I Reincarnated and Tried to Become a Genius Child Actor. I Want to Quit.

TTKWQ Chapter 5: Shinosaki's Perspective

“This time, I was naive so it’s my responsibility, so Nana doesn’t have to feel responsible for this,”

When I told her that, she had a vague expression, and didn’t seem to understand what I said.

Yes, Nana didn’t do anything wrong; she just played the role of a villain.

If you act as the villain, your popularity will fall, and if you act as a strange role during your debut period, the image might become fixed.

However, Nana already played heroines in dramas and movies, and she was recognized as an orthodox child actress who can put adults to shame.

Although I didn’t want her to accept the role as a villain, I respected her intention of, “challenging more acting roles to make me a better actress.”

It’s Nana’s job to motivate herself, and it’s my job to support her. Since she said that she never read the original work, I bought the entire set of “You and I in Moderato” and gave her Japanese and Western movies as reference material.

It’s difficult to play a villain, especially a child, but, it’s Nana, so I wasn’t worried. Although it’ll be bad for her image, at least she’ll be recognized for her ability to play multiple roles. If she can play multiple roles, it’ll be positive in the future.

Yes, I was optimistic.

When the shooting began, I saw the appearance of Nana playing as the beautiful villain, and I shuddered.

She usually has a cheerful smile in private, but, when playing as a Yamato Nadeshiko, she has a neat smile, and, when she plays a heroine of a tragedy, she has a fleeting smile. Yes, I knew that Nana could change how she smiled, but smile of Nana playing the beautiful villain is completely different.

It looks like a rafflesia, a fascinating smile that makes her feel sexy even when she’s just an elementary student, a smile that looks down on others. And, she became a person who didn’t want to touch the commoners, a person who ordered her followers to bully, a person who would gain pleasure from seeing someone cry, a person so evil that it’d make me vomit.

And, with the original work’s author’s script writing skills combined with the skill of the new young director, they made Nana extra evil, thinking that, “If it’s Nana-chan, she could do it.”

The main character’s actress seemed to cry for real in front of Nana’s act that was realistic enough to be thought as real. Just watching the beautiful villain make you frown with an unpleasant expression.

Just look at the situation of the heroine’s actress. Yep, there’s only one actress skillful enough for this role, I can’t lose.

I heard that Nana was being careful not to be too scary. Wait, that’s real crying. Nana amazingly revised her acting, and she was in a hurry to apologize to the crying child actress.

Even then, during the shooting, after the bullying of the protagonist, the actress cried, and she’d have to comfort her after the cut. Such a thing was repeated, and, somehow, the child actress of the protagonist got emotionally attached to Nana.

I know this. It’s how bad hosts work.

I had a bad feeling about this, but I couldn’t stop the still-progressing shooting. And, as we celebrated the drama’s broadcasting, it became known that Nana was acting as the beautiful villain role, and we had high viewership ratings on the first day. And, the viewership ratings after each episode is aired were higher than the last. Normally, the viewership ratings of dramas are the highest on the first day but don’t go up from there. This is strange.

And then, when Nana’s role revealed her villainous side, Nana took a bashing. Normally, it’s different; people usually say, “being a villain doesn’t suit,” or, “acting is bad.”

The beautiful villain was portrayed with too much realism, and it was a topic whether it was Nana’s real personality or not.

The irresponsible wide show host said things like, “This isn’t an act that elementary schoolers can do; originally, her character was bad~” or, “The main child actress didn’t really act~ The crying was all real~ She was afraid of Nana-chan~” If you criticize Nana’s personality, the audience will definitely believe it.

…Well, the heroine’s actress did really cry, so there was some truth mixed in. In the end, he criticized Nana’s family, and what he said influenced people’s opinions.

Nana became isolated and bullied at school. The harassment got to her house. Nana said that he family was being hurt, so she’d quit being a child actress.

Just from acting as a villain, she was hated by people all over Japan.

Though there was also the talent in being a villain.

I was too naive with Nana. So, this situation is my responsibility. Nana told me her story, and I told her to wait a while.

It’s necessary to recover Nana’s image soon, and the easiest and fastest way is to take a role as a “good” heroine. With Nana’s acting skill, she can easily remove her negative image.

But, there wasn’t any accomplishment in this whole fiasco. This time should be a stepping stone for Nana’s future accomplishments.

“Reborn, Hanasaki Nana.”

A light bulb slashed, and that phrase was born in my head.

Part 2

“Welcome back, you can do it.”

“I just talked to you just a little while ago, isn’t this too early for a welcome back?”

“If it’s a simple plot, I can do it in an hour. Then, read.”

When I visited a room in a certain mansion, I was greeted to by a pale-looking woman. This is my little sister, Ryouko,[1] the author of “You and I in moderato” and the popular shoujo manga, “Roy.”

Then, I went to the entrance of the apartment, and I took off my shoes to take the manuscript. Even though it’s a manuscript, it’s the digital age, so what was handed over was a tablet.

Since Ryouko is machine deaf and from ancient times, I prepared an environment where she can draw manga on a PC and advised her to use it. Otherwise, I can be confident that she’d be drawing manga by hand.

I tried to sit on the living room sofa, but it was cluttered with dirty clothes. I had to take them off and throw them into the washing machine. I usually clean up the dirty clothes and wash them, but, now I don’t have time, so I’ll do it later.

I finally sat down on the sofa, and I looked at the tablet on which the manuscript was on. On it displayed the plot and the length of the script.

In order to avoid dying, the former OL who was reborn as the beautiful villain in the world of “You and I in Moderato,” tries to do what every other person in this situation—but in an otome game instead of a manga—does. She tries to live as nicely as possible to not encounter a bad end.

The reincarnated beautiful villain managed to avoid the heroine somehow, and Yui, who was with the Emperor, still got bullied because all the other female students were jealous. The beautiful villain, who didn’t like the bullying, worked hard behind the scenes to help Yui, but everything goes wrong as Emperor thinks that she’s the one who started it all. However, Yui told him that he was wrong.

Then, Emperor apologized for misunderstanding the villain, and they became friends…

Good, the first part is complete! Apparently, it’s a three-part series.

“How is it? Interesting?”

“…Not bad.”

I only told her the outline of the plot of the movie that I thought would fix the present situation, but, then, this script was made.

Of course, it’s impossible to use the script as is, but it’s enough to be an example of what it would entail in the future.

“Well, since this is going to be used, we have data now, but do we have the original work’s approval?”

“Of course it’s okay. I had to force myself to write the movie for “UIM”[2], so I’m looking forwards to it♪”

I transferred the data from the tablet, and I headed towards the entrance of the mansion to leave.

“Oh, yeah, I don’t know whether to put the beautiful villain with Emperor, onee-chan, what do you think?”

“……I disagree. That would be netorare. There are many fans who think Emperor and Yui won’t be together, and the point of this movie is the gap between the beautiful villain in the manga and the reincarnated beautiful villain. You shouldn’t make her image even dirtier.”

“Okay then, I guess I won’t.”

“Rather, Yui… No, Emperor is better. Yui becomes friends with the villain, and Emperor goes to her for romantic counseling.”

“Oh, that’s good, I’ll do that. And then, the beautiful villain is used because of the selfishness of Emperor.”

“I don’t want you to continue with such a feeling. But, it seems interesting to have the two of them interacting.”

After advising Ryouko, I went back to my car and headed to the publisher of “You and I in Moderato.”

First of all, I need to obtain consent of the copyright holder. The talk of a movie was there before, but, since Nana’s bashing has been increasing, I’m taking over the case.

Unlike public opinion, the Nana’s image in the drama and movie industry is even better than before.

The director of “You and I in Moderato” also praised the acting skills of Nana, and the drama was also very successful. Nana’s acting is to prominent. I know that well.

So, I’m sure that this project will go through. The problem is how quickly.

After getting the approval of the publisher and talking to the droducer and director of the “You and I in Moderato” drama, I left. I told them that I wanted the movie road show[3] as soon as possible.

It seems that, since the drama set was already there, there wasn’t a need for many things normally necessary for a movie.

After the movie was released, Nana’s image got better and there wasn’t any more bashing. Rather, her popularity was heaven-piercing.[4]

“A genius child actor only seen once in a century.”

Yes, that’s what the critics said, and box office earnings climbed to the top domestically.

Although peace came, Nana became timid. In the past, even if she didn’t hide her identity as “Hanasaki Nana,” even if she was surrounded by fans, she could deal with it. However, after this event, she hid her identity thoroughly.

In the past, we lacked the sense of caution, but this is too extreme. Well, if she’s that careful, then I don’t have to worry.

With Nana, it doesn’t end at being a genius child actor; she can become the best actress of the century.

Everyone hates Nana if she acts a villain, everyone loves Nana if she acts a lover, everyone will cry if Nana cries, and everyone will smile if Nana smiles.

Captivating people, shaking the soul of all who see, like an old-fashioned silver screen star, she’s an actress that’ll leave her name in all posterity.

I want to see how far Nana goes.

Therefore, even if I’m asked to be the manager of all the child actors, I’ll refuse. Because, I want to watch beside Nana how she grows; I want to follow Nana even when she matures and becomes independent.














“Ehh? Future prospects? When I graduate elementary school, I’m planning to quit being a child actress. No way~, I can’t be an actor~. Because, it’s my dream to become a NEET when compulsory education is over.”

When Nana, who was drinking kid’s beer and eating dried squid in the lobby, said that, I fell.

[1] 涼子(Ryouko); (涼 means calming breeze) (子 means child)
[2] UIM for U and I in Moderato. Raws say 『ボクキミ』(bokukimi) for Boku to Kimi de Moderato.
[3]ロードショー(roodo show); means premiere.
[4] [Sera: Eh? Lys-chan, please stop putting in more markers than you have footnotes…you’ll confuse the readers…Intended footnote is probably *Insert TTGL reference*]

Side note: I challenge you all to find the split between part 2 & 3 that the author made. No looking at the raws; that’s cheating.

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