The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 56 pt 1

The dishes were very hearty.

Although there was not much variety, the amount was sufficient. A pot of chicken stewed with mushrooms, a pot of stir-fried leafy vegetables, a pot of stir fried pork, and a pot of dried tofu and tofu egg drop soup was enough for these people.

The staple food was rice, sorghum rice mixed with white rice, and some sweet potatoes were steamed on it. When opening the lid, the aroma of rice and the sweet aroma of sweet potatoes came out, and people cannot help but be intoxicated.

The sweet potatoes were stored in the cellar last year, and were put in the cellar. They can be stored for half a year without going bad. It tastes sweet too, whether it's braised or roasted, the orange-red syrup that flows looks gratifying.

Zhao'er picked up the biggest piece and placed it in Xue TingRang's bowl.

He has loved this dish since he was a child, and every year Zhao’er had to hide a lot of sweet potatoes in the cellar, and put a few pieces in when cooking porridge for him.

"Eat quickly while it's hot. They drink, but you can’t drink. Eat more." Zhao'er said.

Xue Hu joked with a smile: "Sister Zhaoer, Uncle TingRang doesn't drink, but you have to take it for the younger generation. If there is someone in the family who doesn't drink, you have to be the one to drink."

Zhao'er looked around, and it was really true. For example, when the Second and Third Family couples came, Zhou Shi would not drink, but Third Uncle would drink. Sun Shi also came, with Mao Dan, Xue Tao'er, and Shuanzi. At another table, Xue Qinghuai stayed to drink. Aunt Gao was also at that table.

She smiled unambiguously and said: "Then those who don’t drink should move to a different place, so we won’t disturb your drinking pleasure. But I have to say that you will have to work tomorrow, so you try to drink less tonight. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get up on time."

"Look, Zhao'er Jie is acting like a big landlord who is mean to us long-term workers." A young man named Xue Qiang interjected with a grin.

Hearing this, everyone on the table laughed.

"You can't go. Although it's Brother Shengzi's great joy today, it's also Uncle Ting Rang's great joy. If you two are gone, we can't have fun during this dinner."

Jiang Wu came out to make the rounds: "Zhao'er is a young girl. Don't drink if you don't want to drink. Ting Rang is not too small anymore. It's not a good idea to drink. There is no man in our village who can't drink."

Mentioning the word "man", the several teenagers sitting in a row all straightened their chests, seeming to express that they were all real men.

This is the truth. Yuqing Village is located in the northwest. The weather is cold, so all men, young and old can drink two cups. For nothing else, just keep out the cold. In the winter, if you take a sip of wine, the heat will come to your heart, and your body will be full of energy.

This place produces sorghum, and sorghum wine is also famous for its good quality. Farmers make their own wine and drink it themselves. Which farmer does not make a few jars of wine every year after harvesting grain. And the boys in these villages were hugged by their fathers on their knees when they were young, and sweetened their mouths with chopsticks dipped in wine, so they drink well.

As Jiang Wu said, there are almost no boys in the village who can't drink, and only Xue TingRang is an exception. However, he didn't know how to drink because he was weak since he was a child.

"Come and come, I'll pour some for you. Drink as much as you want, and you can also test your drinking ability." Jiang Wu poured a bowl of wine and placed it in front of Xue TingRang.

The men were excited when they mentioned wine, and several teenagers were also hollering beside them: "Brother Jiang Wu is right. Drink some."

"If you don't drink now, when you marry Zhaoer Jie, it's impossible for the bridegroom to not drink."

"He doesn't know how to drink, don't make trouble with him." Zhao'er hurriedly got in the way, holding up the drinking bowl to remove it, but Jiang Wu stopped him.

Jiang Wu smiled and said, "You can't interrupt this Zhao’er. It's between us men."

"Yes, this is a matter between us men. Zhaoer Jie, just leave it alone."

Gao Sheng just wanted to cover his face on the side. These people, even if they don’t understand, they still want to cause some trouble.

Xue TingRang looked at Jiang Wu's eyes and sat down, "It's just some wine, it's okay."

"Look, Tingzi said so!"

Zhao'er could only sit down.

"Then, Tingzi, brother respects you?" Jiang Wu held his own bowl and stretched forward.

Xue Tingwan stood up and picked up his wine bowl: "Brother Jiang Wu is polite. I should be the one who pays respect to you. When Zhao’er was doing business by herself, thank you for your help. It is only reasonable that I should respect you."

A man and a teenager confronted each other face to face again.

However, compared to the last time, this time it was much more evident. Even the people on the side heard something meaningful, but couldn't figure it out. They only felt that there was tension between the two.

Jiang Wu laughed and said, "Then I will drink it first." As he said that, he drank a bowl of wine and shook the empty bowl at Xue TingRang.

This can be regarded as the rule on the wine table. If someone toasts, the other party will drink it, and the respected person will naturally drink it. Otherwise, it will be considered looking down at the other party and not giving face. And Jiang Wu's display of the empty bowl to Xue TingRang emphasized this meaning.

Xue TingRang gave him a meaningful look, and drank a bowl of wine without saying a word.

"Gou’er!" Zhao'er subconsciously said.

Xue TingRang wiped a handful of wine stains from the corner of his mouth and put aside his wine bowl: "I'm fine!"

"Good drinking!" Jiang Wu praised with a thumbs up, picking up the wine jar and serving him another bowl.

"You can't drink anymore."

Zhao'er looked at the little man's flushing face with some worry. It was probably his first time drinking, so it showed on the face quickly. In a few seconds, his whole face flushed red. It looked very scary under the firelight.

Jiang Wu poured himself another bowl: "Why can't he continue to drink anymore? Zhao'er, don't underestimate Tingzi." He said to Xue TingRang then: "Just now you respected me, this time I will respect you and eat. Eat a bit of food before drinking, lest you can't stand it."

When the words were said to be like this, Xue TingRang drank the wine naturally before sitting down.

"Quickly eat two bites of vegetables and press down the wine." Zhaoer hurriedly put some food into his bowl.

Unfortunately, just as the food was put in his bowl, someone came to toast over there.

It was not Jiang Wu, but one of those young generations.

"Tingzi, I respect you. This is the first time I have a drink with a scholar. I will drink first." Then he gulped down the bowl of wine.

There was already a fellow who had filled Xue TingRang's wine bowl, so he could only pick up and drink another bowl.

With this kind of beginning, other people naturally started coming over. The wine etiquette in the countryside is like this, either don’t drink or drink with everyone. Although there was a break in the middle, Xue TingRang still drank a lot of wine.

In the end, he didn't let anyone respect himself anymore, but took the initiative to toast with other people who hadn't drunk. When it was Xue Qinghuai's turn, Xue Qinghuai glanced at his nephew with some worry: "you can just skip me. Eat some food first."

Then Xue Qingbai, he also said to skip himself. Finally, after making a full round, Xue TingRang sat down to eat. Looking at his words and deeds, there seemed to be no signs of drunkenness, even though his face was a little red and his eyes were amazingly bright.

Everyone praised him for a while, saying that he was a good drinker and was like his father. Back then, Xue Qingsong was one of the best drinkers in the village.

Zhao'er smiled stiffly: "Alright, you are not allowed to ask him to drink anymore. This is the first time he has drunk. It's not good to drink too much."

All the young people were laughing, and this had transferred the goal to others. During the period, Jiang Wu stood up again and wanted to find Xue TingRang for another drink but was blocked by Gao Sheng.

"If Brother Jiang Wu wants to drink, just ask me to drink with you. You’ve already made your point, and if you drink with Ting’er again, when Zhao'er Jie gets angry later, I won’t be able to stop her."

Gao Sheng smiled, seeming to be joking, but Jiang Wu understood his meaning, and then Gao Sheng started to drink with him.

The meal was eaten very slowly because of the drinking, and it was already dark when it ended.

Everyone worked together to tidy up things. Several young people carried the borrowed tables, chairs and benches, and a torch was lit by one person, and a group of people walked into the village.

"Tingzi, are you okay?" Jiang Wu came up and said, "Do you want me to help you?"

"No." Xue TingRang pushed away the hand that Zhao’er stretched out to support him with, standing firmly on his own.

Zhao'er frowned before raising her head to look at Jiang Wu: "Brother Jiang Wu, I'll help him. You don't have to do anything."

Jiang Wu chuckled and retracted his hand: "Then you guys walk slower on the road."

It was not until Jiang Wu turned around that Zhao'er asked in a low voice, "Are you really okay? Tell Jie if you are uncomfortable."

"I'm really fine, let's go back first."

"How could you be okay..."

Listening to the whispers coming from behind him, Jiang Wu quietly walked lightly on one foot and heavily on the other, wishing that this wine would make him drunk.

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