The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 65 pt 1

This incident caused a sensation in the Qingyuan Academy. At that time, some students kept asking questions. Later, it was found from the words and phrases disclosed by the yamen that it was actually related to the case of Sun Hei's death.

Since then, the traitor that has been in the mouth of the students since the incident has finally been exposed.

It turned out to be Hu Lianshen.

In fact, some people suspected Hu Lianshen long ago, but the incident happened suddenly and several students who participated in the fight at the time were all detained. Everyone's communication was blocked, and naturally some context was not clear, but on that day, some students knew that Hu Lianshen should have actually gone with them, but because of diarrhea, he couldn't make the trip.

Afterwards, all the students who went there were imprisoned, but Hu Lianshen escaped. It seems to be lucky, but sometimes, too much luck can easily arouse people's suspicion.

There was a lot of discussion in the academy for a while, and the context of Sun He's death seemed to be clearer.

Some students made a summary, and the general direction of the matter should be like this-

Because Sun He's name resembled Sun Hei, he,, a son of the rich family, was hostile to Sun Hei as soon as he entered the building. But the name was given by the parents, so it would not be changed if it resembled others. Because of this incident and the poverty of his family, Sun Hei suffered from alienation and humiliation in school. And Sun He is the head of the rich family. He hates Sun Hei, so naturally someone will help him out. So Sun Hei should have been insulted by them all the time. He was meant to pass the time. Who would have thought that Sun Hei died the last time.

It was not a trivial matter. Sun He told his parents, and the rich businessman Sun's family went to Gao Youzhi. Gao Youzhi acted on the occasion and staged a scene of planting and putting the blame on another. At this time, the spy played a role. Without the traitor, the students in the two halls would not meet each other.

After some students who knew the inside information revealed that this fight was indeed initiated by Hu Liansheng. As for whether Hu Liansheng has done anything in it, no one knows.

No one knew what the county government did with Gao Youzhi, and even Sun He and others, and they couldn't find out what the students were capable of. Lin Miao could inquire, but since he returned from the fight, he didn't care much about outside affairs. It seemed that the fate of those people had nothing to do with him.

Others don't know what Lin Miao thinks, but Xue TingRang has a few ideas in his mind. After all these things, his cheap teacher seems to be a little smarter.

And the first step is not to ask questions that shouldn't be asked, and don't get to the bottom of it.

In fact, Xue TingRang didn't care about the result. Third young master Shen was considered a person with a righteous heart. His story was not so much for others as it was for third young master Shen.

When third young master Shen asked how Sun Hei died, he knew that third young master Shen would definitely not sit back and watch. Xia County was the site of the Shen family. How could the Shen family allow such troubles in the rear area to take advantage of the Shen family’s ability? It's just a casual thing.

Sure enough, it didn't take long before the magistrate Hu left Xia County.

No one knows how he will end up. The new magistrate's surname is Xu. The first thing that the magistrate Xu took office was to come to the Qingyuan Academy, to express his encouragement to Lin Miao and others, and to assign the already closed Qinghe Academy to Qingyuan to expand the interior of the Academy, solving the problem of the limited space of the academic hall that stopped the academy from widely accepting students.

He also specifically called Xue TingRang, and after seeing him, he didn't show a different look, but before he left, he said: "The hero is a teenager. Study hard and strive to end as soon as possible."

Don't think these are ordinary words. In fact, this is almost stating that a place has been left for Xue TingRang on the next county test, and at least a position of tongsheng 1 is safe and secure.

Xue TingRang knew well, and he was at ease.

The days went by and the gossip of Sun Hei’s death finally faded out of sight. Some people were curious and asked Xue TingRang privately about how Sun Hei died, but Xue TingRang has never revealed this secret.

Over time, everyone stopped asking.

On this day, Lin Miao called Xue TingRang to the study.

Lin Miao's face was a bit bad, a little darker than usual.

Xue TingRang looked at his expression for a while, and finally confirmed that this was indeed anger. Could it be that he has been too busy recently, that is why he became so annoyed.

He was thinking wildly below, and Lin Miao above was also looking at him and angrily laughed.

"What are you looking at?"

"I think the teacher seems to have become a lot younger recently, and he is particularly energetic." The poor boy has been fighting with Mao Badou for a long time, and his tongue has become slick. If it was before, Xue TingRang would not be able to say such a thing.

Lin Miao cleared his throat and said, "You’ve called ‘teacher’ many times, but I didn't see you baishi2. What kind of teacher are you calling?!"

Xue TingRang was stunned for a moment. Does this imply that he should quickly complete the etiquette to apprenticeship?

He smiled: "Teacher, I'll go and do it now." After speaking, he hurriedly left.

Looking at his retreating back, Lin Miao shook his head helplessly.


  1. pupil who can take the imperial examinations
  2. formally become an apprentice to a master. There are usually protocols/formalities that need to take place.

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