The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 71 pt 1

Xue TingRang raised the curtain to come in and saw Zhao'er kneeling on the kang with a thin blanket on her lap.

Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were shining, but her eyes were widened in anger.

It's a pity that she appeared fierce but was actually quite cowardly at heart.

"What miscellaneous book are you talking about?"

"It's this one!" Zhao'er slapped the book beside her, looking fiercely.

Xue TingRang was not surprised: "Oh, you are talking about this book. This was brought by Badou, and said it was given by the teacher."

Zhao'er was taken aback, and he stammered: "Teacher? You must have bluffed me. How could the master let you read this kind of book!"

"This kind of book? What's wrong with this kind of book?" Xue TingRang said as he walked over, sat down next to Zhao'er, and turned the pages casually: "This kind of book is pretty good."

"You actually say this kind of book is pretty good. It's obviously...obviously..."

"What is it?"

"It's an obscene book!"

Xue TingRang chuckled slightly, his voice was indescribably magnetic. Zhao'er felt very uneasy after hearing it and couldn't help but retreat a few steps back.

"Unexpectedly, Zhaoer still knows about lewd books?"

Zhao'er didn't even dare to look at him: "Why don't I know? A bad book is an obscene book!"

"Then you are wrong."

Xue TingRang became serious and looked at her and said: "The so-called benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom. Whether this is good or not depends on whoever looks at it. At first glance, you think this book is shocking and filthy. You don't know that this book is the pinnacle of popular sentiment. It writes about the ugliness of human nature and reality, from all levels of government officials to all levels of the citizens, and all the world. Since I am studying, I will naturally become an official in the future. I will need to know more to be more accommodating in the future so that I can adapt to local conditions."

This remark made Zhaoer dizzy and she always felt something was wrong, but Xue TingRang's appearance was so serious that he couldn't be more serious.

"But, but, this is obviously wrong. This book is not what you said it is. Obviously it is, it is..."

"It is what?"

"Obviously it's the thing between men and women!" Zhao'er finally said this with much difficulty.

"What thing?"

It was another interrogative sentence, and the ending tone sounded slightly high. Zhao'er felt her ears turn numb and found that the little man had sat down again, and the two were very close. A very strange atmosphere inexplicably made her feel uneasy and nervous.

She cleared her throat uncomfortably, pretending to be nonchalant and said: "Why are you sitting so close? Move over a little. It's too hot."

Xue TingRang glanced at her and stepped back honestly.

"Anyway, you shouldn't read this book. What you said is not the same as what is said in the book. You are not allowed to read this book in the future. You will learn bad things."

Xue TingRang sighed helplessly, his eyes faint: "You don't believe me?"

"It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I saw it and it didn't match what you said at all."

"Didn’t I say it before? Benevolent people see benevolence. You only see the extremely dirty side of this, but I see all kinds of things around Ximenqing 1. Look at Ximenqing's insidiousness, the snobbery of the prince, and... …"

Zhao'er was stunned by all this literary jargon. In the end it was because her thoughts were vulgar, so she only saw filth?

She arrogantly said: "Then reading a lot of this kind of book is not good!"

Xue TingRang nodded: "It's really not good."

Zhao'er didn't expect him to say this, and subconsciously asked: "Why is it bad?"

Without waiting for her to say anything, one person went up and pressed her down.

"This is not good."

Uh, Zhaoer didn't react.

Xue TingRang gave a light cough and said with a slight embarrassment: "You also know that I am not young anymore. When I grow up, I will grow up not only in size, but also in other places. Sometimes it is inevitable that I will have some thoughts and have some unnecessary impulses. And after reading this book, it has become more frequent."

Zhao'er's mind immediately exploded, and suddenly remembered that time when he was drunk and making trouble that night, and remembered that when he had just come in, she happened to have read the line where Ximenqing felt aroused and revealed his lower waist...

Her small face was already stained red, and immediately her face became even hotter as if she was dripping blood.

"you you you you……"

At the same time, the hair on her back became erect, and the whole person became sensitive, and she naturally felt the thing against her leg.

"Secondly, must have the sexual activity of a donkey."

She remembered what Wang Po said, and couldn't help thinking about some messy comparisons.

"Zhao'er, you know that every time a man has an arousal, he will have a person for him to imagine. Do you know who that person in my heart is?"

"I, I, I..."

Xue TingRang chuckled again, and the two of them were close together with their foreheads against each other, and their noses were even more intertwined. He whispered: "You know it's you too, but I didn't mean it on purpose, I just couldn't restrain it. After all, the youth is full of young blood."

As he chuckled, Zhao'er felt something poking her leg a few times.

Feeling the heat and hardness, she felt that she was scalded into shrimps, and at the same time she couldn't help but think of another picture--

The woman's shirt was half open, and her temples were leaned against the pile of firewood. The other places are neat, but under the skirt, there are two thin white legs looming, swaying in the air.

"Zhao'er, I have always wanted to do to you what Zhao Jinrui did to my little aunt..."

  1. name of male protagonist inside the book Jin Ping Mei. If interested in the story, I will link the wikipedia for the book right here

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