Unlimited Anime Works

Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 141: Christmas Party Part 1

Battodankuzan split space and Ice Butterfly got cut in twain. She watched in horror as her body exploded in data polygons.

One strike to split space and one slash to send a foe to the afterlife, that's the essence of Battodankuzan. The spectators missed the true beauty in this attack, they only saw a silver light beam and the killer NPC got done in.

From nothingness, a figure returned to that virtual world. Ice butterfly was revived. Red players had three lives and she used two now. She only has two lives left, including the extra life given by the Stone of Returning Soul.

She instantly cloaked herself the moment she revived. She also hightailed out of there because she didn't want to die one more time to Saeko. Her skill is just too vicious, is that power even human?

She's pretty sure Saeko's Battozan isn't a sword skill in this game, it's a skill she brought into this game from the outside world. It's a skill she learned on her own, what a terrifying girl!

Ice Butterfly was traumatized by Saeko. Unlike Feng Yu Chen, Saeko didn't use special cloaking skills. Instead, she coldly deflected each attack Ice Butterfly had and she beat her using only Battojutsu.

Battodankuzan is a skill Saeko created recently. With her current mastery, she's not sure if she can pull it off in reality. Because of her extreme rage and her innate potential, her intent to split Ice Butterfly in half gave birth to her Battodankuzan.

When pushed to the extremes, humans tend to exhibit mind-boggling behavior. Saeko's Battodankuzan is something she should be proud of. She realized something that was theorized as the integration between high-level Battojutsu and Iaido. Even grandmasters could only dream about something like that.

Saeko's father talked about achieving this level of mastery, it's the pinnacle he sought but never reached.

Saeko pulled it off, she's already the pride of the Busujima family, she already did her father proud by achieving what he failed to do. Since she successfully pulled off this superhuman feat, she can call it a job well-done and live easy from now on. She can leave her original world behind with no regrets as she achieved a personal milestone.

Saeko can thank Feng Yu Chen for her current attainment. It's his love and positive energy that gave her the drive to excel and perfect her art. In other words, it's the power of love. Now, she's got another task. Rear a child with Feng Yu Chen and pass down her Battodankuzan.

Baby-making, what an embarrassing topic but... I am looking forward to it...

"Saeko, that was incredible. As expected of my beloved woman..."

Feng Yu Chen grabbed Saeko's hand. This woman really did him proud, he's just so happy she entered his life.

"Nn, it's also thanks to the encouragement you gave me. I learned Battodankuzan because you were there every step of the journey. With you here, I feel like there's nothing I can't do."

Saeko hugged Feng Yu Chen. She leaned her head against his upper chest. This felt nice, with Feng Yu Chen by her side, the sky's the limit for her.

Feng Yu Chen is also very happy with Saeko's words. Why wouldn't he? He's loved by a capable and beautiful woman.

"Battodankuzan, was it? Keep working on it, I know it's not your limit. You can do it, Saeko. You're the pride of my life, you can shine brighter than this. Don't compromise for anyone, I will always be proud of you no matter what, Saeko..."

Feng Yu Chen rubbed the back of her head.

The other clearers were watching with envy. They were jealous he's in a relationship with such a perfect girl.

His image as a lolicon also slowly faded away, Saeko's very curvy and they are clearly in love with each other.

Some players started wondering if Feng Yu Chen likes them big and likes them young. He basically monopolized the market with this.

Dang it, leave some for us you asshole...

"Okay, let's go back home. Go regroup and organize yourselves, gather intel on red players, red guilds, and the Death God Guild. We are going to slaughter them all, ridding SAO of those cancerous individuals..."

Heathcliff said. The killer NPCs were disrupting his control over SAO, he needed to clean them up.


The others cheered. They can't let the red players roam free. However, the red players always moved their base so it's hard to track them down unless they have an insider. The red players also know the normal players hate them to the bones. If they got busted it's game over for them. The red players always made sure to hide their tracks.

Feng Yu Chen & co left, they never got the Stone of Returning Soul in the end.

But, they had a better plan to make tonight doesn't go to waste.

"Right, how about we throw a party tonight. It's Christmas Eve, the first Christmas in SAO, how about it? I go gather materials. I want to do BBQ, pizzas, and fruit salad tonight. We are gonna party all night long~"

Feng Yu Chen smiled.

"Heck yeah! Pizzas, gosh I never got to eat, mwuu..."

Haruna started salivating heavily.

"Nn, presents too..."

Inori nodded. She looked forward to the gift Feng Yu Chen's going to give her. Christmas is also a time of love for couples like them.

"Pizza, eh? I never tried one in this world, sounds fun..."

Asuna nodded. She had another plan in mind, she wanted to ask Feng Yu Chen how he really feels about her. She's going to ask Inori and Saeko to be there as well.

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