The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 55 pt 1

Seeing this scene, many students were greatly shocked.

They had the same thoughts as Meng Xiansheng before, and it can be seen from Meng Xiansheng’s nod that the other party's paper must be finished.

Immediately, many people began to feel anxious inexplicably. Some were struggling with writing, and some were watching the hourglass again and again, I won't list them here.

Suddenly, a low voice could be heard. It seemed that a certain student had written the wrong answer because of his confusion. He looked dumbfounded at the paper, his face gray.

No draft paper is provided for the quarterly exam, and students are not allowed to bring their own. That is to say, regardless of whether it is well or not, it is just such one exam paper. When the Xiansheng graded the papers, the rules were extremely strict. If the ink was altered, one mistake was one mistake. In addition, if there are only a few blanks left in the title of the question and more than two errors or omissions, then there is no need to answer this question.

Because there is no space to fill in.

There are a total of fifty questions, and at most one is allowed to be wrong. Even if you get two questions wrong, your test score will still be very high, but you will not be in Class A. And it is obvious that this person was so wrong that he was dumbfounded.

Some people are wondering why the scoring system is so strict for a group of students who have never even passed the child test. In fact, Qingyuan Academy also intends to cultivate students' control over question timing and exam time.

Once in the examination room, the examination paper is never allowed to have ink spots or alterations. Even if your essay is well done but the paper is not clean enough, it will not be taken. But now they only examine Tiejing and Moyi. This kind of memorization can't be done only by rote memorization. No amount of time will be enough if they do that.

Because of this low whisper, it also affected the minds of many students, some deliberately slowed down, and others became more cautious. In fact, what is tested in the examination room is not only the students' foundation in classics and justice, but also the mind.

If we say that the only students who are not affected, apart from a few students who have taken the exam many times, there is probably only Mao Badou.

These days, whenever they are tired of memorizing the books, they will ask each other questions and simulate quizzes. Xue TingRang always does the same problem faster and better than others. They have long been accustomed to his evil spirits.

Therefore, the three of them were not surprised when they saw Xue TingRang first exit in the examination room. Mao Badou secretly smiled and cursed, Li Datian shook his head, but Chen Jian lowered his head and worked his own paper more seriously.

In a quarterly exam, a few people are happy and some are sad, but no matter what, everything is only real after the grades have been revealed.

Generally, the list will be posted the next day according to the rule, and will be posted on a pillar outside the lecture hall. Most of them are worried about their own results, and today's academy was exceptionally quiet. In fact, by this time, many people are already aware of their grades, because after the exam, many students go back to compare books.

These literal exam questions can be easily compared. Even if there are some mistakes and omissions, they are very few, and the approximate results can be estimated.

Li Chao was particularly proud. When using lunch, he deliberately walked past Xue TingRang and others with a few students who were close to him.

During the talk, he was full of energy, as if he was about to enter Class A.

They are all just teenagers. Sometimes Xue TingRang really doesn't want to care about these classmates unless it is necessary. It can be seen that this person is also quite unbearable. Even if this Li Chao can get into Class A, how can he be sure that Mao Badou can't get into Class A? You have to know that they are betting on whether Mao Badou can enter.

And Mao Badou has always been excitable. After the exam, he pulled the three of them back to the hall, boasting that he would definitely be able to enter Class A this time.

He didn't need to look through the book to compare it. Because the questions he had in today's exam were either previously copied by him, or written by several people when they tested each other, so Mao Badou knew them well.

He pretended to be dejected after leaving the house. It is no wonder that Li Chao behaved like this. He probably expected that Mao Badou would definitely lose.

Gossip lessened, and soon the second day, when going to the morning class, some students looked at the movement from time to time. In the morning class, the students read books by themselves. Meng Xiansheng did not come. It is estimated that he will publish the list when he appears.

Just looking forward to it, seeing Meng Xiansheng coming from a distance, there was a commotion in the lecture hall.

You school official was holding a piece of red paper and posting it on the pillar, and Meng Xiansheng walked in and glanced down at the crowd. During the period, this gaze paused on someone’s figure for a moment. Because it was not obvious, no one noticed it.

As if he could understand the feelings of the students, he stroked his beard and said, "You all go and see."

The student sitting by the door ran out immediately, faster than the rabbit. This behavior seemed to open the gate. All the students went out, and smiled at Meng Xiansheng as they ran out, as if they knew it was a bit shameful.

There is a circle of people in front of the red list, and in total, the space was only so big, so only the people standing in the front could see clearly. Even if the people at the back rise on their toes, they can only see the back of others’ heads.

"This time, six people got into Class A." Someone exclaimed.

The reason for this reaction is also a rule of Qingyuan Academy. This entry does not refer to the grade A in the examination, but the students who can be promoted to Class A.

Grade A results are not difficult. Generally, those who have spent two years in school can get a Grade A. What is difficult is being considered the top those with the Grade A. The significance of this being the top is broad. It can refer to the top performers in performance, or it can refer to the master’s acknowledgement that he can already enter Class A.

Not to mention the latter, the former must be no mistakes on the test paper and the paper can reach the top grade.

As a rule, at most one or two people can enter Class A for each quarterly exam, and there will be no more than three people at most. They never expected that there would be six people this time.

Because of this sentence, the people around subconsciously squeezed forward.

For a while, “you stepped on my foot” and “he hit my head” sounded in the crowd. The student standing in the front had to work hard to stabilize himself. To prevent being squashed on the pillar, the people in front hurriedly shouted: "Don't squeeze, don't squeeze, I will call out the names to you."

"Xue TingRang, Chen Jian, Li Datian, Li Chao, Zhou Quan, Mao Badou."

Everyone was in an uproar. Not mentioning Li Chao and Zhou Quan, Xue TingRang and the other three were in the same dormitory, and three of them were old students who had never obtained Grade A, and the other had only entered the academy three months ago. Everyone in the same dorm is in the Class A.

Before everyone reacted, two school officials came over with papers and paste in their hands.

"Keep aside, give up your position."

This is to post the papers of the students who have entered Class A for other students to observe. One is to prevent the suspicion of taking in requests privately, and the other is to let other students observe and review their own inferiority.

The students around immediately moved away, and after a school official posted it, they rushed up again.

These few students who have entered Class A are indeed exceptional. One thing is correct, and the roll surface is as clean and tidy as a block printing. And every word is well written, it looks very pleasing to the eye.

After seeing them clearly, some students sighed with grief while others remained silent. At this time, someone's voice sounded: "This is that Mao Badou’s paper. When did his handwriting get so good, I'm afraid it was someone else's ghostwriting."

In addition to studying the four books and the five classics, the students in the academy must practice good handwriting diligently. Because the word is the face of a person, and the word is like the person.

Therefore, students usually compare each other's characters. Mao Badou's characters have been read by others before, but it is not that he writes ugly, but it is by no means good. Many people have read his previous papers, saying that he is dirty and several ink handprints were printed on it several times, which was specifically mentioned by Meng Xiansheng.

He really wrote this dignified and majestic character?

And this roll, shouldn't it be full of ink stains. It is better to print a few more ink handprints to complete his style? !

The person who spoke was Li Chao, and the joy of being in Class A failed to dispel his shock and disbelief.

Mao Badou entered Class A, which means that he lost the bet and must lose to the opponent for five liang silver. You must know that the monthly expenditures given to him by the family are only a few hundred wen. Where does he get these liang silver?

"Li Chao, if you lose, then you lose. There is no need to use nonsense to frame people. Everyone was there yesterday, and Mao Badou was also there. Who can be his ghostwriter?"


"And you think Meng Xiansheng is deaf and blind? If there is someone ghostwriting, will he not be able to see it!" Li Datian blocked Li Chao’s words, causing him to blush.

A group of students next to each other also said: "Right, Right. You have lost the bet and there is no need to engage in anything else."

Mao Badou shook his legs and looked at Li Chao's red and white face triumphantly. When he was about to say something, Xue TingRang suddenly said, "Okay stop. Let’s go in."

The four of them were brought in, and the other students remembered that Meng Xiansheng was still inside, and they all returned to the lecture hall.

"Those who have entered Class A should not be arrogant and complacent, and those who have not entered should not be discouraged. The six of you should go to Class A. Hope you will be tireless in learning in the future and gain fame as soon as possible."

All of them were very courteous: "Thank you, Xiansheng, for your many days of teaching."

Meng Xiansheng smiled and nodded, and the few people returned to their desks, packed up their things, and left the lecture hall.

Not to mention this. After Zhao'er sent Xue TingRang away, she couldn't wait to go to the mountain that she had just bought.

Since this small hill is now privately owned, the boundary stone is naturally to be erected. Zhaoer walked to one place and stepped on the dirt around the boundary stone.

The boundary stone has just been erected. It is said to be a boundary stone. In fact, it is a large stone marked with red paint. The surrounding soil is still soft, so it should be stepped on.

She took Heizi and turned around the mountain twice before returning with excitement.

Along the way, her mind was thinking all about the layout of this mountain.

Zhao'er planned to divide the land into three parts. One part is planted with fruit trees, one part is used to raise chickens, and the rest is used to grow vegetables. There are springs on the mountain, and there is no shortage of water sources, which is why Zhao'er had taken a fancy to this place.

And now the first thing to do is to fence the surrounding area, so as to prevent the children from entering indiscriminately, or from the vegetables being planted and picked off by outsiders. The land above must be used for a house, but now Zhao’er has no money, so she can only put it aside for now.

Do what you want. After returning, Zhao’er told Gao Sheng and asked him to help find a few people in the village to make the fence. Everything is readily available. The thorns cut from the mountain before can be used as a fence. If it is not enough, just get some bamboo. The other thing is that vegetables must be planted. Vegetables grow faster. If they are faster, they can produce one crop in a month. Now that the weather is suitable, it will not be long before they can be picked up and sold.

These kinds of vegetables also need people. When it is a family’s own vegetable plot, the woman at home will do it casually. But if you want to grow vegetables in such a big place, you have to hire someone.

Zhao'er had discussed with Gao Sheng, and Gao Sheng took on the matter. Anyway, he was always scolded at home, so he might as well set up a thatched house and live on the hillside, taking care of the vegetables when he is not busy, and he can help watch over the place.

But people still have to be hired. After all, Gao Sheng is mainly busy outside now, and he can only give a helping hand.

But who should I hire?

Gao Sheng recommended a young man named Liu Sheng who grew up with him.

This Liu family is also from Yuqing Village. His family is not as wealthy as the Gao family. However, Liu Sheng is honest and can't do the work of helping to deliver food and dealing with people. Gao Sheng has been worrying about how to help him. Finally, there is work he can do.

It is the best of both worlds because he can help grow vegetables without delaying the tasks at home.

Zhao'er also thought of a person, her third uncle Xue Qingbai.

Xue Qingbai was honest and straightforward, and worked hard. Leaving the vegetable growing to him, Zhao'er was not worried about what might go wrong. Especially Second Family has always been doing business with the Fourth Family, and it is always bad to leave the Third Family aside. Recently, Zhou shi always looks at her hesitantly, and Zhao'er knows it well, so this can make everyone happy.

After the agreement, Zhao'er went to Xue Qingbai.

After telling him about the matter, Xue Qingbai did not refuse and quickly agreed.

Because it was in the initial stage, Zhaoer couldn't pay him much. The tentative plan was one or two liang silver a month. In the future, depending on the situation, more will be added. Zhao'er is considered to have left the work on this mountain to Xue Qingbai, and Liu Sheng will also be under his control.

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