently among a field of crystals. Feng Yu Chen faintly saw the figure of Inori within that flower.


Inori placed her hands on her chest as she implored him.


“Shu, use me. Let’s fight together, I am your partner and you’re mine…”


Feng Yu Chen came before the flower and he took out Inori’s void sword, it looked like an exact replica of the sword Gai held.


Mana’s void sword is jet-black in color while Inori’s is silver in color.


Gai held the dark sword while Feng Yu Chen held the silver sword. This is a fight where fate brought them together.


“Come, Shu, let’s finish this once and for all. Let us see who is the protagonist of this world. I always envied you, I hated how Mana chose you over me. After that, Inori also chose you. Let us fight!”


Gai roared and he rushed towards Feng Yu Chen.


“This is the end, Inori, let us create a new future for this world. Just like we promised, let’s embrace the future with our own hands, are you ready?”


Feng Yu Chen said with a smile on his face. He knows Inori can hear him, she’s still alive.




Inori’s image appeared behind Feng Yu Chen and she grabbed Feng Yu Chen’s hand.


He can feel her warmth seeping into his hand. Feng Yu Chen met Gai’s fervent roar with his own battle cry. The magatama inside his ruby eyes turned and he flashed a few times as he reappeared in front of Gai, piercing him through the chest with his Void sword.




Then, something shattered, it sounded like a crystal being smashed into pieces. A silver light enveloped Feng Yu Chen as the scenery changed into that of the insides of a church. A girl with pink hairs tied-up into twintails and Gai were there with him.


Feng Yu Chen’s inner self shook as a cropping headache struck him. The Character Substitution card’s instability allowed a part of Ouma Shu’s remaining will to come out, his heart sank as a result.


“Ah, so this is how it all ends. With this, Mana and I are finally freed. Shu, take good care of Inori. She’s a kind girl, she should have been the one who got saved.”


Gai sighed and he took Mana into his arms while a blood-red veil fell upon them.


Feng Yu Chen felt his consciousness drifting further and further away from Gai and Mana. He reached out to grab them to no avail…


Then, the scene changed again. Feng Yu Chen is now in a world of crystals. The third void genome was absorbed into Feng Yu Chen’s right hand. He felt like he could manipulate the energy circulating in the world. He absorbed all three void genomes.


“Shu… where are you?…”


Inori mewled in a weak voice. She came out of the shadows, Mana left and Inori is now back in control of her body.


“Inori… I am right here…”


Feng Yu Chen hugged Inori. Severely corrupted by the Apocalypse virus, she lost sight in both her eyes. This caused his heart to throb in excruciating pain. He will return her sight soon because he is the one who will change this sappy ending.


“Shu, stay with me forever, Okay?”


Inori felt unsure. in order to save this world, one person must die along with the eradication of all the apocalypse virus in this world…


“Inori, trust me, I’ve been waiting for this day a long time now. A sacrifice might be required for the salvation of this world. But, I believe with maximum effort, I can find the key to the future of this world. I have been searching for that key and now I have it in my hands. Hold me tight, let us embrace the future coming our way. This will be the – perfect world!”


Feng Yu Chen brought Inori into his arms. Then, he activated his ultimate void ability, the Void Rain of Salvation. Turning the extremes of life and death around, he will create a curtain of light for this world!


Green energy rose up from Feng Yu Chen. Both Inori and he slowly floated into the air as the energy rippled outwards, covering the whole world.


The crystals on Inori shattered away as she healed up. Her vision came back too. She saw the breathtaking scenery of a world of cozy green light raining down from the sky. The whole globe was covered by this. Life’s beauty and purity returned, it looked like the world was being given a new lease of life. War and bickering stopped, any further bloodshed came to a halt as well. Everyone instantly lost the reason to fight. Peace and tranquility returned to the vibrant world.


“See that? Inori, I promised you I would protect you to the end. I also said I will save this world. Now, let me present to you this beautiful rain of light, this is the wedding veil I wanted to put on you as we venture into a better future with you as my bride. With the world standing still, I want to take this chance with your hands in mine. Inori, will you marry me?”


Feng Yu Chen looked into Inori’s eyes.


Inori instantly turned rosy as she nodded with misty eyes. She placed her head on his chest. The soothing green rain of light turned into a fantastic wedding veil that served only as an accessory that brought out her already charming beauty.


Ayase, Arisa, Argo, Oogumo, Tsugumi, Saeko, Suzumiya Haruna, Hare, Zi Yue Ling, and the others linked hands as they gave the two of them their blessings. Well, they could also be blessing the rebirth of the world but nobody wanted to ruin this moment for any of them.


Today went down in the history books as the miraculous rain of green light. The world welcomed a new life, the ardent world was like the sprout that burst out of the ground after a rain. After going through a period of calamity and destruction, the people started appreciating the much-awaited peace more than before all of this happened.



Relevant author’s note: The Guilty Crown Arc is about to end. The next world, Sword Art Online, the winner of the survey conducted by the author.

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