The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 57 part 2

When he woke up, someone asked him to come out and eat. There were three or four round tables in the yard. This is the case in the countryside. When others come to help you work you don’t have to pay them but you always have to provide food for them.

It's not the main banquet, so the setting was natural and casual. Each table was filled with four pots of meat or meat and vegetables, which was quite hearty.

As soon as he walked out, someone called him, and when he looked over, he found that it was Aunt Shouxin who was called seventh grandmother by the younger generation. She was one of Elder Xue's aunts, so naturally he must call her great great grandmother.

Sitting next to Aunt Shouxin was Zhaoer, and the others around the table were all elderly women. Aunt Shouxin smiled meaningfully and waved to Xue TingRang: "Gou’er, come, sit here. You can't drink alcohol, so don't sit with the other men."

This Gou wawa is not a curse, but a loving nickname for the younger generation created by the country folk, and it expresses familiarity and closeness.

Xue TingRang walked over, and Aunt Shouxin chased away a woman next to Zhaoer: "Go, go. You are really ignorant and blind. Why are you still stuck here. Hurry up and give up your spot."

The woman was also funny, pretending to be pitiful: "Oh, I’ve really become old and despised. Okay, I will move, I will move, let the young couple sit down."

Everyone at the table laughed, no matter how thick-skinned Zhaoer was, she couldn't help blushing. She subconsciously glanced at Xue TingRang, but she actually ended up meeting his gaze.

She hurriedly turned her face away as if nothing had happened, but in her heart she remembered what happened that day.

During this period, Aunt Shouxin had already begun chatting with Xue TingRang.

She asked him whether school was okay, whether he could keep up with his studies. As they continued the conversation, she began to be serious and asked Xue TingRang when he planned to get married.

Aunt Shouxin had asked Zhao'er this question before, and the laughter Xue TingRang heard outside the room was actually from talking about this matter.

Zhao'er was too embarrassed, so she stated that she was not in charge of this matter, and Xue TingRang was in charge. It was just a refusal, but Aunt Shouxin actually called Xue TingRang over to ask.

Xue TingRang glanced at Zhaoer, then smiled and said, "Next year!"

Aunt Shouxin laughed, and said to the crowd: "Look, asking the boy is more helpful. Zhaoer, I ask her, she just doesn't say anything. She has to let Gou’er say." She teased Zhaoer again and then said: "Now that Gou’er has said this, you have nothing to say."

"Seventh Grandmother!"

"Oh, she is embarrassed now. It's really rare to see Zhaoer blush."

These old ladies, really!

"This is really good. I will be able to drink your wedding wine next year. Your parents underground will be happy to know this."

Upon hearing the words of Aunt Shouxin, Zhao'er and Xue TingRang became silent.

"Gouer, when your father and your mother left, they were most worried about you. Your mother looked for me when she was leaving and said, Seventh Grandmother, the child Gou’er is introverted, and Zhaoer is capable, but she doesn't understand anything. She asked me to help watch over you until you two have a baby. Then she will be at ease below.

"It stands to reason that I shouldn't say this. You are now in school and have seen the world. People who have read books have a high vision. You must not dislike Zhaoer. To help you, Zhaoer didn’t have it easy."

Aunt Shouxin said it very meaningfully. Since then, it has become clear that she has made this outburst to actually remind Xue TingRang.

It's just that she is an outsider, and some things are not easy to say directly, so she can only make fun of it, and use a teasing tone to remind Zhaoer and Xue TingRang. In fact, she just wants to hear him clearly, so that Xue TingRang won't abandon Zhaoer knowing that she is a wild girl from the countryside.

"Seventh grandmother, don't worry, it won't be. No matter who I dislike, I won't dislike Zhoer." Xue TingRang's expression was solemn.

Aunt Shouxin said: "Since you say so, Seventh Grandmother is relieved."

At this time, a woman interrupted by the side: "Okay, okay. Only you think too much and like to worry. Gouer, that child, doesn't seem to be the kind of person you are talking about. Hurry up and eat. The dishes are cold." She greeted the people next to her.

Aunt Shouxin smiled and cursed: "Well, well,I guess I’m worrying for nothing. You old lady, too, didn’t give me any face."

After this interruption, the matter was over.

But when they were eating, Xue TingRang and Zhaoer were a little silent, each immersed in their own thoughts.

After the meal, the relatives who came to help left the house.

Seeing that there was nothing to do, Zhaoer went to boil water for a bath.

Xue TingRang washes first, and then she washes. When she returns to the front yard from the back, the doors of several rooms are closed, and the dizzy yellow light is faintly exposed, a color of tranquility.

Seeing her, Heizi shook his tail in front of the door.

Zhao'er crossed him and entered the room, where Xue TingRang was reading.

"Sleep." He put the book away and said.

Zhaoer felt an inexplicable nervousness.

She pretended to tidy up the quilt, and Xue TingRang felt helpless when he saw the quilt far away from him. However, he didn't say anything about it, but began gossiping with Zhao'er: "I think you seem to have something on your mind. Is it because of that matter?"

Zhao'er was taken aback for a moment, and said, "No, I just think it's weird."

Seeing her like this, Xue TingRang immediately narrowed his eyes and leaned over: "What? You don’t want to marry me."

Zhao'er was very cramped: "No, no, I just think it's a little weird for us to have babies."

He got closer again: "Don't you want to have a baby with me?"

Hearing this, Zhaoer subconsciously looked at the little man's face.

The appearance of the little man has vaguely the taste of youth, but it is still too young in the end. It's weird for such a young boy to have a small baby.

She was stunned, and she didn't realize that she actually voiced out her inner thoughts.

"You don’t like that I’m younger?"

Zhao'er hurriedly shook his hand and said, "No, I don't think so."

"I will grow up soon. Also, I was never small."

Obviously it's just a common sentence, but looking at the little man staring into his own eyes, Zhao'er always has the illusion that the little man is actually talking bad things.

Looking at him again, his expression was very serious, but why does she think crookedly? She actually thought of that day…

Feeling her face burning, she was busy pretending to pull on the quilt, and said: "Well, let's not talk about it. I have to get up early tomorrow. Let's rest early."

She wanted to get into the bed, but found herself being dragged.

"What are you doing?"

"How do you sleep so far?" Xue TingRang glanced at the mattress.

Zhao'er laughed: "Is it far? Not far."

"You sleep so far, you are disgusted by me."

In order to show that she didn't dislike him, Zhao'er could only put her bedding back to where it was before, and desperately told herself, what embarrassment, he was drunk that day, and he must remember nothing. If he could remember, he wouldn’t be like this when he came back this time. So she needn't be embarrassed, it was just an accident.

Thinking about it over and over again, Zhao'er settled down in the end.

It was a silent night.

The next day it was dark, and everyone in the Xue family was up.

Since the family was busy for the first time, after dawn, all the people who came to help came.

Today's work is not light. Starting from noon, creating the wedding meal and setting up the wedding meal table, until the evening to send the bride away, and then eating.

Everyone was so busy that they never had time to sit. Zhao'er had asked Xue TingRang to go back to the room to read a book, but he just didn't go back and instead followed Zhao'er in and out, helping her as an assistant.

During the period, the people who came to help and the people who came to drink wedding wine were full of jokes. The young couple had a good relationship. They also told Elder Xue and Zhao shi that it is a blessing to marry a girl this year and a granddaughter-in-law next year.

Elder Xue had mixed tastes in his heart, but he smiled on his face.

Jiang Wu also came to help today. When he saw this scene, he felt very uncomfortable and the gloom on his face was clearly visible.

Gao Sheng really couldn't stand it anymore, and he pulled him aside where there was no one else: "If you want to make it so that you and Sister Zhao'er can't even be friends, just keep going, don't blame me for not reminding you!"

After saying this, Gao Sheng hurried to serve food.

The whip has sounded, it's time to start.

With the deafening sound of firecrackers, people in and outside the yard were full of joy. Jiang Wu awoke, raised his head, and looked around--

In the crowd, Zhao'er and Xue TingRang stood side by side.

Zhao'er covered her ears with a smile on her face, and Xue TingRang also had a smile on his face.

Maybe it was time for him to think clearly.

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