The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 59 part 2

"You return my grandson's life. Don't think that we don’t know you bribed the government and saved those people who harmed my grandson. The murderer must pay with his life and the debtor must pay his debts, you scholars have rotten hearts, and the books you’ve read are all in a dog’s stomach..." The old woman babbled endlessly, repeating these words over and over again.

She didn't say much, but the Qinghe Academy students around her were quite sharp.

She was citing classic books as the basis for her argument and making oblique accusations. The meaning of her words is to force Qingyuan Academy to hand over the students involved.

Meng Xian Sheng and Mo Xiang sheng were standing in front of the door, along with several officials of the academy.

In this case, they do not know what to say apart from some ineffective explanation. The only thing they could do is prevent these people from rushing into the academy.

"Old lady, we did not bribe the government. Now those students have been locked up. They are being watched by the government, and the truth will come to light soon. Don’t worry, if your grandson is really dead because of my Qingyuan Academy, we will definitely give you an explanation." The curator Lin Miao walked out of the door and said to the old woman who was swearing.

The old woman looked at him with a pair of old eyes. After listening to the explanation from the students of Qinghe Academy, she knew that this person was the owner of the Qingyuan Academy, that is, the person protecting the students who harmed her grandson.

With a scream, she pounced over, kicking and beating Lin Miao: "Oh, you are so wicked, but you still dare to come out. You killed my grandson. Do you know how our family provides for He'er to study? How difficult is it? My grandson is smart. His teacher said that he will be able to take the imperial exam right away. Now he is killed by you. I will kill you, beat you to death..."

The scene suddenly turned into chaos. Lin Miao's clothes were torn, his hair was untidy, and a few bloody cuts were on his face. He looked quite battered and exhausted.

You must know that the owner of the museum has always been strict in self-discipline, always upright, and meticulous. Usually students see him in his old clothes, but he doesn't even have a fold in his clothes. When has he ever looked and said such things so unbefitting of a scholar like today?

Some students couldn't bear it anymore and rushed up.

"If you have something to say, just speak. Why are you assaulting him?"

"Even if someone in your family dies, it's not the Xian sheng who killed him. Go find whoever is responsible for killing him."

Seeing people from Qingyuan rushing up, Qinghe's students became timid at the moment and couldn't help but back away. The old woman immediately sat on the ground, got up and rolled, shouting while rolling: "They’ve hit someone, hit someone. The people at Qingyuan Academy have committed murder! Lost your conscience, you blackhearted people! "

When Xue TingRang and others rushed to the gate, they saw this situation. Fortunately, there are two academies in Qingyuan and Qinghe on this street, and they are remote, otherwise it is unknown how many people will come to watch the excitement.

"Tsk, how do I feel that this is not like a case where someone died, but like some rogue coming to blackmail." Mao Ba dou bickered and stroked his chin.

Xue TingRang's eyes flashed, and Li Datian and Chen Jian shook their heads again and again, saying that he was still so unserious at this time.

"You can't let the owner and the two teachers suffer. Let's go up and have a look."

"Wait." Xue TingRang said suddenly.

He looked around, walked into the door with few strides, and turned back soon, but there was an extra potted plant in his hand. He squeezed into the crowd without saying a word, and the three including Mao Badou quickly followed.

When he finally reached the innermost point, he slammed the potted plant to the ground, and the potted plant broke apart and made a loud noise.

"Stop, give me silence."

Suddenly there was silence on the court, and everyone looked at this inexplicable person.

"There is someone who died in your family?" he asked, pointing to the old woman on the ground.

Without waiting for the old woman to speak, a student from Qinghe spoke next to him: "Do you know how to speak? It is in vain that you are a scholar. Is there a scholar who speaks like that..."

"Answer me first. Did someone die in your family?"

The old woman was shocked by him and nodded blankly.

"Since your family member is dead, why didn’t you go back and prepare for his funeral. Why are you here to make trouble?"

The old woman was shocked by his arrogant and shameless statement, and it took a long time to regain her energy: "My grandson was by your Qingyuan Academy..."

Xue Tingpan interrupted her again: "Where did your grandson die?"

The old woman subconsciously said: "We only received news from the academy early in the morning that my grandson was beaten to death..."

"That means that your grandson didn’t died in Qingyuan Academy?" The old woman just nodded, and Xue TingRang said again: "Since he died in Qinghe Academy, why are you coming to our Qingyuan Academy to make noise? I don't know what to say!"

"The owner said that your students from Qingyuan killed him..."

"The owner of Qinghe said that it was our students from Qingyuan who killed us, and so it must be us who killed them? Then we can also say that the person died in the Qinghe Academy, and the people in the Qinghe Academy killed them. To escape the charge, they deliberately shifted the blame. Old lady, you are also someone who has lived for a long time, and you still don’t understand this? Have you ever heard of the thief crying and catching the thief. We and your grandson have no grievances or enmity. What purpose would we have to kill your grandson?"


"By the way, your grandson is really called Sun He?"

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