The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 63 part 2

Whenever a life is involved in a lawsuit, regardless of the judgment, it is a dead end to their career path as an official, and these students have been studying hard for many years. They had wanted to get first or second rank results in the imperial exam and make a name for themselves.

The Qingyuan students involved were all pale. Even the usually calm one, Wang Qi, couldn't help but panic.

"County Magistrate, this young one has something to say."

Madam Hu looked over and said, "Speak."

"Although there was a dispute that day, this young one never physically hurt anyone from beginning to end, but the others had a dispute with each other, and finally they fought."

When Wang Qi said this, several other students also said: "County Magistrate, this young one didn't hit anyone but just tore the other's clothes."

"It wasn't me who was the first to hit someone, it was Yu Ziyou."

Yu Ziyou stared at these defiant people with red eyes: "You--"

There was chaos in the hall, and Gao Youzhi, who was sitting on the side, couldn't help covering his mouth and nose with his sleeves, but his eyes were looking at Lin Miao, who was looking ashen.

It's in vain to call yourself a gentleman, so what about gentlemen? The students taught by you, this gentleman, are only the generation of rats and dogs. Nothing has even really started yet but there is already internal conflict.

Lin Miao, Lin Miao, do you still think I am a villain? !

"Quiet!" With a startled sound, the county magistrate Hu shouted: "You dare to make noise in the courtroom. If it weren’t the fact that you are still young, this official would have let someone hit you with a paddle to make you behave."

There was silence in the hall, and even if there was more to say, these students dare not say anything.

At this moment, another voice sounded: "County Magistrate, in fact, they are right. They really didn't beat anyone."

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in and outside the hall couldn't help but look at the person who made the statement.

It was the standing majestically Xue TingRang who was not anxious or worried.

"What do you mean?"

Xue TingRang did not answer, but asked, "County Magistrate, this young one would like to ask if the County Magistrate has examined the injuries on the corpse?"

Magistrate Hu was taken aback, and rebuked: "Absurd, how could this official start this court session without already having examined the injuries!" After his voice fell, he suddenly changed his tone: "No bother. You are still young, this official will not argue with you. Come, coroner, bring in the paperwork that was filed after the injury on that day."

Not long afterwards, a coroner who was more than sixty-years old entered and he passed up his report.

It is probably not the first time this person has been in court. He is neither humble nor overbearing, telling the results of his examination in front of everyone and presenting a paper document.

Sun He's death was due to a heavy blow to his internal organs, causing his liver to be damaged and he died.

This coroner even explained in detail the process of self-inspection. Internal injuries like this are not easy to judge, and just relying on the vomiting of blood from the deceased's mouth can't prove the cause of the other's death. Because the matter was of great importance and also to figure out the specific cause of death, the coroner even gave the deceased a laparotomy.

According to this story, Sun He's liver was ruptured and even a hole was formed in his intestines.

He described it too vividly and bloodyly, and the onlookers were covering their mouths and noses. Some people who could not bear it even retched.

"Alright, alright. You can retreat as soon as possible." County magistrate Hu waved and rebuked, and the old coroner retired from the court.

"Do you have any objections?" Hu County magistrate said to Xue TingRang.

Xue TingRang blinked, looking innocent: "This young one never had any objections."

These words made County magistrate Hu speechless. He specifically called the coroner up, and even had to hear such disgusting things, yet this was all for nothing? Was this kid playing with him?

A smile flashed in Shen Fu's eyes. It seemed that he was deliberately playing tricks. But what does he want to do? Thinking of this, he couldn't help frowning.

Xue TingRang looked at County Magistrate Hu with a smile, and said respectfully: "The County Magistrate handles cases thoroughly and rigorously, so how could he not even inspect the injuries."

Magistrate Hu was about to say something when TingRang went on to say: "It's just that the County Magistrate’s subordinates made a mistake. In fact, this matter has nothing to do with the county magistrate. After all, it is the mistake of the magistrate’s subordinate."

The smile on County Majesty Hu's face was put away, and he was in a state of uncertainty. Xue TingRang threw another groundbreaking fact: "It was just because some people were negligent in their duties that a murder case was inexplicably planted on the head of my Qingyuan Academy, making the students in our academy panic and become unwilling to study, making our academy owner exhausted, and forcing the dignified students to take off their uniforms and accompany the innocent suffering students in jail together.

"Although this young one is not talented, he has read many books. He also knows the officials are just, fair and honest and knows the majesty of this court, and how much the people respect the county elders and the county government. Today I dare to stand in court because I want to ask for justice for all of my Qingyuan Academy. I also hope that the County Magistrate can find out who this negligent person is and give my Qingyuan justice!"

These words were so loud and impassioned that people couldn't help but awe. But at the same time, many people were also wondering whether this young scholar was hysterical, and how he could go up to County Magistrate Hy to ask for justice. Only Shen Fu revealed a thoughtful flash in his eyes.

TingRang is very smart. He knows who to target and what to say. But I would say that although he is intelligent, most of his skills are things he spent his whole past lifetime learning.

I think in comparison, I admire Zhao'er more. She has no formal education, no backer, no parents, and no previous lifetime experience. She's the real intelligent one.

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