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Unlimited Anime Works 96: Seizing the resources

After dispelling Sharingan, Feng Yu Chen returned to Sector D of the battlefield. There are GHQ support forces here. The students fought valiantly with their voids. Ayase also fought the GHQ mechas with her own mecha.


“How is it going?”


Feng Yu Chen asked Menjou Hare.


“We are still fighting but more and more GHQ forces are arriving. I am afraid we won’t be able to hold on any longer. Kuhouin told me she needed a few more minutes…”


Hare rubbed away the sweat on her head while she reported her analysis of the situation.


Feng Yu Chen nodded and he patted her on the shoulders.


“I know it has been hard on you, leave this to me…”


“N-no, it’s not troubling at all. I am only doing what should be done…”


Hare flailed her arms in a fluster. Then, she lowered her head as she fidgeted with a red face.


“Go heal the injured students, I will take care of the rest.”


Feng Yu Chen said with his hands on her shoulders. With her healing bandages, she greatly contributed by rapidly healing injured combatants.


She nodded and she started tending to wounded allies.


Feng Yu Chen turned his attention towards the battlefield. Looks like he has to buy a few more minutes.




He materialized Inori’s void sword in his right hand and he materialized a silver-rimmed sunglasses in his left hand. This is a good chance for him to test out the void he just plundered.


With his ass-kicking sunglasses on, Feng Yu Chen brandished his sword and he made a beeline for the mechas coming his way. The mechas were shooting thousands of bullets at him when…


The space rippled around Feng Yu Chen and the bullets were stopped in the air.


With another thought, Feng Yu Chen sent the bullets back where they came from.


Bam bam bam boom


The bullets were reflected at greater speed. When the mechas got shot, the ones with better defenses survived while the mechas that got hit in weak spots exploded into balls of flames.


Feng Yu Chen danced along with his void sword, slashing the mechas around him to ribbons.


His entry into the fray lifted the morale of the other students. They fought even harder because nobody wanted to drag the whole team back.


Pew pew pew


The mechas shot missiles at Feng Yu Chen but his repulsion field kept the missiles at bay. Then, he returned the favor by sending their missiles back to the sender.


Bam boom boom


Explosions sprouted up from the GHQ’s base. They were getting decimated by their own missiles.


“M-monster… monster!!!”


The GHQ soldiers all had the same thought. This is not a human opponent, this is an invincible enemy with a repulsion field.




The GHQ soldiers started losing their guts and it didn’t take long for the enemies to start faltering.


Kuhouin returned with Argo and Oogumo in tow.


“It’s hard to imagine how Shu turned into a perfect substitute for Gai. He broke the GHQ’s mighty defense almost all by himself. Holy crap.”


Argo said.


“Well, humans have to grow after all, hahaha…”


Oogumo laughed.


“Ayase is also fighting. I spotted Tsugumi too. I thought it was the end of us after that day. In the end, everyone returned to the battlefield. Are we going to fight shoulder to shoulder again?”


Argo operated a customized military vehicle to greet Feng Yu Chen & co at the breached zone.


Beep, you joined the battle, cooperated with the Kuhouin Zaibatsu and you successfully obtained over 1 ton of resources. Forced quest completed, void enhanced. Bandit’s Hand is now at the 9th stage of evolution. 


Max number of stolen voids: 9, each stolen void can be used 90 times before dissipation.


Max number of stolen voids that can be kept permanently: 7.


Void armor (integrating 5 or more voids to enhance overall power, achieving superhuman powers) can be activated for 40 seconds a day. Void extraction, void battery, and void cannon are enhanced. Max number of void cannon shots: 2.

Void clone, materialize a clone that can fight with 100% of the original’s power, duration: 60 seconds a day.


Player 007 just killed player 031, successfully completed one instance of bounty hunting, x1000 YBB obtained.”


“Player 007 just killed player 078, successfully completed one instance of bounty hunting, x1000 YBB obtained.”


“Killed 5 targets consecutively. Promoted from Bronze Bounty Hunter to Silver Bounty Hunter.”


Silver Bounty Hunter: Strength +30, Endurance +10, Speed +3 meters per second.


Feng Yu Chen was rewarded for completing his quests and side-quests. After finishing the Funeral Parlor’s line of quest, the GHQ players must have been executed by the system for failing their line of the quest. This coincidentally helped him complete his Bounty Hunter missions as some of his targets were GHQ players.


But, Feng Yu Chen noted Player 051 who should have been a GHQ player, where was the notification for that player? Maybe that player got done in by another player first. Neutral Players can survive this quest if they kill one player from either GHQ or the Funeral Parlor.


Zi Yue Ling killed a Funeral Parlor player so she survived. Usa Kazuzu was Player 002 who got killed by Feng Yu Chen. That leaves Player 010, a neutral player who probably killed Player 051 in order to survive.


Players that are still alive: Player 007 (Feng Yu Chen), Player 012 (Suzumiya Haruna), Player 010 (GHQ), Player 029 (Funeral Parlor), Player 074 (Funeral Parlor). He still has enough time to go bounty hunting. He can still goa after player 010, 029, and 074. He’s going to personally settle the two players from Funeral Parlor. Meanwhile, Saeko should be assigned to kill the lucky player who’s still alive. Suzumiya Haruna can also do the job since he won’t be able to obtain the Gold Bounty Hunter title with just 8 kills (including the 3 players who are still on the loose). If Suzumiya Haruna got a title, she would be able to help greatly with the enhancement effect of her title. This girl is also easier to control than Zi Yue Ling. Any strengthening on Suzumiya Haruna’s part equals an addition to the force he can wield.


“The mission is complete now. Argo’s company came at just the right time, that saved us a lot of time…”


Kuhouin reported. She thought the operation would need a longer time to complete, Argo’s arrival expedited the process.


“Haha, you will have to thank Shu for that. He sent his female friend over to Kuhouin’s family in order to explain the situation. After that, we mobilized and heard a loud boom from this direction, that’s all the proof we need to act faster.”


“That was my friend. I told her to reveal our battle plan to you instead of waiting for the defense to be breached. That would have taken a longer time than informing you beforehand.”


Feng Yu Chen nodded. Zi Yue Ling didn’t break her promise and she did her part by contacting the Kuhouins.


Argo slapped Feng Yu Chen’s back.


“You planned well for this attack. The timing is just right. Not bad at all, you’re definitely more reliable than you are when you first joined us. What surprised me those most is how you destroyed the wall standing in our way. That flashy attack was conjured from the power of Void, right? That’s so awesome. You opened a huge hole in that meddling wall, heck, you even plowed a crater over a kilometer in length. I am sure this will be all over the news the next day.”


Feng Yu Chen laughed.


“The temporary government wants to treat us all like dead people? We will just have to show them what we can do, we will let the world know we are still alive and kicking. Anyway, let’s retreat for now and regroup back at the school. The main force of the GHQ will be here in a while, if we aren’t gone by then, it will be troubling to escape without major losses…”




Argo, Oogumo, and Kuhouin agreed.



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