The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 58 part 1

As dusk approached, the team sent by the man's family to welcome the wife finally arrived.

The Zhao family was in a good family situation, and they hired a mule cart to pick them up. Zhao Jinrui wore a bright red festive dress, and the carriage was also decorated with red color, which was especially festive.

Along with it, there was also a group of relatives and friends from the Zhao family who came to help welcome them.

The sound of firecrackers was loud and deafening.

Outside the door, the person who came to pick up the wife had already arrived at the door.

Inside the gate, the gate of the yard was pressed tightly by people, and the faces of the people in the yard were full of smiles.

According to the rules of the countryside, people who come to meet their relatives have to open a few doors before they can receive the bride, and the door is only the first pass.

Country folks don't know how to chant poems or do anything proper. They either use brute force to open the door forcibly, or they just persuade them with a red envelope. However, the person who is generally responsible for blocking the door will block the door decently for a while, and so it isn’t easy for the bridegroom to pick up the bride.

The people outside were saying good things and stuffing a red envelope inside. The people in the door still didn't want to open the door. They asked the bridegroom who would wash his clothes in the future.

The people in the yard all smiled and waited to see how the bridegroom answered. At this moment, there was a commotion outside, and everyone inside looked at each other.

They didn’t know what had happened until they heard the shouts outside.

The bridegroom, throwing a tantrum, turned his head and left.

This thing is really--

Some villagers and relatives who were in charge of blocking the gate were all embarrassed, but they knew that this was not a joke, so they hurried to open the gate of the courtyard.

At this time, there was already a lot of noise outside, and the colored ball on Zhao Jinrui's chest was gone, and it fell to the ground pitifully, covered with dust.

Before the mule car, Zhao Jinrui was in a state of getting in the car and wanting to leave, and everyone from the Zhao family was persuading him.

In the yard, Elder Xue, who was rarely dressed in formal clothes, walked out of the house. The joy on his old face was gone and turned into anger.

Zhao shi was anxious and guilty, and wanted to rush up to beat Zhao Jinrui.

It was originally a happy event, but no one thought this would happen!

Outside, the people of the Zhao family still failed to persuade Zhao Jinrui. He didn't know which of the muscles had cramped, and he just didn't want to turn his head back and continue the wedding.

Zhao'er stood inside and looked out, feeling that the people who followed the Zhao family were about to cry.

Father Xue trembled with anger, and Xue Cui'e's cry came from the room. It seemed that she also knew what was happening outside.

The Zhao family was so anxious that they called Xue Qingshan: "Eldest son, go and bring in Jinrui"

Xue Qingshan was full of reluctance and impatiently said: "Mother, you can do it. If he wants to marry, let him, and if he doesn’t, it is not like Cui'e can't get married without him!" At the same time, so many people are watching here. Then, if the woman's family took the initiative to kiss up and beg the man to marry, they would be seen as shameless.

Zhao shi went to call Xue Qingbai again. Xue Qingbai was not because he was reluctant to go. He just thought that if the Zhao family's boy could do this today on such an important occasion, could the younger sister live well after marrying?

He just hesitated for a moment, and before he had time to say anything, Zhao shi started cursing: "Third child, you can't be counted on, you white-eyed wolf. You don't care about your sister." She was shouting at Xue Qinghuai but was interrupted by Elder Xue's scolding: "You still don't think it is embarrassing enough!"

The sound of firecrackers finally stopped, and the scene was stagnant.

Zhao'er looked around, sighed in her heart, raised her foot and walked out of the gate. Xue TingRang tried to pull her but wasn’t able to stop her.

She walked extremely fast, and her approach was fierce, and the people who followed her did not dare to stop her, so she was brought to Zhao Jinrui.

Zhao Jinrui didn't react in time and found that there was a tall girl in front of him, and that girl actually came up and gave him two slaps in the face.

"Either go in, apologize, and pick up your wife! Or get out of here! But from now on, your Zhaojiazhuang will be the object of our Yuqing Village's refusal to come and go. From now on, you will not be allowed to take any further steps in my Yuqing Village!"

When her voice fell, there was silence on the court.

Including Zhao Jinrui did not expect that someone would dare to beat him and threaten him so much.

A villager in Yuqing Village echoed: "Yes, you dare to bully our Yuqing Village girl like this. From now on, you people in Zhaojiazhuang, we will fight one by one!"

"Do you not understand the rules? It's all about marrying in ten miles and eight villages. You guys don’t give us face!"

"From now on, the people in our village will not marry the people in Zhaojiazhuang. I now know that it's not a good place."

More and more villagers gathered around. Today, the Xue family is holding a happy event, and almost all the villagers are here. Zhao'er put down such a sentence, and now seeing so many people around, the people of Zhaojiazhuang changed their faces one after another.

We must know that these words of the villagers are not just for fun. One village is regarded as the object of refusal to communicate with each other. It is not necessary to mention how outsiders will treat the people in this village. The most important thing is the question of marriage.

People in Yuqing Village do not have an in-law relationship with Zhaojiazhuang, which will inevitably affect other villages, because when there is still a choice, no one will risk offending a village and marry their daughter to Zhaojiazhuang or marry a Zhaojiazhuang's girl.

What's more, what about the married daughters of Zhaojiazhuang and the married daughters-in-law? There are quite a few in-laws between the two villages. Could it be that both parties can bring back the girls from their villages?

However, the people in Zhaojiazhuang did not blame the people in Yuqing Village, only Zhao Jinrui for not being a human being.

As the old saying goes, raising your head to marry a girl, bowing your head to marry a wife, marrying a wife in Shili Ba Village is just like this, but why is he so precious and different from others.

People from other villages come to Zhaojiazhuang to marry a wife, and if they dare to make such a fuss, the people in Zhaojiazhuang will have to be like this. In the presence of so many people, people bullied the girls in their own village. How can the villagers go out and behave in the future! If others follow this example in the future, who does not have a daughter, who is not afraid of being bullied when no one will help.

Therefore, at such times, regardless of whether there are conflicts in a village, they will undoubtedly form a unison against outsiders.

Zheng Lizheng walked out, stretched out his finger and nodded: "You don't give us villagers face!"

Patriarch Xue also came out, standing in front of the door, looking at this side with a frosty face: "You guys don't put those with surname Xue in your eyes?"

There were also a few elderly people who came to pick up the wife this time, just for fear that the young people would be ignorant and cause trouble. At this time, they also hurriedly stood up and rounded up discussion: "You must not be surprised, two elders. This boy is young and ignorant, so we will talk to him about it now."

Several people from Zhaojiazhuang pulled Zhao Jinrui far away and although it was unknown what they said, in short, Zhao Jinrui was subdued.

Not only did he apologize to everyone, but he also obediently entered the house. But he didn't hide the unwilling expression on his face that was too obvious.

The faces of the Xue family are not very good, and Elder Xue's smiling faces are all forced out. After that, Zhao Jinrui led Xue Cui'e, who was wearing a red wedding veil, away, and the Xue family even forgot to set off the firecrackers.

It was Zhaoer who reminded the people outside to light firecrackers.

The crackling firecrackers sounded again, but this time there was no joy at all, but a haze.

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