The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 61 part 1


Xue TingRang nodded: "If this is really strange, there must be a spy in the academy to make sense."

"Then what are you going to do now? Scatter people out to every village to look?" Zhao'er asked.

Seeing Xue TingRang's expression of hesitation, Zhao'er said again: "I think instead of throwing a net all over the sky, it is better to focus on fishing. The student's family must be in the academy at this time, so we might as well get into the Qinghe Academy for news."

"How to get in?"

"Don't forget Xue Juncai!"

Yes, Xue Juncai is in the Qinghe Academy at this time.

"He will help us?" Xue TingRang hated asking for help, let alone begging his own enemy. Although he is now better, he still rejects Xue Juncai most of the time.

Zhao'er glanced at him and sighed: "In fact, although Xue Juncai is annoying, he is not really bad. Don't blame him for what the uncle and aunt did."

Xue Tingpan's mouth was still pressed and he didn't say a word.

In fact, this is the theory of original sin. As long as Xue Juncai is the son of Dafang, he is born with a kind of original sin.

"You forgot that when you were young, he always shared things with you. It was Grandma and the eldest mother who held him, and you didn't want it, so you two slowly became estranged."

This is the truth, the relationship between the two of them was very good when they were young. But since the death of the couple in the second room, Xue TingRang subconsciously rejected the people from the eldest family. Every time Xue Juncai came to him, he was greeted with cold eyes. Over time, the two became like passers-by.

But in fact, when young, two people were so close that they could read a book together.

Books are expensive. Because of the family background of the Xue family, it is impossible to give all grandchildren a set of books. Xue Juncai used what Xue Qingshan used back then. Xue TingRang didn’t have any available, so Xue Juncai sat with Xue TingRang. The two read a book together, and then they learned the first word they knew.

The past was unbearable, and Xue TingRang still cared about it. How could Zhao'er not know what he was thinking, and she said: "I'll go to him. If he can help, it’s great. If he can’t, we can just think of another solution by ourselves."

At the same time, people in Qingyuan Academy were in a panic, and Qinghe Academy was almost the same.

Someone died inexplicably. In the middle of the night, people in the same dorm were frightened.

Qinghe is different from Qingyuan. There are many students in the academy. Naturally, there are eight or ten people in a dorm room. Xue Juncai was in the same house as Sun He, and Sun He slept in his neighboring bed.

Sun He didn't go to the lecture hall that afternoon, Xue Juncai became confused and asked the other party, but the other party didn't want to say anything.

After that, he repeatedly saw Sun He press his abdomen, he thought that Sun He might have abdominal pain. When the lights were turned off at night, he faintly heard a very small groan from the neighboring bed. Not only did he hear it, but Xu Hai who was next to him also heard it. Xu Hai also scolded Sun He and said that he was keeping him from falling alseep.

Sun He did not speak at the time, nor did he speak.

It is not uncommon for old students to bully new students in the academy. Xue Juncai only found out after he came to Qinghe academy that the world outside was like this.

In the same house, there are also three, six or nine classes. The ones with good knowledge are first-class, and those with poor knowledge are the last class, and those with poor knowledge like him are still newcomers, and they are the lowest ranking.

Just like him is Sun He. Sun He is an old student, but he is rejected by others because of poverty in his family. The group of wealthy children in the academy often used Sun He to vent their hatred. At first, Xue Juncai felt angry, but in the end he gave in reluctantly. He had to go home and take some of the family's money to please other students, so that he would not be isolated.

Sometimes in the dead of night, he would also think about when this would all end.

But he must stick to it, not to mention the high expectations of his parents, he didn't know that his family sold the land for him to go to school. There are also people in the second family. He knows how people in the village talk about him now. He has to prove to everyone that he is the most capable person in the Xue family, so even if he can't bear it, he has to bear it. 1

But Sun He's death almost didn't make Xue Juncai collapse.

He watched Sun Hekou die bleeding to death, and the blood seemed unstoppable. The people in the entire building were shocked. The Xiansheng and the owner came to hear the news, and everyone in their building was isolated that night.

No one knows what happened. Everyone is worried about Sun He's death and whether he will let himself go. They fought with fear all night, and they were not released until dawn the next day.

The owner said something to them. Since then, Sun He has become a taboo, and no one is allowed to mention it again.

In fact, Xue Juncai had an idea of what was going on. He heard that Sun He's family had come, and even went to the Qingyuan Academy next door. He knew it had nothing to do with him.

But how did Sun He die?

In the past two days, Xue Juncai will also think silently, he thinks of Sun He’s extraordinary beauty, and thinks of him every time he is called out by those rich kids, when he comes back, his face is so pale it’s scary, and he thinks of what he once heard. Some fine words...

Then he woke up from the dream.

"Xue Juncai, your sister is looking for you."

Xue Juncai sat up from the bunk and didn't respond for a while. He fell asleep just now.


He came down from the bunk subconsciously, unconsciously. When he was led out, the man whispered in his ear: "Don't forget what the owner said, don't say anything that shouldn't be said."

He hung his head and nodded slightly.

  1. in many cases, I feel sympathy for Xue Juncai. At least, I like him more than Xue Cui’e, TingRang’s young aunt.

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