The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 58 part 2

Zhao'er sighed silently, held up her head and shouted: "Start the feast—"

Gao Sheng and the others, who were helping with the dishes, came out with the wooden trays immediately and started to give each table the dishes. Elder Xue and others also went to the crowd to greet the guests, and the scene was once again full of excitement.

It was not until the villagers had all eaten that Zhao'er retreated and entered the kitchen room.

Xue TingRang followed in.

Zhao'er glanced at him complicatedly and said, "I hope little aunt won't blame me by then."

In that case, the Xue family would not be able to find a way out of the embarrassing situation, and Zhao'er's identity was just right to represent the Xue family without embarrassing the men in the family.

In fact, according to ​​Zhao'er, weddings don't count before the visit, and there is still a chance to turn around as soon as possible. Others don't know, but the Xue family knows that Xue Cui'e's stomach can't wait, otherwise the two families wouldn't be in such a hurry to have a wedding.

"What can she blame you for. She has done her own evil..."

Xue TingRang wanted to say something else, but there was a voice calling them from outside, and the two of them had to go out.

After a feast, the yard was in a mess.

Only a few close people were left to help close the scene, and when it was all cleaned up, it was already late at night.

Everyone was very tired, and after sending people to help, they all went back to the room to wash and rest. Not long after they laid down, they heard Zhao shi's cry from the main room, vaguely mixed with Father Xue's scolding.

It was a silent night.

The next day, the Xue family all got up very late, and they were very tired from the several busy days.

The atmosphere in the Xue family was not good on this day. Father Xue’s face was dark, and Zhao shi cried from time to time. First, she cried for her poor daughter, and the Zhao family committed crimes. At night, she was afraid that Zhao Jinrui would not take Xue Cui'e back home tomorrow.

Finally, the next day, Zhao shi woke everyone up early in the morning.

She not only tormented others, but also tormented herself. She couldn't see herself idle in the middle of the morning. It was not until almost noon that Zhao Jinrui came with Xue Cui'e.

From the outside, the young couple seemed to be pretty good, and Xue Cui'e also had a smile on her face.

Seeing this, Zhao shi finally felt relieved, and the others couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

No one mentioned the incident that day again. The Xue family was worried about Xue Cui'e marrying into the Zhao family. As for Zhao Jinrui, naturally they would not be too stupid to find unhappy things to say.

The two didn't go back until the afternoon. Generally, the new couple returned to the door three times, and they all had to rush back to their in-laws' house before dusk.

Xue TingRang took a day off, and took another two days of leave. It was exactly three days before Xue Cui'e could be married, so he returned to the academy the next day.

Stepping into the gate of the academy, along the way, he found that the atmosphere in the academy was weird.

Obviously it is time for morning classes, but the school was extremely quiet. It wasn't until he went back to the hall and asked Mao Badou and others to know that two days after he took leave of absence, something went wrong in the academy.

Things were a bit complicated. The general situation is that there are a few students in Qingyuan Academy who have been admitted to Qinghe Academy. Somehow they contacted the students of Qinghe Academy. The two parties had a private appointment with each other. Who had thought that there was a quarrel in the middle, and they started fighting.

The number of people on both sides was similar, and naturally they were evenly matched. The result was that both sides suffered damages.

That was not too important. The key thing is that after the opponent returned, he died that night. This time the incident became a big deal, and Gao Youzhi, the owner of the Qingyuan Academy, reported to the official on the spot, and it was only after the officials from the Qingyuan Academy came that this happened.

Because the students involved are all students and have the main support of the academy, they have not been arrested for questioning at the Yamen for the time being, but they have been locked up alone, but they know that it will not last long.

On the other side, there have been several waves of students who came to Qingyuan Academy to ask for an explanation. The family of the dead student had also learned of the incident. They had a fight in front of the Academy early in the morning. Under such circumstances, morning classes are naturally not available in the academy.

"How can they make an appointment to fight in private? The two sides don't know each other, maybe someone threaded the needle?" Xue TingRang asked.

Li Datian sighed. After Chen Jian's explanation, Xue TingRang realized that it was not uncommon for students from the two schools to make an appointment with each other. The other students in the school knew more or less about it, but they just kept it from the Xiansheng and the owner.

The two academies are adjacent to each other, and they have always been competitors. There is a big competition in Huyang Township every October, and the contest is looking for the best academic hall in the township. Those who get the first place will be given the silver that the imperial court allocates for rural social studies in the next year.

In the past, Qingyuan Academy was the number one every year, and then a Qinghe Academy was born. Since then, fate has been turned around and first was replaced by Qinghe Academy and Qingyuan Academy has become the second place.

As the saying goes, all are young scholars, so who wants to stay behind? That's why these kinds of private essays were born. Most of them were competitions between some students who did better in two academies. So students were also tempted to prepare for the competition.

No wonder he didn't have this memory in his dream. It was also in his dream that when he was studying at Qinghe Academy, he was not good at learning, so he could only be a bottom student.

"What did the owner say?"

All three of them shook their heads, and Xue TingRang also realized the seriousness of it. If this matter is not solved well, the Qingyuan Academy could be removed and closed from then on.

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