The Little First Grand Secretary in My House

Chapter 53 pt 2


Here, Patriarch Xue smiled at Zheng Lizheng and said, "Brother Lizheng, this matter is up to you. You can step up. The villagers are waiting."

Zheng Lizheng's blood was stuck in his heart. The good person was done by those with the surname Xue. He hadn’t said anything yet now he had to be someone else’s servant completing tasks.

The key is that he can say anything. Who told the young master Mao who to leave him hanging and play him miserably!

"Don't worry. This will be done soon."

Patriarch Xue smiled and nodded, then patted him on the shoulder before he left.

Zheng Lizheng swallowed down another bit of blood.

Patriarch Xue came out of Lizheng's house and went home with Xue TingRang by his side.

When he arrived at the door, Patriarch Xue turned his head and looked at him: "it's okay now. You don't need to accompany this old man with me."


"You are very good. You have won glory for the Xue family."

Xue TingRang smiled embarrassedly: "Patriarch, I only saw that everyone was getting angry and anxious. Because these things are not worthwhile, I can only help out the best I can."

Patriarch Xue patted him on the shoulder: "Alright. You little bastard don't have to pretend in front of this old man. No matter what you want to do, as I have told you, everything should be based on the interests of the people surnamed Xue first!"

After speaking, he hummed an unknown tune and entered the courtyard gate. It’s been a long time since he has been so happy and relaxed, and seeing Zheng Lizheng’s aggrieved old face, Patriarch Xue felt he could eat a few more bowls of rice today.

Xue TingRang stood in front of the door.

Everything is based on the interests of the Xue family.

To bring honor to the Xue family, and even better, if the surname Zheng could be suppressed as well. Because of this, Xue TingRang easily invited Patriarch Xue to take the lead.

This is the case for Patriarch Xue. As before, he supported Xue Qingshan. As before, for the face of Xue’s family, forcing Elder Xue to only send Xue Gouzi. As before when Xue Qingshan went to invite him, he chose to stand on the side of Xue Qingshan. As this time, he did not hesitate to make himself happy.

Xue TingRang smiled and turned to leave.

Zheng Lizheng was very agile and knew that he couldn't delay, so he got the land deed the next day.

The villagers all gathered at his house to divide the money, but Zhaoer did not go nor did Xue TingRang.

"Here you go."

Xue TingRang handed Zhao'er the title deed with a big red seal on it, but Zhao'er was not very happy.

It is correct to say that even these days she is a little heavy hearted and worried.

"What's wrong?" Until then, Xue TingRang realized that he was too busy for the past two days when he came back.

Zhao'er sighed suddenly and glanced at him: "Do you know why I added dozens of liang silver to the amount?"

Xue TingRang pursed his mouth, did not speak, and put on an expression that showed he was willing to hear the details.

But for a while, Zhao'er didn't know what to say, and just said: "Don't do this in the future."

This kind of Zhao’er made Xue TingRang surprisingly unaccustomed, and it also reminded him of the quarrel between him and Zhao in his dreams. After the two got married, they quarreled a lot. Although Zhaoer didn't want to quarrel with him and he always kept back from quarreling with her, the two always disagreed a lot on matters.

He insisted that he was right. She would be perfunctory if she could and be silent if she couldn't be perfunctory. He would be particularly angry that she was not considerate of him, and she was also unhappy. Sometimes, for some reason, it would become like this.

"Do you think I did something wrong?" His voice tightened.

Zhao'er sighed inwardly, then forced a smile: "Let's not talk about it anymore. All in all, it's a good thing."

In fact, she also blamed herself for this matter. The little man couldn't handle this matter alone, and she intervened in the situation afterwards. However, she didn't expect that things would turn out to be like this. It should be correct to say that Xue TingRang’s ability to control people’s hearts was too astonishing, and Zhao'er was completely unprepared.

She was joyful in the first half of the matter, but when she went to the mountain and looked at the villagers who worked hard but were smiling, the joy suddenly disappeared without a trace.

She also didn't know why she was unhappy, why she felt guilty. She felt that she had fooled the villagers for her own sake. No one owes anyone, so why are they playing the whole village because they want to get what they want smoothly.

This kind of fooling people at will made Zhao'er’s heart skip. So she superfluously sought out Xue Qinghuai and others. It was obvious that she could complete the task with only fifty liang on her own, but she had negotiated with someone else and raised another fifty liang in the name of joining the business.

"Do you think I was wrong?"

"Gou’er, we..."

"You think what I did was not right!" This sentence was affirmative. Xue TingRang’s mouth was pressed tighter, his jaw tightened, and his eyes fixed on her tightly.

"No, I don't think you are wrong. I know you are doing things for me. I just..."


"I just think we shouldn't fool people at will. No matter what we want, we should use proper means instead of playing others around... You don't know that when I went up the mountain, seeing everyone happy... my heart was particularly uncomfortable...I think people must be respectful and we can't just fool others just because we are clever...This feeling is particularly bad..."

Zhao'er spoke incoherently, and Xue TingRang, who had been staring at her closely, had the black mist in his eyes become thicker and thicker, and a low pressure enveloped him.

Zhao'er hadn't noticed yet and was still murmuring chaotically: "Gou’er, Jie knows you are smart. Even if they say you are not as smart as Xue Juncai, I know my Gou’er ​​is smarter than him. But being smart shouldn't let you do whatever you want. You have to put your smarts on the right road... You make me very worried. Today we fooled others and maybe in the future others are stronger than us and fool us. If we always use this method, Jie is afraid that you will do something more terrible and cause a terrible disaster..."

What else can you do? Do you think it counts to control the court and fool the emperor?

In fact, she was right. He was such a person in his bones. Without regard for laws, no observance of discipline, everything is for self interest, and never cares about whether he may hurt others.

Zhao'er still hasn’t gone to school, and she understood many principles but couldn't say it, but Xue TingRang understood her meaning from her words and phrases.

His first reaction was to be scornful, even disdain to explain. But listening to her say such things, what he thought more was that she was actually caring about him.

Therefore, she took out an extra fifty liang silver. So she is afraid that someday he will be exposed and carry a bad name? So she knew that he didn't want to listen, but she still said it.

The storm that condensed with low air pressure disappeared silently. Xue TingRang relaxed the muscles of his cheeks, and his tight mouth also eased.

"Then, have you ever thought about how we can get this piece of land by proper means?" He suddenly said, interrupting Zhao’er’s mumbling.


"Yes, we can go directly to Zheng Lizheng. We should be able to take down this piece of land with more effort. But have you thought about it in the future? I can see that you value this piece of land very much, and you must put a lot of thought into it. With your ability, you should be able to make a lot of money from it, but have you ever thought that if you really make a lot of money by relying on this piece of land, what should you do if someone is jealous and starts making trouble? If it’s just one or two, it’s okay. But what if half the village is jealous?"

Zhao'er wanted to say something, but Xue TingRang stopped her: "Don't talk about land deeds. You should understand what the rules are in this countryside!"

Zhao'er was struck by lightning.

Yes, this place in the countryside is different from other places. If it is said that the government's rules are useful and useful, but it can also be said to be useless. Sometimes the deterrence of the government is not as good as the number of males in the family.

Zhao'er had seen two villages who robbed water and killed people during the drought. The government couldn't control it because there were too many people at that time and they didn't know who killed them. So the two villagers sat together, and everything was resolved.

She has also seen a house with no males, and only an orphan and a widow are left when the man died. The clan decided to forcibly cede the house and land to relatives of the same surname.

"Zheng Lizheng has always regarded the Xue family as a major enemy. Even if we spend a lot of effort to buy the land, if someone has thoughts in the future, he will definitely help it. And don't forget Dafang, don't forget grandpa and grandmother. These people are all elders. As long as we don't leave here for one day and still have the surname Xue for one day, we have to guard against them.

"I know that you want this piece of land, so I used these means to clear your future worries. If you don't like it, I won't do it in the future." At the end, his voice turned somewhat aggrieved with sadness. His eyes were dim, like tarnished gems.

Seeing this, Zhao'er suddenly panicked: "I didn't mean you were wrong, I just—" She was anxious to comfort him, but she didn't know how to say: "Ah, it's all my fault. I shouldn't have wronged you. I was just afraid you had learned wrong things..."

Xue TingRang suddenly smiled. His eyes lit up again, and there was a warm light inside. It seems a little bit naive yet cunning: "But don't be afraid. It will be fine when I pass the exam. When I pass the exam and become a xiucai, we don't need to use these methods."


"You misunderstood me. You have to make it up to me. Zhaoer, I always wanted you to kiss me. How about you kiss me as compensation."


My thoughts: I really think Xue TingRang and Zhao'er are the perfect couple. I think they balance each other out.  

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