The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 55 pt 2

After that, after several days of busy work, Gao Sheng and others were busy delivering vegetables outside while Zhao'er stayed and helped watch the fence and vegetables.

When the fence was set up, the vegetables were almost ready. Because of the lack of manpower, Zhao'er had to personally go work in the past few days, so when Xue TingRang came back from school, he didn't see Zhao'er at home. He heard Sun shi's words and then knew Zhao'er was on the mountain.

He put the book bag and the items he brought back into the house, then closed the door and went up the mountain.

Now the top of this small hill has really changed. Facing the fence at the foot of the mountain, Xue TingRang walked in along a gap. Along the way, he saw the slopes were blocked into pieces, and the ridges were neat and tidy. Just from seeing this, he knew that this was a vegetable plot.

Walking along the path all the way in, he heard voices from far away.

Xue TingRang walked further, and saw a few people surrounding the clearing.

Xue Qingbai, Zhou shi, Gao Sheng, Jiang Wu, Zhao’er were all there, and there were also some young children in the village. Everyone looked at the thatched-roofed house with a mud brick wall with smiles.

Zhao'er said: "Shengzi, I didn't realize that you have such good craftsmanship in building a house. You can build it in one day."

The house is not big. It only has one room, but it is surprising enough to build the house in one day. First of all, this mud brick is not easy to make. You need to use a good yellow mud to stir the chopped thatch to make the brick. The mud brick has to be dried under the sun. Then, the mud brick is put on top, and the brick is dried. Only after several repetitions can the mud brick be used.

After the glutinous rice paste is used to glue the mud brick wall, you will have to apply a few more layers to make it firm. It is not a problem to live for a few years. Gao Sheng also bought mud brick from the villagers, which is how they could build the house so quickly.

Gao Sheng laughed: "This is because there are many people who are helping. Everyone has helped. Qiangzi, don't leave at night. I will go to the village to get some vegetables later. Let's cook a feast here at night."

An elderly woman next to him said: "This child really wants to do whatever he thinks. There is no fire here, so how can we cook?"

"Mother, don't worry about this. I bought an iron pot. I will go to the village to get some vegetables later. As for the rice noodles and condiments, I will give some money and have someone do it for me. I will go to town tomorrow and get the pots and pans all set up."

The thin woman shook her head, but with a smile on her face, she wiped her tears again.

Zhao'er hurriedly persuaded: "Aunt Gao, how sad are you on such a good day? Now that Shengzi has a house, save two years of money and build a big house.

Then find a wife. There will be both a wife and house, so you will have it all. "

"Okay, Aunt Gao is not sad." Aunt Gao smiled with tears, wiping them with the corner of her clothes.

At this time, Zhou shi suddenly said: "Ting Zi is back?"

Everyone looked behind and saw a young man slowly approaching not far away.

At the time of the sunset, the sky was full of colorful clouds. The light red light shone on his blue robe, and another breeze blew in. The corners of the robe and sleeves fluttered gently, adding an aura of a fairy. Especially since the young man looks handsome, his eyebrows are full of leisure, and at first glance, everyone can't help but be stunned.

"Tingzi is growing handsomer and handsomer." It was Zhou shi's sigh.

This sigh broke the silence, and Zhao’er took a few steps forward and ran in front of the young man with an annoyed face: "I forgot that you will rest tomorrow. How did you come back?"

"Takin a bullock cart."

"The bullock cart is slow and bumpy, are you not tired? You should have rested at home for a while. How come you’ve come to the mountain."

The girl circled around the youth, unable to say that she was caring and considerate, especially the worried look on the girl's face, which seemed like a little wife worried about her little man.

Jiang Wu's eyes darkened immediately, and he said: "It’s also my fault. I also forgot about this. I was so busy with your sister, but I should have gone to the town to pick you up." His voice is high, and his words are a little too intimate, but everyone knew about the friendship between the Xue and Jiang families and didn't think much about it.

Only Xue TingRang heard the provocation faintly. His eyes sank and looked at Zhao'er with a smile: "Zhao'er, I will tell you a good thing."

"What good thing?"

"I got into Class A."

"Really?" Seeing him nodded, the joy on Zhao'er's face overflowed. She turned around and said, "Oh, this is really a great thing. Our Tinger is smarter than others. You’ve only been in school for a few months and have already gotten into Class A."

Others don't know the rules of Qingyuan Academy like Zhao'er, but when they saw her like this, they all knew that it was a happy event, and they all came forward to congratulate her.

Zhao'er said: "Okay, don't go back today. Let's start a feast here, as a congratulation to Ting'er's success. I just wanted to tell you what's at home. The meat was only bought yesterday, not to mention the rice noodles. Later you go to the village to borrow two tables, and then borrow some bowls and chopsticks and stools. My aunt and I will cook."

"Now I have a chance to try Zhao'er Jie's craftsmanship." A few young people said happily, and they went to borrow tables, chairs and chopsticks in a hurry. Zhao'er also went back to get rice noodles, meat, and vegetables.

With so many people helping out, everything soon fell in place.

Because the stove hadn't had time to heatt, Gao Sheng built an earthen stove at the door and used it first. Everyone was sitting around and talking, and Zhao'er, Aunt Gao and Zhou shi were already busy.

The chicken is stewed in the pot and has been simmering for a while. Zhao'er opened the lid of the pot, and bursts of fragrant white smoke floated out. Although the people sitting around were still talking, they looked towards this side intentionally or unintentionally, and some even swallowed their saliva.

"It's said that Sister Zhao'er is good at craftsmanship. We haven't eaten it." A little round-faced teen said.

Among this group of young teens, probably only Gao Sheng had the blessing to taste it before.

Gao Sheng laughed: "You will be able to taste it later."

Here, Zhao'er used a spoon to scoop a small piece of chicken, blew on it, and fed it into Xue TingRang's mouth: "How is it?"

In fact, with Zhao’er’s skills, there is no need to have someone taste. It is just a habit from a long time ago. They used to eat big pots of rice at Xue's family. Because they had to pay for Xue Qingshan’s education, the food at home was not good, and Zhao shi always paid attention to the meat and eggs.

Every time she was asked to cook, she asked him to taste just to make Xue TingRang take another bite of meat, while others had nothing to say.

Here one person fed, the other ate, and they don't think there was anything wrong. People over there didn’t think so. A chubby young man sighed: "Uncle TingRang and Zhao'er Jie have such a good relationship!"

The younger generation was also surnamed Xue, and he belonged to Xue TingRang's nephew's generation, so he was obviously two years older than Xue TingRang, but he has to call Xue TingRang Uncle.

Someone laughed and joked with him: " Zhaoer Jie, not Aunt Zhaoer. You have been confused by your seniority. If you called this in front of your father, and your father must beat you to death."

"They haven’t married yet." Xue Hu said aggrieved.

"She is your aunt even if they are not married. Next year you will have to honestly call her Aunt. Then I will ask Zhao'er Jie to give you a big red envelope."

Gao Sheng was obviously making fun of Xue Hu, everyone couldn't help but laughed, but only Jiang Wu was a little silent. Gao Sheng glanced at him and sighed in his heart.

He then went to look over there again. The sky is already a bit dark, making the flames in the stove particularly dazzling. The boy was saying something, the girl was smiling, the two of them whispered a few times and smiled at each other.

Unlike others, Gao Sheng had many friends who grew up bare-ass together, so they know more than others.

Zhaoer is a recognized village flower among the descendants of Yuqing Village. She looks good, has a good personality, and is hardworking. Although she is a bit tough and has a rough personality, she always smiles and never finds trouble as long as no one provokes her. So she has done some deeds, but she is very popular in the village, and people of all ages like her.

Those who grew up together in Gao Sheng, eight out of ten were interested in Zhao’er. They all had intentions but never followed through. They all know that Zhao'er Jie has been taken long ago, so no one dared to intervene.

Country folks have this perception that a child bride is the daughter-in-law of someone else’s family. Although she hasn’t yet married, she is still the daughter-in-law of the other family. To think about other people's wives will bring about scoldings from the whole village. Gao Sheng also knew that Jiang Wu was interested in Zhao'er Jie.

They all grew up together. Gao Sheng didn't dare to say anything. If this matter is broken, let alone Zhao’er, he will not be able to be friends with Jiang Wu either. He only hoped that Jiang Wu could figure it out and let it go.

For example, like him.

"Alright, let's eat. You guys, don't sit down, come and serve food." Zhao'er knocked on the iron pan with a large frying spoon and turned her head.

This ‘you guys’ referred to the few youngsters, and the monkey like youngsters all smiled and hurriedly moved closer.

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