The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 69 pt 2

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On the other side, the uncles and aunties surrounded by Mao Badou who was selling the Spring Festival couplets. While his mouth ran dry, he finally understood why it was necessary for them to write Spring Festival couplets. Don't be too literary. Be simple. It is true that the vast number of young and old men and women villagers like this.

After selling out this village, go to the next village.

More than five hundred spring couplets and the word "Fu" were only sold in two villages and they are almost gone. After so much effort, Li Datian and others were also a little shocked at the speed of the money. The paper is not any good paper. And the ink is ordinary. The only cost is labor, but one set sells more than ten wen, at least, so they earn more than 80%.

"Zhao'er Jie, how about we go back and write some more instead of going to the next village? When you come back, we will almost be able to finish another batch of couplets." Chen Jian said suddenly.

Zhao'er is thinking about this too. She thinks even further and even wants to sell it in town. She had planned to run a few nearby villages for a while, but now it seems that there is more potential for this business.

She expressed her thoughts and said: "Take advantage of the new year and make a big profit. It’ll help save you some money for the exam next year. There is always a need for money in this world. You cannot just read only the book and ignore the fundamental problem. You go back to write, and then let’s go out and sell. When we get back, I will call a few more people, so let’s do a good job. Don’t worry, for the amount you make, we will split the profit half and half. I will not reduce your benefits."

Zhao'er speaks so comprehensively that others can't say anything even if they want to refuse. So the group was divided into two groups. Xue TingRang took Mao Badou and the others home, and Zhaoer took Xue Taoer to the next village.

"Can you take Sister Tao'er?" Xue TingRang was still a little worried when he got into the carriage.

"Of these ten miles and eight villages, are you afraid that someone will eat me? You forgot about Heizi?" As she said this, a big dog head emerged from the carriage and sighed at Xue TingRang twice. When they left the house earlier, Heizi stayed in the carriage with a blank face and didn't get off. Since they were in a rush and there were many places to go, she took it with her.

"That's fine, you come back early."

Zhao'er returned soon. When she got home, Xue's family was lively because Xue Juncai was also back.

Xue Juncai suffered from frostbite on his face and hands. In fact, they knew that there can be no kang in the academy. You can only rely on burning charcoal for heating, and if students who are not wealthy at home can afford to burn charcoal, they can only rely on hard resistance.

Zhao shi felt so distressed that her crying voice could be heard while standing in the yard. Zhao'er sighed secretly, gave the carriage to Xue Qingbai, and went into the house.

In the room, Xue TingRang and others are struggling to write.

It seems that everyone knows that they can make money, and they can make a lot of money. Although money is a dud thing, you can't do anything without money.

Zhao'er didn't rest for too long, and then she went out with the second batch of spring festival couplets. Xue Qinghuai also went this time since he was always worried about letting the two girls out alone.

The group of people stayed busy until it got dark, and they didn't stop until Zhaoer came back, and they got back two packs of copper plates.

When Zhao'er poured the cloth bag on the kang, she heard the rattling sound, which was very pleasing to the ears.

Mao Badou clucked his tongue again and again: "Zhaoer Jie, how much is there?"

"Not much, I guess there are ten taels of silver."

They ran a total of five villages, and in each village, she sold 200 sets on average. There were fifteen wen ones, ten wen ones, and of course there were retail sales, but Zhao'er knew that the fluctuations would not be too large.

"Do you still have the strength? If so, come and help count the money, and we will divide it afterwards."

As soon as they heard this, their lack of strength turned into real strength.

Just like this, one person counted and one person stringed the coins, and the money was quickly sorted out. No more, no less, ten liang and seventy-eight wen. Zhao’er was on point.

There are a total of seven people, so they divided the money into seven evenly, and one part is just over one or two liang. Xue Taoer didn't want any, saying that she didn't help much. Xue TingRang wrote the spring festival couplets. They sold the spring festival couplets to Zhaoer and Xue Qinghuai, and she only helped out a bit.

Zhao'er put the string of copper coins into her arms: "Okay, Tao'er, we here don’t have your method of calculation. You can hold it for yourself, save a dowry or something, and that way you will have more money in the future."

After that, Tao'er returned to the third family with the allocated money. When Zhou shi saw the money, tears flashed in her eyes: "Your Zhao’er jie is very generous and thoughtful. If she gives you the money , just keep it. We will return the favor in the future."

It’s not just comprehensive. Before, Zhou shi had been muttering in her heart that Zhaoer took the fourth family to do business, and now the fourth family was prosperous. She wanted to let her man go and talk to Zhao’er about it, but her man had no face to say it. Whoever thought it didn't take long for Zhao’er to build an orchard on the mountain and give the third family a way to make a living allowance.

Zhou can also see now that Zhao'er is a capable person, and by following the second family, they will not worry about having a good life in the future.

Happiness is always short-lived. After eating, Zhaoer walked in with a stack of red paper.

These red papers were bought in the town before she returned in the afternoon. Unlike last time, she bought a lot this time.

"You’ve eaten enough and had enough rest. Let's get to work quickly."

"Zhaoer Jie, you must have been a landlord in your last life."

Zhao'er was not vague at all, and smiled and nodded: "Zhao'er Jie will also be a big landlord in this life. Just wait, this day is not far away."

After some playing, they all went to work. Xue Taoer and Sun shi both came to help cut the paper. Zhao'er lifted the curtain and went out. It was already dark outside, and the lights were on in the main room and the east wing.

She walked under the window of the East Wing and West Room and knocked on the window.

No one answered.

She knocked a few more times.

Not long after, the window opened from the inside, revealing Xue Juncai's face that had lost a lot of weight.

He looked at Zhao'er in surprise, but his voice was dry: "Zhao'er, you need something?"

"Have you rested? Help me do work if you don’t need rest."

Xue Juncai didn't expect Zhao'er to say that. He was a little stunned. He said for a while: "I haven't rested, what do I need to do."

"You'll know if you come out."

As Yang shi asked Xue Juncai what he was going out to do, the door creaked and Xue Juncai walked out.

Yang shi also followed, still asking what he is going to do.

Zhao'er said: "Auntie, don't worry, I just called Juncai to help me do some work."

"What kind of work can he do for you? Zhaoer, you’ve actually begun commanding Juncai..."

"Mother, shut up. I am willing to do it!" Xue Juncai said suddenly.

Yang shi immediately did not dare to speak. After the previous scene, she also realized that her son had changed. The current Xue Juncai made Yang shi a little scared. If it is said that she pampered him before, now she is holding him in her hand for fear of falling. There is always a feeling that he will suddenly explode.

"Okay, mother doesn't care. You go, you go."

"Let's go."

The two went to the door of the second family’s house, and as the cotton curtain was opened, the scene inside was revealed.

The crowd was prosperous, lively, and warm. Everyone smiled as if they were very happy.

"Do you see them? They were all caught by me to help work." Zhao'er pointed to the teenagers who were surrounded together and writing couplets. There was not enough space, so they borrowed all the tables in the third and fourth families' bedrooms and put them together into one big table. The women were busy cutting red paper on the kang.

"You know how to write, right? That's what you need to do. Don't worry, you will get paid."

Xue Juncai said hurriedly: "Zhaoer Jie, even if you don't pay me, I will still work for you."

Mao Badou's writing hand was getting tired at the moment. He saw Zhaoer caught a strong man, threw down his pen, and ran over: "You are also here to help? Hurry up, come here."

As he said this , he put his hand on Xue Juncai's neck and dragged him away.

When Xue Juncai reacted, he was stuffed with a pen in his hand.

"Write quickly, don't just stand there. I'm tired and will take a rest."

Xue Juncai's eyes became a little hot. He dipped his pen in the inkstone and began to write.

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