The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 72 pt 1

Yang shi looked at the situation in the room in surprise.

This time she took her man and son back to her mother’s house, and it was not pleasant. It was good at first, after all, those who celebrate the New Year are all about joy, and no matter how big the contradiction is, there will be no trouble during the New Year. Who ever thought his father drank some wine at the lunch table, and he began to talk about how Xue's family was and how Xue Qingshan was incapable. After so many years of examinations, he still hasn’t gotten a Xiucai in the examination. In short, whatever was bad was whatever he would say.

This is Yang Zhong's consistent problem, he can't control his mouth once he drinks.

If it was before, Xue Qingshan would always listen with laughter, but this time she didn't know what was happening, and he actually fought with Yang Zhong. After a few words, he threw down his chopsticks and left.

Seeing such a situation, Yang shi was directly dumbfounded.

But the man is her man, and the father is her father. She has to calm down both sides. After finally calming down her father, she hurried back with her two sons. Who would have thought that she would come back to see such a scene.

"What's wrong at home? Is it a thief or something? How can it be messed up like this?" Yang shi's attention was quickly attracted by the mess of the house.

Seeing Yang shi, Xue Qingshan seemed to be scalded, and his face suddenly changed: "Why did you come back so soon?" After speaking, he realized that he had said something wrong and hurriedly changed his words: "You came back just at the righttime. There is a thief in the house."

"A thief?" Yang shi's face was stunned: "Where did the thief come from?"

She looked left and right but couldn't find it, then looked back at Xue Qingshan.

Xue Qingshan stepped forward angrily: "Where else can it be. It’s them." He looked angry and started making bogus accusations: "When I came back, the house was in a mess, and Zhaoer was turning the boxes and cabinets in our house."

Yang shi thought it was impossible subconsciously, but Xue Qingshan never lied. As for Zhao'er, she was stunned for a long time, and never thought Xue Qingshan could be so shameless.

She was once again shocked by Xue Qingshan's shamelessness. How could she have never discovered that he could be shameless like this before!

Xue TingRang sneered, not surprising that Xue Qingshan would react this way. Because in his mind, Xue Qingshan has never been a good thing.

"Eldest Uncle, you have to speak with your conscience. What do you mean I ran through the cabinets and cabinets at your house? Who on earth was the thief bitten by Heizi and then we discovered that you came back alone in advance alone."

"Who is the thief who knows in his heart. If it weren't for me catching you at the scene, would I quarrel with you!"

Xue Juncai came in behind Yang shi, watching him all the time. His heart was full of pain. He knew what was going on in his heart, but he couldn't say anything, he could only say anxiously: "Father, don't talk nonsense, how could Zhao'er Jie be a thief!"

Xue Qingshan spit: "Knowing people, knowing the face and not knowing the heart. The thief can be seen in front of you." He glared at Xue Juncai and cursed: "Are you really my son? You don't believe what I said. Can she be wronged?!"

Hearing that, Yang shi naturally believed it and cursed: "Oh, you stinky girl. You don't learn good, and instead you have learned to be a thief. You actually stole from this old mother's house. See how I..."

"Mother, what are you doing? Zhao'er Jie can't be a thief, don't listen to Dad talking nonsense!" Xue Juncai stopped.

"What do you mean by talking nonsense..."

The room was in a mess. At this time, a voice came from outside the door: "Eldest son, what's the matter? What are you doing?" It was Father Xue who came back.

Not only him, but there was also Zhao shi, who heard the noise in the main house as soon as they entered the courtyard door.

Following the voice, Father Xue opened the curtain and came in, looking at everyone in surprise.

"Father, you happened to be here at the right time. Zhao’er is a thief. She stole into my family’s house and made a mess."


Zhao'er's face paled with anger, and she felt that she was really a dog catching mice and being too nosy 1.

She raised the purse in her hand and said, "Believe it or not, the whole thing started with uncle's sneaky return. He was bitten by Heizi who thought he was a thief. Ting Rang and I heard the movement and saw this in my uncle's hand. If I am not mistaken, this purse belongs to Juncai, right? I gave the money in this purse to Juncai, so why would I steal it back? Instead of this, I might as well not have given it to him in the first place. "

Xue TingRang sneered at the several people, and then said to Father Xue: " I will testify for Zhao'er. Heizi, you know him. He would never bark or bite people randomly, but today it's strange, he just bit eldest uncle."

This is the truth. Heizi is a dog that has been different from other people's since he was a pup. Dogs from other families start to bark when people arrive at the door, but he didn’t bark even as a pup. In the past, it was only regarded as a dumb dog. On more than one occasion, Zhao shi disliked that Zhaoer hugged a dumb dog back. Instead of wasting food, it was better to throw it away. Later, they learned that it wasn’t it couldn’t bark, but disdain it.

It was a year when farming was busy, and there were thieves in the village, and it was actually gangs committing crimes, taking advantage of the fact that every household was busy in the field, stealing things from each house.

They were very experienced. They gave medicine to the dogs when they entered the village, so they kept stealing until they silently reached Xue's house. Heizi was at home at the time, but he hadn't uttered a word. The group still felt strange that this family didn't have a dog.

It's a pity that they couldn't laugh when they turned their faces. They were surrounded by a group of dogs. It was Heizi who took advantage of them to run out of the house from behind and call on a group of friends.

At that time, the dog barked so loudly that these people couldn’t even run away. It was only then that the countryside dogs were so fierce that they pounced on them and bit without letting go. Some villagers ran back when they heard the movement and took down the group of thieves who had been bitten and bruised on the spot.

Since then, people in the village know that Heizi is not a dumb dog, and it just doesn’t bother to bark.

Isn’t that an old saying that the dog that bites doesn’t bark?

Seeing Xue Qingshan's trouser leg being bitten, Father Xue's face immediately became extremely ugly.

Yang shi looked at her husband in disbelief, and cried out. She rushed to beat Xue Qingshan, crying: "Xue Qingshan, you wicked bastard. You can just steal my money but you actually stole from Juncai. It was your son who had spent so many days without rest, his eyes red from exhaustion. He couldn't even hold a bowl for a few days. I don't have the face to take the money that my son makes, so how could you have the face. "

"What are you doing. That’s enough, you shrew..." Xue Qingshan hid in a panic.

Zhao shi was also stunned. She would have protected her eldest son, but looking at the red eyes of her eldest grandson, she didn't say anything.

"You are really crazy, crazy!" Father Xue stomped and sighed again and again.

"Last time you lied to me that you wanted to find an academy for your son, so you took nearly a dozen silver from me. And then at the end, you asked Tingzi to help intercede and let Juncai go to Qingyuan. Afterwards, he didn’t go to Qingyuan and didn’t find an academy to attend, but the money was gone. Then I gave you all the money I had saved for more than ten years. Tell me, where has the money gone?”

"Where did the money go? The money was spent."

"Then where did you spend it? And what about the money that you took from your father? It was said that it was given for Juncai’s tuition next year. Don't tell me, you also spent it."

It goes without saying, there is no doubt about it. Otherwise, why take the risk of stealing his son's money.

  1. 狗拿耗子: another very interesting idiom. The meaning comes from the idea that the duty of the dog is to guard the door, and the cat specializes in catching mice. Therefore, the dog catching mice for cats is being nosy.

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