The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 59 part 1

In the house, Lin Miao was sitting behind the bookcase, and Boss Chen paced back and forth nonstop.

"If there is no greater scheme in this, I don't believe it anyway. It's just a fight, and one can die. He must have had this idea a long time ago, just to force Qingyuan to close."

Lin Miao sighed and said: "Brother Mo Zhixian shouldn’t guess too much. This is life after all. No matter how despicable and shameful Gao Youzhi is, he never makes a joke about the lives of students. I asked those students, they did do it."

"But ask who was hit?"

"There were so many people at the time, and they couldn't remember who they beat. Although the people from the county government didn't take a few students away for the sake of face, they sent someone to watch. We were not allowed to talk to them, to avoid collusion in private."

"In other words, if I said it was you, you did it, right?"

Lin Miao was silent for a moment: "I asked the people at Yamen, the student who died was named Sun He, and he was indeed there at the time."

Boss Chen wrinkled his eyebrows tightly and sat down on the chair.

If this is the case, the matter will be serious. Gao Youzhi has a close relationship with the magistrate Hu, and the county government does not allow people from Qingyuan to talk to the detained students. If they had some bad thoughts or higher scheme, it is not what you say over there, and Qingyuan's carelessness will end up having the school close down.

Even Boss Chen suspected that this was a set up from Qinghe Academy, and he wanted to force Qingyuan to close it.

"What do you want me to say about you? Why did you agree to the other person’s request in the first place? You can't take the imperial test in five years. The country exam is once every three years and twice in five years. How many five years do you have?" Boss Chen looked quite a bit distressed.

Lin Miao smiled helplessly: "Brother Mo, there was a reason at the time, and I accidentally got caught up in his trick. But if a gentleman promised, I couldn't turn back. Moreover, the national examination was difficult. At first, I took the test twice, but its hard. Since I'm not sure, there is no difference between a few years earlier and a few years later."

Boss Chen was so angry that he shook his head again and again and said, "Brother An Qi, you still think I don’t know. If you said that you were a young man and didn’t accumulate enough to be successful, I still believe it. But you have worked tirelessly over the years. Don't let go of the scroll, don't you say that this is just a way to show people.

"In the past, I thought you were discouraged so you packed up your bags and returned home to teach and educate people. It was a coincidence that Mr. Gao and his elders went to live on their own and Qingyuan urgently needed to be taken care of by others. But I never expected there were also these reasons. That Gao Youzhi is despicable and shameless, why should you make a promise with him as a gentleman."

Mentioning these old events, Lin Miao fell silent, and his years of experience glided past his eyes like a revolving lantern. After a long time, he sighed and said, "Brother Mo, you don't need to mention the past. What matters now is the students who have been detained."

Boss Chen was particularly indignant: "Then why don't you think that if you have the fame being a government member at this time, the villain with high aspirations can still jump? He tried his best to prevent you from going off the court, but he was afraid that you would be lifted. There is no way to survive the Qinghe Academy. Brother An Qi, what good should I say about you!"

The room fell silent for a while, and neither of them spoke.

"Whatever, I know you don't want to listen to this, so I won't say it. But now the initiative is in the hands of the other party. We don't even know what happened to the dead student, so how can we solve this problem? Even if the other's parents let go, Gao Youzhi will not give up this opportunity to ruin Qingyuan."

Lin Miao said for a long time: "It doesn't matter how I am, I am afraid that the grievances between me and Gao Youzhi will harm those children."

Boss Chen stood up: "I will go out to seek help from my business relationships and friends first to see if I can find out some news. Now the only thing we can do is to drag out the time before the people from the county office take the students away. If they are taken away, I can't help anymore."

Lin Miao said ashamed: "Brother Mo, I have troubled you again."

Boss Chen waved his hand: "What's the trouble? I don't care about your face, but the old man." After speaking, Boss Chen left, leaving Lin Miao silently looking at his back.

He knew that Chen Mozhi only said this because he was afraid of making him feel guilt in his heart.

Xue TingRang discussed it for a long time with the others, but none of them came to any conclusions.

They are not the present parties after all, and they can't help much, so they can only wait and see what follows.

At noon, the four of them went to the dining hall for dinner. The dining hall, which was very lively in the past, was particularly bleak today. Most of the students are dumbfounded, and they don't seem to have much energy.

There was still no class in the afternoon, only a Zaifu came to tell the students that they could sort out the books by themselves in the hall. This was the case for two consecutive days, and people were panicked for a while.

Mao Badou went out for a walk, and many students in the dormitory were panicked, and there was no calmness or reasoning.

In the afternoon, there was a loud noise outside, and many students walked out of the hall, and they heard someone say that there was another disturbance in Qinghe Academy.

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