The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 54 pt 1

Zhao'er saw the wet eyes on the little man's face again, and this look was the most difficult for her to resist.

But to kiss?

"I know, you still blame me in your heart."

"I’m not."

"You are. If you want to prove that you aren’t, then you kiss me, and I believe you aren’t blaming me."

Zhao'er's mind was in confusion, knowing that this was wrong, but she couldn’t help but remember what he said before——

I know that you want this piece of land, so I used those means, just to clear your future worries. If you don't like it, I won't do it in the future.

Don't be afraid. Just wait for me to pass the exam; then everything will get better.

"Just a kiss?" Zhao'er hesitated.

Xue TingRang nodded generously.

"Then, then close your eyes."

He glanced at her, and closed his eyes obediently.

Zhao'er looked at his jade-colored cheeks, and suddenly found that the little man's eyelashes were very dense, long, and curled. No wonder she always felt that his eyes were so dark, like a veiled scene.

She thought about it for a while, then took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and pressed her lips to the place she imagined.

Little did she know that at the moment she closed her eyes, Xue TingRang had already opened his eyes. He watched her eyes close, her pink lips half puckered, like a newborn piglet.

He slyly turned his face away so that the pink lips pressed against his thin lips. Zhao'er felt something was wrong and opened her eyes subconsciously, just to meet his smiling but innocent eyes.

She immediately wanted to retreat, but his arm was wrapped around her waist. He touched her lips and said, "How did you kiss here? I haven't discovered that you are so bad, and you want to steal my mouth. Well, it’s nothing. If you want to eat it, I will give it to you. But let me tell you first, I don't have rouge."

After speaking, he opened his lips to deepen the kiss, and Zhaoer was unprepared, so he stuck on the tip of his tongue into her mouth.

Then her brain became a paste. Later, she began to react because Xue TingRang's hand touched a place that shouldn't be touched.

"What are you doing?"

So having strength is good. Xue TingRang also took precautions in vain, but unfortunately he has thin arms and legs. Zhao’er only applied a bit of force and was able to push him away. But he had one hand that was quite stubborn, still covering that indescribable place.

Zhao'er glared at his thin white fingers that were covering her erect bosom, blushing red like a fire.

"Gou’er, you've become bad! Did you learn from Zhao Jinrui? How can you, can you..."

She hurriedly pushed him again, this time pushing him far away.

Xue TingRang fell on the kang and remained motionless. His knuckles lightly covered the tip of his nose as he sniffed the refreshing fragrance. Zhao'er jumped down from the kang, and after tidying her clothes, found that he hadn't moved.

Thinking of the bang she had heard before, she hurriedly leaned forward to look at him. As soon as she leaned over, she was slammed onto the kang by the other person.

Zhao'er wanted to have a fit, but then she heard him vaguely say: "Zhao'er, I have a headache..."

Seeing his face full of pain and his frowning eyebrows, Zhaoer immediately forgot everything.

"Let me feel it; is it painful? I'll find someone to take you to the hospital, so wait..." Then, she wanted to get up but was dragged down by him: "No, it just hurts. It’ll be fine after I lie down for a bit."

"It's not like our family has no money now. It only costs a bit of money, so there is no need to save it."

"I'm really fine, just wanna lie down. Or, you rub it for me?"

Zhao'er was also scared silly. The country folks never go to the doctor when they bump their heads. They don't care about it. They only go to the doctor when the injury is particularly serious. As for a little child being bumped on the head, it's even simpler. The adults just rubbed the child’s head.

So Zhaoer rubbed him gently, rubbing gently.

Xue Tingdan laid there, enjoying the grace of a beauty, his heart full of cheerfulness.

He looked at her serious expression. Zhao’er was just so silly. Whatever he said, she always believed.

He is also stupid. If he wasn’t stupid, the him in his dream, would not have been frustrated and couldn't calm down when Zhao’er treated him like a little boy.

The truth is the same. It only depends on what people do with it.

"Zhao'er, I still want to eat the smashed noodles you make. I want daylilies, black fungus1, shiitake mushrooms, and lean meat."

"Okay, I'll make it for you later. All the ingredients happen to be available at home, ready-made."

"I still want to eat the guoyou2 meat you cooked. You don’t know that the food in the school’s dining hall is terrible. Every time you bring me pickled vegetables, the little fat guy eats more than half of it. When it comes to me, I don’t have much left."

"Then I told you to bring more, you still won't let me!"

"The pickles made by Zhao'er can only be eaten by me. I still want to eat them until autumn, so I don't want to share with them. I am very generous to share some with them."

After Zhao’er went to the kitchen room, the noodles were already prepared, but she remained stunned for a while.

She thought that the little man today was very finicky and childish, which reminds her of the past. At that time mother was in bad shape, and father was busy doing carpentry around town, and she was the only one who was cooking in the second family. She was a little taller than the stove, and the little man was two heads shorter than her, but he always liked to follow behind her, calling out her name.

"Zhao'er, I want to eat purple mulberry."

"Zhao’er, I want to eat eggs."

"Zhao'er, Juncai Ge ate meat. Why don't I have meat to eat."

She took him out to dig bird's nest and find bird eggs to eat. She remembered that she had picked up a pheasant that was stunned. That was the first time she roasted chicken. Although it was clean, it was half-baked, but he ate it deliciously.

"Zhao’er, it is so fragrant."

She didn’t know when this situation stopped occurring, but fortunately it is back now.

"Every time you return to the academy on the first day after break, you are awkward, like a chicken that has been defeated in a fight. What's wrong? That Jiang Wu Ge is still in the shadows?"

Xue TingRang glanced at Mao Badou, sat down in front of his desk, took out pens, inks, papers, inkstones and other objects from the book bag, and placed them one by one in their correct place.

Seeing that the other party was ignoring him, Mao Badou was quite annoyed: "Well, you little Tingzi3. When you want to use your brother, you take a mouthful out of him. Now you don't need me anymore, your good brother is an eye-catching ghost. You have no conscience."

Every time Mao Badou speaks, he changes from being serious to not being serious.

Li Datian laughed loudly behind the two of them, stabbed the fat waist of Mao Badou, and said, "Badou, what are you reading now?"

It was Li Datian who knew Mao Badou best. During break, Mao Badou went to the small book stand he usually went to whenever he had money. Seeing the bookstand owner bring out new scripts, he went up to buy two.

It's still early, and the Xiansheng hasn't come yet. There are only a few students sitting scattered in the lecture hall. Although Mao Badou was not used to being serious, he was still afraid of being heard by others, so he smiled triumphantly and said in a low voice: "Buddha says you can't say it."

"Even if you are a Buddha, you are also the fattest Maitreya Buddha."

"Good, Li Datian. You dare to say that this young master is fat." The heart-pierced Mao Badou jumped up.

The two were arguing for a while, and Xue TingRang and Chen Jian looked at each other helplessly, shaking their heads.

Just when they wanted to stop the two of them from playing around, a few students passed by and sneered: "Just like this, and still wants to be in the top scorers of the school exam."

The reason why they would say this was because of Mao Badou.

He changed his earlier temperament and worked hard to study, which really shocked the crowd. Mao Badou was well-known in the academy before, and he also had a few friends, but he was alienated after the incident. After He Ming framed this incident, some people took the initiative to talk to him.

Mao Badou knew that these people were snobs, but he was not stupid enough to deliberately get into trouble with others. So occasionally he chatted a few words, mentioning hard work, and he naturally said that he was heading for the top scorers of the school exam. This word was spread out somehow, and some students who had been uncomfortable with his behavior took it as a joke.

However, those who dare to laugh to their face like this are usually not the ones Mao Badou meet often.

Mao Badou immediately became upset, but Chen Jian stopped him: "Stop, why bother with them."

Xue TingRang lazily said: "If you entered the top scorers of the exam, then you will have just slapped them in the face."

The two of them didn't hide their voices, naturally they were heard by those on the other side. One of the students, the one who just sneered, had a face full of disdain: "You can enter the top scorers and get into Class A when the water of the Yellow River flows backward."

"Then what if we entered?" Xue TingRang said suddenly.

"Entered?" The man was stunned for a moment before he stubbornly stuck to his belief: "With his half hearted studying and dependence on the Buddha’s luck, if he can really get into Class A, then that must mean God is blind."

"Then what if I enter?"

"Bet against him, bet against him." A student booed next to him.

This person immediately said: "If you can get into the top scorers, I will give you one or two, no, I will give you five liang silver!"

  1. also called cloud ear fungus

    I love this stuff... and daylilies too

  2. name of meat dish
  3. nickname for TingRang

TingRang and Zhao'er are so cute

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