The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 63 part 3

There was also Gao Youzhi. His heart was pounding, and he heard the magistrate Hu ask what he wanted to ask: "What do you mean by this?"

"This young one didn't mean anything, but wanted to say that this Sun Hei is not the other Sun He. The name of the deceased was Sun Hei, but he was not Sun He who was fighting with the students in my academy that day. Since he was not, Sun Hei did not contact Qingyuan students. Why did he die in the Qinghe Academy, but this charge is planted on us?"

Without waiting for everyone's response, Xue TingRang turned to Gao Youzhi and sneered: "Gaoguan master, your stupid plan was well made. So that my Qingyuan student can't talk about hardships and can't complain about mistreatment. Lost teeth can only be swallowed with blood, because even we don’t know if we accidentally killed someone or not. But the owner of the academy is upright and unwilling to collude with students to change their confession, so he decided to take on the responsibility even when he is wronged."

The scene suddenly became chaotic. Not only were the onlookers talking about it, but even the scribe and registrar in the hall looked at each other.

Only Gao Youzhi’s expression changed, and of course there was also the magistrate Hu, but he had been serving as an official for many years, so he was able to keep his composure and pretend to be puzzled and ask what was going on.

And Xue TingRang did not continue to talk in circles any more, and started saying that he accidentally discovered that he actually knew Sun Hei's old grandmother and Sun Hei himself.

However, he would definitely not say that he had seen it all in a dream. The excuse was that he had a relationship with the grandfather and grandson, so he knew that Sun Hei was called Sun Hei, not Sun He. Because of this, he was suspicious at that time, but the doubts could not be evidence, so he deliberately went to Sun Hei's home.

After hearing what Xue TingRang said, everyone on the court was in an uproar. Sun Hei's parents were even more stunned on the spot. It took a long time for them to recover and ask Xue TingRang how their son died.

Seeing this honest couple in the countryside, Xue TingRang's eyes were complicated, his throat was choked, and he said after a long while, "I don't know about this. Then I have to ask the master of the academy."

At this time, Gao Youzhi's face was like a palette, and it was wonderful.

Xue TingRang's words immediately made him sober, stood up and sneered: "Just because you say it is wrong then it is wrong, who do you think you are? What can you prove in court by your own words!"

Xue TingRang sneered and ignored him, taking out a piece of paper from his sleeve and unfolding it.

There was a lifelike portrait of a person painted on that piece of paper. Anyone who knows Sun Hei would know that this is Sun Hei. Especially his gloomy temperament was painted vividly, and there was no mistaking it.

Xue TingRang took it in front of the Sun family and asked them, "Is this your son Sun Hei?"

The Sun couple nodded their heads, and at the same time they shed tears, especially Sun Hei's mother, who murmured Hei'er in her mouth and slid to the ground.

Xue TingRang took the portrait and went to the students involved in Qingyuan: "Have you seen this person?


All of them shook their heads and said they hadn't seen him before.

Xue TingRang then said to the county magistrate Hu and the people: "The Sun He who was present at the scene was the Sun He of the rich businessman's Sun family, not Sun Hei of the Sun family village. If you don't believe it, the county magistrate can now order someone to go to the Sun family to pick up Sun He. Presumably, the county magistrate must know which family is this Sun He is from, right?"

This big drama is really breathtaking, with ups and downs.

The magistrate of Mingminghu has accompanied Third Young Master Shen to the back of the Retreat Hall for a short rest, and the people surrounding him have not left. It is bound to see how the case turns out in the end.

A government officer came to report, and a person named Sun He had been arrested from the Sun family, but they don't know if this Sun He is the right Sun He.

Xue TingRang knew that it was true without having to look at it. This county magistrate Hu wouldn’t risk his own official position to protect a wealthy businessman's son.

Xue TingRang knew the routines of these officials too well. It was commonplace to lose his pawn and protect himself.

Sure enough, after Sun He was brought up to court, the students of Qingyuan said that he was there that day.

In fact, when things have reached this point, it's already obvious. Someone must be involved in this matter to create such a scheme.

Needn't make it clear that Gao Youzhi was the first offender.

As for how Sun Hei himself died and why Gao Youzhi went to great lengths to deliberately confuse the two students and deliberately plant Sun Hei's death to Qingyuan Academy, this is also the main purpose of Shen Fu staying here and continuing to watch. Of course, there are also the common people outside.

Gao Youzhi's face was pale and finally confessed his purpose.

It turned out that he had an old grudge with Lin Miao, the curator of Qingyuan. Just to harm Lin Miao, he deliberately created this scheme. As for the death of Sun Hei, it was an accident. Sun Hei died suddenly from an old disease. But he bought off the county government's bureaucrats and veterans to create this fake case.

Things seem to have been explained, and everything was done by Gao Youzhi. Not only did the people in Qingyuan show anger, but even the people outside scolded him.

In the minds of the common people, scholars, especially those who are teachers, first of all have good moral character. How they teach students when their own moral character is not enough. Even among the people, there are children from families who are sent to Qinghe Academy to study at a high price, because Qinghe Academy is the best academy in Huyang Township.

"This doesn't make sense. If it's just for revenge, why must Sun Hei be named Sun He? Is it just because the two names have the same phonology?" Shen Fu suddenly said.

The hall fell silent immediately.

Gao Youzhi's pupils tightened for a while, and Xue TingRang sighed secretly. It seemed he could not keep it a secret anymore.

He took so much effort to hide some of things, but he didn't expect that it was Shen Fu, the most important person in the hall, who raised the objection.

Forget it, some people should be punished!

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