The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 67 pt 2

If she hadn’t seen what had happened in the morning, Zhao'er would really think that even if this person's character is not good, at least he has done his best for Xue Juncai. But after that scene in the morning, she knew that Xue Qingshan had taken money from Yang shi and used it all to coax Widow Xue, and in front of the family, he pretended to look tired and beaten. No matter how Zhao’er looks at him, she has an urge to beat him.

No wonder he was so unscrupulous, because he had already planned the future. He has acted in such a way these days and picked a time like this so that her little man 1 wouldn’t refuse him.

Even if he wanted to refuse, he couldn’t refuse because Elder Xue and Zhao shi were still watching. Even if this conversation was taken outside to talk, Xue TingRang would be considered unreasonable since he was unwilling to help with such a small favor.

For a moment, Zhao'er really wanted to stand up and tell everything she saw in the morning, tearing off the man's hypocritical face. But at the same time, Xue Juncai's complicated face flashed in front of her.

Zhao'er looked at Xue TingRang, who was still eating slowly, holding the bowl and chopsticks in his hands. But from his drooping eyebrows, you can see the cold color in his eyes.

"Ting Rang, your eldest uncle has told you about this matter. What is your idea? Say something?"

Zhao shi interjected: "It's just such a small matter, what ideas can he have? Gou’er, go and talk to your teacher. Your brother Juncai is good at studying, and the teacher will definitely like him."

Zhao'er wanted to say something, but Xue TingRang put down the bowl and grabbed her hand from under the table.

"Okay, uncle, I'll be going to the academy tomorrow, so I'll talk to my teacher."

The joy on Xue Qingshan's face was evident, but he tried to exercise restraint. This is also true of Yang shi. Although she is a little confused, she is still very happy in her heart.

Compared with her son's studies, it didn’t matter if she lost face.

"Ting Rang, Auntie thanks you. Before, Auntie didn't know anything, so she blamed Zhao’er..."

"Stop talking!"

With this shout, there was the sound of the stool being brought to the ground. This sound was a little loud, and the two small children who hadn't looked here were so frightened that they looked over immediately.

Xue Juncai's face was very ugly, as if suppressing something, and his action stunned everyone.

"Juncai, what's wrong?"

"Don't say anything anymore. I won't go to Qingyuan!" He seemed to have a lot of things buried in his heart, and his chest was rising up and down. These words also seemed to be very difficult to say, and he didn't even lift his head.

Xue Juncai wanted to go outside, but was held back by Yang shi.

"Juncai, what is going on? Qingyuan is such a good school. Do you think your mother has embarrassed you before? I apologized to Zhao'er and Ting Rang..."

Yang shi seemed a little at lost.

Seeing such a face, Xue Juncai only felt so tired. He didn't know what to say, so he could only repeat the same sentence.

"Mother, I just don't want to go. Anywhere is okay, just not Qingyuan."


"If you don't want to go, then don't go! If you don't go then don’t think about going to school!" Xue Qingshan also stood up suddenly, angrily said: "The family members have spoiled you. Your father has been busy everyday with your affairs. My legs have almost been broken from running around everyday. Now that I have found a place for you, you tell me you don’t want to go. What do you want to do if you don't go?!"

"Eldest son, why are you scolding Juncai so much? You are crazy!" Zhao shi cried from the side.

"Mother, you treat it as if I am willing to scold him, but look at him..."

When Xue Qingshan said this, he was filled with righteous indignation and was very excited, making it seem as if he had done his best for his son, but his son was ignorant and ungrateful.

But when all of this was put in the eyes of Xue Juncai, it all turned into an act.

"Father, how do you have the face… how do you have the face?" Xue Juncai screamed out this sentence with much difficulty.

"What do you mean, how do I have the face? Oh, you stinky boy! You’ve learned to talk back..." Xue Qingshan raised his hand and wanted to hit him, but Juncai was hugged by Yang shi.

"Eldest son, what are you doing!"

The room was in a mess, and Xue Juncai ran out.

"Anyway, I won't go to Qingyuan."

That night, there was a lot of trouble in the eldest family’s room.

The old couple finally persuaded Xue Qingshan to speak to the child patiently, but not long after they went back, the eldest family started to fight again. Xue Juncai just didn't want to go to Qingyuan, no matter what the Dafang couple said.

Xue Qingshan was so angry that he almost wanted to hit someone. Yang shi cried every day, but Juncai just couldn't be convinced. Not only that, the Xue family also took turns to persuade, but he just didn't want to go.

Only Zhao'er and Xue TingRang understood what was going on.

The matter was put on hold.

Time flew by quickly, and the autumn harvest arrived in a blink of an eye.

The autumn harvest has always been the busiest time for farmers. Not only do they have to harvest grain, but this season is also the time to store supplies for the winter. After the autumn harvest, the weather suddenly becomes cold.

The winter in Yuqing Village is very cold, and Zhao'er's business depends on the season. When autumn passes into winter, there is almost no business to do. But with the money earned in the previous few months, they can still live comfortably.

Xue TingRang still travels between the academy and home, but his studies are more busy than before because Lin Miao intends to let the four disciples have a try at the imperial exam next February. Since he is about to take the imperial exam, he naturally can't relax.

It was not until it started to snow that Qingyuan closed the museum, and when it reopened, it would be the next spring.

Xue TingRang returned home, reading and making essays every day and occasionally teaching literacy to Zhao’er. His life was very enjoyable. But compared to him, Zhao'er can only be annoyed. She can't go anywhere when it snows outside. This is all a loss of money, but who made her business so special that there is really no way she can do her business now.

The days went on like this, and in a blink of an eye, it was the end of the year.

  1. Zhao’er is referring to TingRang

Things get even more dramatic and interesting after this... and [hint, hint] there is retribution.

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