The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 63 part 1

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The crowd moved for a while, and a few people squeezed out.

These people were young and wore student robes. Immediately after they stood still, without even taking a breath, one of the students sorted out his clothes and stepped into the lobby.

"Who are you? Daring to disturb the court." County magistrate Hu slapped the gavel and shouted.

"This young one 1 is a student of Qingyuan Academy. Surname is Xue and name is TingRang. This time I came here to respond to the lawsuit on behalf of my teacher. I also hope that the county magistrate will forgive my recklessness. This young one came from dozens of miles away and has not deliberately come to disturb the court." Xue TingRang said as he bowed.

"What are you doing? Why haven’t you quickly retreated? This is not something that you, a young student, can solve." Lin Miao said with complicated eyes.

Xue TingRang smiled slightly and said: "Teacher said that he would accept me as a disciple that day. Although I have not formally become teacher’s disciple, in my heart I have already regarded you as my teacher. When teacher is in trouble and fellow classmates are in trouble, how can this disciple be calm? Leaving the academy in a hurry was also a last resort. It is not because this disciple is greedy for life and fears death, but it is for seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages."

Majesty Hu frowned and said, "This is on the court. If your master and disciple want to recount your old feelings, you can continue after the case is over. Lin Miao, this officer has put up with this because of your status as a student and subject to the imperial court, but you have repeatedly blocked the progress of this case, and this official will not allow you any more excuses."

Lin Miao was about to explain when Xue TingRang stepped forward and said, "I hope that the county magistrate will be enlightened. It is not the teacher who blocked the county government from handling the case, but this boy who rushed in. If you want to pursue the responsibility, the responsibility should rest on this one’s shoulders. It has nothing to do with the teacher."

There is something wrong with this statement. In front of the public, he was implying that magistrate Hu was arguing with a young man. Isn’t that saying magistrate Hu is narrow-minded? Naturally, the magistrate Hu couldn't care about it. This young man had escaped one conviction, but didn't he think that the case was not yet settled, so why is he not afraid of the magistrate’s possible revenge.

Shen Fu picked up the tea offered by the official and took a sip. Forget it, since he has benefited from others, he can't always just receive the benefits without doing anything. He can’t help with anything else, but it is still okay to help say a few things in their favor. Even if the case goes to trial, and the other party still can't come out innocent, no one will be able to say that he had not helped out.

"This young man has a heart to care for his teacher. Master Hu should also be tolerant."

Hearing this, county magistrate Hu immediately changed his attitude and said with a smile: "As the third young master said, as a parent of this county who is in charge, how can I argue with a young man. Who has never been young? Everyone has done reckless things before. However, you don’t want to commit the crime again. There are rules to follow in court."

He had expected that Xue TingRang would take this opportunity to step down. After Xue TingRang saluted and thanked him, he said: "This young one trespassing into the court is also for a good reason. This young one is here to act on behalf of the teacher. Teacher, of course, can't go to court and stand trial. This young one is weak, but is still able to take the case and represent teacher."


Xue TingRang respectfully said: "If this young one remembers correctly, according to the Dah Chong Law, if there is a dispute, anyone who has a reputation does not need to go to court to file a lawsuit, and he can be replaced by someone close to him. According to law, the person must be at least fourteen years old. This young one is over fourteen now."

Madam Hu's words were stuck in his throat and he snorted softly before he said, "I didn't expect you to understand this."

Xue Ting smiled shyly, and gave another polite bow.

At this time, Shen Fu became interested. He felt that this young man was quite interesting. He seemed to be courageous when he said he was timid, but although he was courageous, he did not arrogantly overstep. After speaking, he always salutes first. He seems very courageous, yet appears to be afraid of being caught.

Shen Fu didn't understand what he meant until the magistrate Hu nodded his head in agreement, and the trial continued again with magistrate Hu intending for the student to kneel. Hearing that Xue TingRang was reasoning over there, it was believed that he was acting on behalf of the teacher. His teacher had the privilege of not having to kneel in front of court magistrates, and by association, he would not have to kneel.

This sly boy just didn't want to kneel down to county magistrate Hu.

Shen Fu couldn't help showing a smile, and County magistrate He was choking in his throat, but he was scrupulous about the crowds, and Shen Fu sat aside and did not come out.

The trial continued again, and the scribe read out the complaint of the plaintiff, that is, the Sun couple.

It can be seen that the method of the lawyer surnamed Zhu is quite clever. His words are filled with blood and tears, every word is heart-breaking. The ordinary people who are outside are all filled with righteous indignation. Even the county magistrate Hu couldn't help showing his emotions.

In general, the skill of a lawyer can be seen from the petition he wrote. Nowadays, lawyers do not have to be present every time a lawsuit follows. First, there are very few lawsuits that require the use of lawyers, and secondly, most people can't afford the big price.

The petition accounts for 70% of the lawsuits, and most of the officials judged the cases by looking at the petitions first. The good or bad writing of the complaint can, to a certain extent, win the favor or dislike of the trial officer.

Of course, this is also related to the fact that official dialect is not popular nowadays. Many ordinary people do not speak official dialect because of the different pronunciation. According to the Dachang Law, local magistrates and officials are generally not natives. If you talk to a foreigner in native dialect, if you use oral complaints, I'm afraid that the county official won’t have to do anything else on weekdays with all these trivial cases.

"It's really miserable! The county magistrate must stand up for the dead child!"

"I didn’t know that although these scholars look gentle and polite, they are such vicious and insidious people."

"They were too cruel!"

Mao BaDou was furious and wanted to argue with the people behind him, but was pulled tightly by Li Datian.

"Okay you. Quiet, quiet. Look at where this is."

Among the crowd, Zhao'er squeezed her palms nervously and looked at the thin-backed teenager standing on court.

The plaque above the court is so big, and the magistrate of the county sitting behind the case is so majestic, can Gou’er be okay? Can he be okay?

No, Gou’er will do fine. She should believe him.

It was not XueRang's turn to speak at all. After the complaint was read out, County Magistrate Hu sent in the witnesses.

Naturally, the witnesses were the few students with Sun He that day. They still had injuries on their faces. Although several days have passed, they can still be seen on closer inspection.

These people testified that Sun He was indeed injured on the day of his testimony. The location of the injury was on the abdomen. He was kicked and injured by someone in the chaos.

After going back at that time, Sun He said that his stomach hurts, but later when they asked him again, he said that it didn't hurt anymore. Because they were afraid that Xiansheng would know that they had started fighting with Qingyuan students in private, no one dared to ask for a doctor. Hearing Sun He said that it didn’t hurt, they didn’t care about it anymore. Who would have thought that Sun He vomited blood in the middle of the night and then died?

There was a total of five students, and they spoke calmly and logically.

For a while, the direction of the wind was in the favor of Qinghe Academy, and even Shen Fu couldn't help but sign in his heart, thinking that this case was most likely at its end. Maybe the other student didn't have the intention of killing people. They may have gotten out of control for a moment, but there are quite a few people in the world who have killed people because of a small moment where they lost control. It can only be said that these students were unfortunate and had bad luck.

And this bad luck has ruined their lives.

  1. refers to self in the third person. A more formal/polite way of addressing yourself

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