The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 62 part 1

The next few chapters are a bit long, so I will be splitting them into 3 sections.

Boss Chen traveled everywhere, but his ventures were not fruitful.

In the countryside, his connections were not as deep as Lin Miao's. As for his other connections, they inquired about the identity of the deceased's family members, probably because Qinghe was afraid of being inquired by others, they kept their secrets very tightly.

There were two more incidents where Qinghe Academy students came to start up some trouble. More and more students began to leave the academy. The people from the county government came again. It was already an ultimatum. Lin Miao finally couldn't hold on, and let the people from the county government take away the students involved.

At the same time, he took off his robe and decided to go to jail with the students.

In fact, this was not about Lin Miao's fault, but he insists that he is the owner of Qingyuan, and he is also responsible for the problem. In fact, Lin Miao was just afraid that someone in the prison would schemeand make a big scene. With him watching, the county government always had to be cautious.

This matter is no trivial matter. Lin Miao is a student, a scholar, and he is registered and received by the imperial court. The government officials who came to arrest people did not dare to take him away at will. After a stalemate for more than half a day, the county magistrate Hu asked Lin Miao to leave in the name of interfering with the county government's affairs.

There was no leader in the Qingyuan Academy, and everything was in chaos. More and more students were leaving and returning home. Only Meng and Mo XianSheng were left behind with a few students.

Boss Chen was heartbroken, annoyed at Lin Miao's pedanticness, so he could only run around again, hoping that things could turn for the better.

On the other side, Xue TingRang and others rushed to a village nearly half a day away from Huyang Township after receiving the news that Zhao'er had brought back.

Everything is only a matter of moments.

Located in the county office on Anren Street, Xia County, the magistrate Hu had a rare solemn appearance, staring at a middle-aged man wearing a scholar's robe.

He was born with long eyebrows, with a long beard on his lower jaw, and he was handsome and full of scholarly aura.

This person is the owner of Qinghe Academy, Gao Youzhi.

"You can be sure that nothing will go wrong, otherwise not only will I not be able to protect you, but I will not be able to protect myself. That Lin Miao is not anything impressive, but you must not forget who his teacher is. Although Lu Huanqing was just the teacher of a small mountain school, his students are scattered all over the country, and more than a few have served as imperial officials."

"Uncle, don't worry, I promise you won't be in trouble. Don't say that Lin Miao is extremely pedantic, and even the heads of those people can't think that I will use Li Daitao's stupid plan. Besides, the Sun family is still watching . Look, what can happen."

"It better be." The county magistrate Hu groaned for a moment, pinching his beard and saying: "This matter should be resolved sooner rather than later, so that you can feel at ease. You will let the suffering master come to the county office to beat the drums and complain the day after tomorrow. Then the trial will be opened. However, once the charges are settled, and we send the dead students to their burial, no matter how great their ability, they would not be able to reverse the case."

"Uncle's words are extremely true, I will go back and do it."

Magistrate Hu nodded, and Gao Youzhi left.

After he left, County Majesty Hu pondered carefully whether there were still flaws, and then he relaxed and offered a cup of tea.

In fact, according to Hu County Magistrate’s usual cautious temperament, he was unwilling to take care of this stuff. Helplessly, Gao Youzhi worshipped his childless brother and he became a godfather. In terms of generation, he was considered to be his nephew’s generation. And over the years, he has not received less benefit from the other party. And the Sun family, the wealthy businessman in Xia County, has also come forward on this matter. The magistrate Hu was willing to take a trip through the muddy waters because of the large amount of silver.

Now he just hopes everything goes well. Inexplicably, the county magistrate Hu always had a sense of anxiety, and he was frightened. He quietly thought it through, and then stopped feeling fear. Otherwise he would not be so decisive.

A group of people are kept in the prison of the county government, which has always been used to entertain people with connections.

This prison is also divided into three, six or nine classes. Those who have no power, no relatives and are without benefits are one class, and those who have some benefits but are from an ordinary family are another class, and then the other class is divided into large and related households. Large households refer to those with money. As for related households, they are the most untouchable type in the prison. They are usually those who must be attended to carefully and with the utmost respect, according to the county lord’s orders.

Now that there is such a group of people in this jail cell, the county lord told them they are not allowed to act rashly towards this person. Correctly speaking, it is not a group of people, but that one person, but this one person is extremely difficult to serve.

The jailers have spent a lot of time, and they have not been able to bring out the students individually. This scholar surnamed Lin is not as pedantic as he appears. Several students are under their noses, eating, drinking and sleeping like this.

In fact, occasionally the jailers would feel ridiculed. This group of scholars usually care about their image the most. Now, in order to save their lives, they don't feel like it’s insulting their scholarly image if they pee and poop in the toilet in front of everyone.

Lin Miao, dressed in white, sat on the thatched ground, surrounded by a few young students, the oldest was only 20, and the youngest was only fifteen or sixteen. These students were pale and full of anxiety.

"Master, do you think we can get out of here?" a student with a baby face asked.

A person next to him interrupted, "Aren’t you talking nonsense. Do you think we can get out?"

After hearing this, everyone became even paler, including Yu Ziyou and Wang Qi.

"If I had known, we should not have accepted their invitation that day. Who could have imagined that we could cause such a thing to happen in a private fight."

"I don't believe that we killed that person. We are all without the strength to kill someone, so how could we kill someone!"

"Then who knows, so many people, with a punch and kick each..."

"Quiet!" Wang Qi shouted.

The jailer in the distance glanced over curiously, and saw that there were just a group of scholars who were crying like bereaved concubines, and he turned away with a smile.

"Can you talk nonsense in this kind of place?" Wang Qi's face was particularly gloomy.

The student who had just said the wrong thing whispered his defense: "I just told the truth. At that time, I observed and they said we got physical. In fact, it was just a few of us pulling each other a few times, how could it be possible to kill someone."

Another said: "If Yu Ziyou did not have a domineering attitude, this matter would not have occurred. He was the one to take the initiative."

This is the truth. Hearing that, everyone turned to look at Yu Ziyou who was sitting in the corner.

He raised his head, looking at the crowd, his expression was a little ugly. At this moment, he was like a chicken who had lost a fight, no longer looking high and mighty like he usually did.

His eyes flashed and he smiled dryly: "How can this be to blame, at that time..."

"Okay, calm down!" Lin Miao said suddenly.

The cell suddenly became quiet.

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