The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 64 pt 2

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Silence. At this time there was only silence covering this space, so quiet that you can't even hear the sound of breathing.

Suddenly someone was laughing, laughing softly. It seemed very relaxed, yet also seemed too heavy and burdenful. Some people were crying faintly, and the choking was so suppressed that people couldn't bear to hear it.

In the crowd, Zhao'er covered her mouth, tears streaming down uncontrollably. Mao Badou, Li Datian, and Chen Jian all have complex faces and moist eyes.

In another place, a gentle and handsome young man was hiding behind the crowd, tears already wetting his cheek.

"This is the story you're going to tell?" Shen Fu's voice was a little dazed.

Xue TingRang stopped smiling and nodded.

"Why didn't you talk about it before?"

Why not talk about it? Was it necessary to speak of this?

Shen Fu looked at this young man who was standing on this majestic court and looking a little thin and weak.

In fact, the boy was braver than he thought. He turned the tide in an unexpected way, saved the whole situation, and saved his teacher and classmates.

He has some cleverness, so he used the almost grandstanding way to answer questions and answers with County Magistrate Hu. So he did everything properly and took in consideration the faces of everyone except Gao Youzhi, who had to be used as a target. Maybe if he could choose,he wouldn’t even want to offend Gao Youzhi.

Because he is so weak and only a farmer, what ability does he have to fight against the county magistrate, the owner of the No. 1 Academy in Huyang Township, and the rich Sun family? If one of these people stood up casually, it was enough to crush him to death.

But he still came, and carefully rescued his teacher and classmates, but did not make things too bad.

It's a pity that he [Shen Fu talking about himself] is too ignorant and broke the situation he [TingRang] tried to maintain.

Shen Fu's eyes were compassionate yet filled with appreciation, even sighing, which was very complicated. Xue TingRang knew that Shen San was thinking too much just by seeing this expression.

The other party really thought too much. He is actually such a despicable person. Even if he was still sighing and pitying the countless "Sun Hei"s in Qinghe, in the next moment he will always try to get himself in the most advantageous position.

As for why the original intention was changed this time?

Who let this Shen San be so untactful!

"I seem to have broken your plans." People with high status always speak and do things so unscrupulously. Shen Fu, Shen Fu, do you not look at the person next to you?

Xue TingRang blinked, his fair and gentle face displaying a particularly innocent feeling.

"What's the meaning of San Gongzi's remarks?"

Shen Fu smiled and stood up: "Since you don't understand, forget it." After a pause, he said again: "May I ask, how did Sun Hei die?"

"Can I not say it?"

Shen Fu sighed: "Since you don't want to say it, just forget it. I admire you very much. You can come to Shen's house as a guest when you have free time. Just report my name, and naturally someone will lead you to see me.

After that, without waiting for Xue TingRang to speak, he passed by him and patted him on the shoulder and left. The entourage who came with him also hurriedly followed.

At this time, there was already great chaos in the hall. The Sun family and his wife were crying to death, and Gao Youzhi and Sun He, who collapsed on the ground, seemed to have their backbones removed.

Xue TingRang suddenly felt a sense of boredom. He looked at County magistrate Hu who seemed a little flustered in the first place: "County Magistrate, I was wondering if this young one and this young one’s teacher and classmates can leave?"


After getting a reply, Xue TingRang didn't look at other people anymore. He stepped forward to support Lin Miao and led the way out.

It wasn't until he left the gate of the county government office that all the noise behind him seemed to fade a little.

Xue TingRang smiled and was about to speak to Lin Miao and the others, when suddenly a person rushed over, gave him a big hug and started wailing.

"Gouer, you say, when you came to school in town, you were bullied as well, right. Tell your sister, who bullied you. Sister will help you beat him!"

Zhao'er cried with tears and mucus streaming down her face, and she was so ugly that she shouldn’t be seen in public. But Xue TingRang's heart suddenly fell to the ground, with a sense of peace of mind.

At this time, he rejoiced once again that he didn't let her know about Sun Hei’s matter, otherwise he didn't know what she would think of.

"Where are you thinking."

The Qingyuan Academy once again returned to its former calm, and the students who had left the museum and returned home have also returned.

The two gentlemen Lin Miao and Meng Mo didn't say much. It seemed that the previous incident had never happened. Only a few students complained, but due to the Xiansheng and the owner, they didn't dare to say anything.

Everything was so peaceful and peaceful, and sometimes Xue TingRang would think that maybe Lin Miao and the two gentlemen’s auras are like this, so that the students studying in Qingyuan Academy feel a sense of peace.

As for whether everyone is ashamed or not, whether there are regrets, no matter what, this is the precipitation of everyone. And a person's life is accumulated from this little bit of precipitation, whether it is right or wrong. Everything will go away with the wind, and the only constant thing is the path in front.

This route must be walked alone, and every step will be taken care of by yourself.

Knowing mistakes can improve oneself, and Lin Miao truly interpreted the meaning of this sentence. If it were before the change, Xue TingRang would not like this kind of person very much, but after experiencing all this, he gained some other experience.

Because while being at ease and leisurely, he saw the shame on the faces of those classmates. Maybe they will get better and become a responsible man little by little. In fact, if he switched his thought process, what boy in his teens can truly experience calm and no change when a mountain has collapsed.

After returning that time, Mao Badou once said worriedly that he was afraid that the magistrate Hu would retaliate against Xue TingRang and make him lose face. Xue TingRang explained repeatedly but he couldn't make him understand that even if those people hate him, no matter how much they hate him, at least on the surface they dare not do anything.

And that seemed to be the case. Magistrate Hu took Gao Youzhi and Sun He into custody with resolute speed, and Qinghe Academy collapsed and scattered. In the past few days, students’ families came to riot at the academy every day.

After paying so much money, the academy is about to close now. No one can feel comfortable. After all, the children of ordinary people still account for the majority.

In this incident, Lin Miao, as the owner, did not give up on the students, preferred to accompany them to jail, and also protected the students. This was widely circulated by the common people, so the number of students who came to Qingyuan to study increased sharply.

This was probably the scene that the two Xiansheng wanted to see most before, but when this actually happened, they realized what it meant to want more than they can handle.

At this moment, another incident happened when Hu Lianshen was suddenly taken away by people from the county government.

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