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Unlimited Anime Works 114: Heartwarming everyday life

A death threat…


Feng Yu Chen grinned with excitement when he saw the letter. The world was getting a bit too boring anyway. Only battles and fights can get him going. Finally, it’s time!

In an instant, Feng Yu Chen’s eyes went red with elation. Whenever he gets excited, people will die!

SAO’s word had little to offer him. Excluding his training session, dinners, playtime, and dates with Inori, Asuna, Haruna, and Saeko, nothing could get him excited.

He wanted the thrill of a hard-fought battle. A safe life like this didn’t fit well with his motto. The soul of darkness had deep roots in his bones.

Feng Yu Chen wanted to become a Red player at the start of this game, however, the System dictated that Red players can’t get points for monsters. After weighing the pros and cons, he chose the Blue player faction when his nature tilted more towards that of a Red player. He wanted battles, he wanted to slaughter his enemies. It’s because of this nature that he thrived in [Highschool of the Dead] and [Guilty Crown].

He’s a wolf in sheep clothing. For his women, he would be docile. When faced with his enemies, he will transform into a bloodthirsty wolf.

Wolves can be very dangerous especially when they are hungry. They will stop at nothing when hunting.

Saeko saw the look on Feng Yu Chen’s face and she immediately understood his intention. That red player who sent the death threat is in for it now.

“What’s wrong? Captain Feng?”

Agil (Author’s note: A merchant in SAO, uses a dual-bladed ax, a core member of the raid group, on very good terms with Kirito) saw the red eyes on Feng Yu Chen and he assumed the guy was angry about something. He didn’t think the guy is actually excited. The other players shared the same thought as Agil.

Feng Yu Chen calmed the storm within him and he showed everyone the black letter.

“Somebody just killed the surviving witness. The killer NPC left an item. Apparently, he’s going to continue killing. I want everyone to raise your guards to the highest level. This NPC possesses high sneak abilities. The killer evaded the detection of one of my guild members. The killer sneaked into the room holding the witness and assassinated the survivor under our noses. I recommend everyone to travel in groups of at least two players or things could get messy.”


The other players concurred. Obviously, they needed to get to the bottom of this player-killing NPC issue. They couldn’t focus on clearing floors if this NPC remained on the loose.

Feng Yu Chen waited for everyone to leave before he talked to Saeko.

“Saeko, you, Han Yue, and Zi Yue Ling will be on patrol duty near the South Gate. Call the other Blue Infinity Players if you need to. Inori, Haruna, and Asuna, you three will be coming with me to search for the killer.”

“Hehe, you just want all the lolis with you, you lolicon…”

Zi Yue Ling teased him. Inori, Asuna, and Haruna were cute girls who had the chops to become Moe Blobs. Could this guy really be a lolicon?


Feng Yu Chen helplessly replied.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Haruna is very good at sensing presences. Inori is good at using daggers to fire ranged attacks. Meanwhile, Asuna is very handy with her rapier, they are all top-picks when you’re making a hit squad, isn’t that so?”

“You’re implying we are useless then?”

Xiao Han Yue pursed her lips.

“Yeah, admit it, you’re a lolicon, aren’t you?”

Zi Yue Ling called him a lolicon again.

“I didn’t say that. You girls are very good at tying up loose ends with your attention to detail. You girls are also good at picking up cues other players would miss out on, this will help you greatly when identifying the perpetrator. For instance, Haruna probably categorizes people based on how many candies she gets from them…”

Feng Yu Chen explained while Saeko glared at him. This cool sister probably isn’t too pleased with his team picks. He made a mental note to give the girl a few smooches when this is all said and done. This cool sister had a loving side if you can get past that cold exterior.

“Did you just use me as comedic material again?”

Haruna slowly understood sarcasm because Feng Yu Chen always used her as the buttmonkey of his jokes. Although she’s a bit shaky when it comes to stranger danger situations, she declared that she can still tell a weird uncle from a normal one.

Feng Yu Chen, Inori, Haruna, and Asuna a.k.a. The Moe Trio got to work.

Haruna summoned a little bird as it landed on her palm.

“Help me look for players who are hiding…”

This is one of Haruna’s ability, she can talk with animals. This girl had the talent to become a terrifying beastmaster. In fights, she somehow manipulated the monsters into attacking each other although this is only limited to monsters that were weak. Her chances of success decreased with stronger monsters and she couldn’t use this ability on bosses.

Mental manipulation, Haruna used this ability to control zombies in [Highschool of the Dead]. Meanwhile, she exhibited this ability in [Guilty Crown] by displaying immense compatibility and prowess with mecha armor. Now, she used this on the monsters inside SAO. Zi Yue Ling tested this girl and she found out she’s actually a genius with an IQ of over 200. In League of Legends games, she displayed the uncanny ability to place skills with such accuracy that almost no players could survive mid lane against her.

Maybe Haruna spent all her skill points on that aspect, making her a rather simple person in nature. It’s probably fate’s way of nerfing her OP skills. She traded a sophisticated mind for her supernatural ability to manipulate the mental faculties of other beings. When God opens a door, another door closes.

“Using birds to scout the whole town, that’s a very good ability, no, it’s incredible…”

Asuna admired Haruna. She has seen her using her ability a few times before this but she still couldn’t wrap her head around her superpower. It’s basically cheating to use monsters against monsters in a world of sword skills. SAO didn’t come with magic, right? Haruna’s ability looked like she would be a perfect mage in other RPGs.

“Alright, I got everybody searching for the perpetrator. We should have something soon… Now, Feng Yu-nii, I think I am in the mood for fruit salad so…”

Haruna started purring at Feng Yu Chen’s side. After Feng Yu Chen fed her some fruit salad last time, she got hooked on it. She helped Feng Yu Chen with his task, this means she gets to eat the salad again, right?


Inori tugged Feng Yu Chen’s sleeve with a tinge of pink on her cheeks.

“I am hungry…”

Inori’s hunger also caught up with her.

“I want to try making Fruit Salad. Maybe we can change the fruit and additives. I am sure we can pull off different styles if just experiment with the materials…”

Asuna wanted to learn how to make more fruit salad variations.


Feng Yu Chen felt helpless. He was prepared for a hot-blooded fight. He didn’t think the Moe trio would demand fruit salad. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of warmth before a battle…

“Okay, I guess we can rest for just a bit. After that, we need to be serious about looking for the killer. We can’t mop around doing nothing. Locating the killer means the other players can have an easier time focusing on their own stuff. At this rate, more players are going to die…”

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“Oh, let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s buy some fruit for our salad~”

Haruna grabbed Inori as they rushed straight for the nearest fruit stall. They giggled all the way there.

“Let’s go…”

Asuna grabbed Feng Yu Chen’s sleeve.

Feng Yu Chen nodded. Yeah, they had a little time to spare for heartwarming scenes...

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